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Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
Actively Participate In Educating the Public

July 29, 2018


NEW POST OFFICE BOX:  P.O. Box 1125, Edgewater, FL 32141
Make checks payable to CAHT.

If you send a check to the P.O. Box, please notify Skizit by email
also so I know that it has not been stolen. We cannot trust the post office.
MEMBERSHIP:  $30.00/yr
(free booklet, brochure, membership card)

Sunday at 8:30 P.M. E. Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W. Coast

The new call in # is (605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080.
Online Meeting ID: electricrose222, Moderator: Neal
CAHT has moved their conference call:  605-475-4779, Access Code 607080, ID:  electricrose222
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This is an internet reference newsletter. A link to the original article is provided in the colored title line. Articles are referenced based on the subject matter that may be of interest to victims of civil rights abuses, including electronic harassment and stalking. We claim no authorship, of these references, they are presented for your education and consideration of the information. The purpose is for TI education only. The reference may contain only part of the original article due to space limitations here. CAHT neither agrees with nor disagrees with any opinions or information contained herein. Please go to the link to read the complete article. Thank you.

472 have signed this petition so far! If you want something done about the TI's problems, help get this request out there to someone who can do something about it.
Electronic Slavery is taking over the world. Thousands of people have been selected for elimination in a Dept of Justice/Fusion Center program designed to dominate, torture and kill an individual with electronic harassment and organized stalking. See
This is going to be a new heading. If you wish to share what they did to you today, that would be great. Thank you.
What they did to me today:
"I was sleeping. My neck was vibrating when I woke up. I have an implant in the back of my neck. It only comes on when I'm sleeping. It doesn't come on every time I sleep. Therefore, I assume someone has control over when and how many times it is used. I have woken up with this vibrating going down my spine from my neck and my whole body vibrating, but today it was only my neck and head. Why would anyone want to put an electronic device in my neck that makes my head and brain vibrate while I'm asleep? To torture me?

-Anonymous TI
Poem by By:  Birgitta Abimbola Heikka
Torture at Night
In between being awake and asleep—the twilight zone as some refer
to this time—a bust of wind fills your ears, slowly pulsating, rousing
you from that semi-conscious state 
You try to go back to sleep but can’t because the pulsating increases
and your ears become helium-filled balloons
You place your hands over them but can still hear the wind whooshing inside 
Suddenly, it stops and you think thank God and turn to go back to sleep
But then, you hear the buzzing of bees hundreds, thousands of them
singing in your ears
Again, you put your fingers to the flaps of your ears closing them
to keep you from running out into the night, naked
But the noise does not stop for you see the whooshing wind
and the buzzing bees are not real
They are man-made to drive you insane.
“Please,” I beg of the torturer, “What have I done to you? What are my sins?”
I implore as I feel a surge of electricity run through my body sending me
into fits of contortions in bed
I hold my hands to my scorching head while buckets of tears gush from my eyes  
I can feel the electrical circuits zigzagging through my brain, burning the membranes
“We are teaching you a lesson!  You crossed the invisible line!”  He thundered
“You made old men look like fools!”
 “I’m sorry,” I beg him.  “I’m sorry,” I keep repeating through my tears
even though I did not know which old men I had made to look like fools
But I begged this unseen retributor who had been sent to teach me a lesson
hoping he had some humanity and could feel a little sympathy for me as man
does to a fellow suffering human being
He gave me respite … for about an hour I dozed off to sleep
“Stop!” I cried from my sleep for I could feel the bed levitating
By what power could a mere mortal achieve such a feat and how can God
allow him such power?
“He who has the technology has the power,” he replied in response to my thoughts
 “You are not more superior than us;we are more superior than you.”
In my heart, I knew I was an ant—not even a rat—in the paw of a lion
He could kill me with his technology and no one would know he did.
MEMS piezoelectric accelerometer coupled to the middle ear as sensor for totally implantable hearing devices
Biomedical Acoustics
Paper ICA2016-148
A study on the feasibility of MEMS piezoelectric accelerometer coupled to the middle ear as sensor for totally implantable hearing devices
Andre Gesing(a), Diego Calero(a), Bernardo Murta(a), Stephan Paul(a), Julio Cordioli(a)
(a)Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil,,
The presence of an external element is still a major limitation of current hearing devices such as hearing aids and cochlear implants. The main problems associated with the external element are discomfort, inconvenience and social stigma, which can be overcome by totally implantable hearing devices. A fundamental requirement of such systems is a totally implantable sensor. In this sense, an accelerometer coupled to the ossicular chain of the middle ear may be used as an alternative sensor to the traditional external microphone. Although micro machined accelerometers are used in a variety of applications, there are no commercially available accelerometers that fulfill the requirements. This paper presents a review on implantable sensors for hearing devices, and requirements for this transducers are summarized. The Finite Element Method (FEM) is used to verify the feasibility of an implantable piezoelectric accelerometer. Design was made considering limitations and characteristics of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication techniques. Different designs for the accelerometer are considered, and the results for the sensor response at different points of the ossicular chain are presented and analyzed in view of the defined requirements. Keywords: MEMS, piezoelectric accelerometer, cochlear implant, implantable hearing devices.
Auditory Nerve with MEMS harvesters for fully implantable and self-powered for fully implantable and self-powered cochlear implants
Stimulating auditory nerve with MEMS harvesters for fully implantable and self-powered cochlear implants
Conference Paper (PDF Available)  · June 2013with202 Reads
DOI: 10.1109/Transducers.2013.6627104
This paper presents a novel method for stimulating auditory nerve inside cochlea via a MEMS piezoelectric energy harvester (PEH) implanted on eardrum or ossicles1. In this method, the harvester composed of several cantilevers with varying resonance frequencies within the hearing band is utilized. The signals generated by each cantilever of the PEH are used to stimulate the corresponding section of the auditory nerve. The proposed method mimics the natural operation of cochlea, therefore eliminates the use of microphone, sound processor, battery, and transmitter that are currently used in conventional cochlear implants (CI's). In this framework, a single-cantilever MEMS PEH prototype is designed and fabricated. The prototype generates adequate signal to stimulate the auditory nerve at a typical eardrum vibration, proving the method's feasibility for the next generation fully implantable and self-powered CI's.

Vaginal Implant

Fun Factory's Orgasmia Is The First Vibrating Vaginal Implant

Have you ever wished you had a hands-free vibrator that (wait for it)... is literally implanted in your genitals so you can orgasm whenever, wherever? If so, all your wildest dreams are about to come true because Fun Factory's vibrating vaginal implant, Orgasmia, does exactly that. Also, if you managed to read that without having to fight not to slam your legs shut, your genitals are made of sturdier stuff than mine. Developed by a "team of German doctors" and powered by body heat, as are all such visionary new technologies, the Orgasmia is a V-shaped implant that is placed against the clitoral legs in an outpatient procedure. If that sounds as unpleasant to you as it does to me, worry not! The implant is covered in medical-grade silicone, and people " stop noticing it after only 3-4 days of use," Jezebel reports. A mere 72 hours of noticing the motor stuck on your pelvis? Sounds like a grand ol' time. Better yet, the Orgasmia also comes with a 20-year warranty, after which the company covers half of the medical costs. Plus, if you decide that being able to orgasm with a touch of an iPhone app isn't for you, it's reversible.


Watch a Wildfire being started

"APPARENTLY" wildfires can cause lightning strikes


More than 50 wildfires rage amid persistently hot, dry conditions

At least 52 wildfires are burning throughout the United States, mostly out West, including Alaska.
Very hot, very dry conditions have ignited dozens of fires from Texas to Oregon to California, forcing numerous evacuations.
A red flag warning and wind advisory were issued this morning for parts of Northern California and Nevada, which may see wind gusts of up to 40 mph and relative humidity of only 5 percent.(BOMBOGENESIS)
Heat and fire alerts have been issued this morning for the region near northwest Nevada.
Temperatures warming further in the Southwest will on exacerbate conditions for wildfires. In some parts, highs will be approaching 115 degrees.
More scorching temperatures are predicted the next few days out West. Over the weekend, almost 400 damaging storms were reported throughout the U.S., including seven tornadoes that caused significant damage. There were mandatory evacuations overnight in parts of Iowa because of flash flooding after a half a foot of rain fell very quickly, flooding out roads in the region.

Major cities on or near the Plains, including Oklahoma City, may see more damaging winds and hail today as well. Flood watches and warnings and severe thunderstorm watches and warnings have been issued this morning from Minnesota down to Texas.
Flood watches and warnings and severe thunderstorm watches and warnings stretch from Minnesota to Texas this morning. Severe weather may occur today near Nebraska and Iowa and also in the Carolinas. The Midwest could also see more tornadoes. Severe weather today may affect areas near Nebraska and Iowa as well as the Carolinas.
Rainfall over the next few days may exceed 4 inches in areas stretching from the Ohio Valley to the Carolinas. Heavy rainfall is expected through Thursday for much of the Midwest and East.

Hawaii Volcano UPDATE JULY 30: Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption Revealed Big Crater

Earthquake in Mt. Rinjani
Fires in California

BIG Quakes ROCK Mt Rinjani in "Ring of Fire" - Day 10 of Unique Planetary Arrangement

Spiritual Encouragement
2 Corinthians 4:16-15:8
"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands."
ACTIVISM:  New Billboard in LA
The one included as an attachment, is a huge board located on the 405 Freeway at the LAX Airport exit North-facing.
We have Jr. Billboards (smaller,and vertical) strategically placed across from the Beverly Center near the Beverly Hills border.
One will be going up near  Paramount Studios.
One will be going up in January of 2018 on Sunset Blvd near the "billionaire" corporate offices also on the border of Beverly Hills.
We have 20 dropping in Washington DC hand-picked near all the federal/government buildings at the bottom of the stairs at the subway stops (the most popular mode of transportation in DC).
In the fall we will be launching a large campaign in Vancouver, Canada
Please check out our website to see the actual graphics and to download our new flyers geared for non targeted individuals that Matthew created with input from other FFTI members.
Ella Free
Coordinator, Media Outreach & Podcast Host
Board Member & Director of Promotions
PAUL RAND: Indefinite Detention
Your Senators need to know where you stand.
This amendment to stop indefinite detention is important. We should be standing up for our rights – and we shouldn’t let Lindsey Graham get away with trying to take them away.
I hope you’ll stand with me and stand for the Bill of Rights today
In Liberty, 
Rand Paul MD
ACTIVISM: August 29, 2018 is TI Day! Do Something!
Hello All,
I just wanted to share information about an important event we're planning, Targeted Individual Day on August 29, 2018. I hope EVERYONE can participate on some level and share with others. Please take the time to read the following letter from Lewis Rowe.

My name is Lewis Rowe. I am a targeted individual who has decided to rise above being just a victim, like many others. I have taken it upon myself to work with others to start a new initiative. I want to help bring awareness to the suffering of so many people under the intense persecution of these 21st Century crimes. With your help, we will launch an annual Targeted Individual Day (or TI-Day) on August 29th, 2018.
Ella Free, the host of the “Triumph Over Targeting” Podcast and the Coordinator of the TI support and activism group, Freedom For Targeted Individuals, has joined with me to help email people and inform them about this new initiative. There are several ways to learn more about Targeted Individual Day and plan how you can contribute to this momentous event. For starters, visit To help people plan local activities on TI-Day and coordinate them with activities elsewhere in the world, we will also be having conference calls (with international dial-in numbers) on ( You can also email me directly at, and I will be happy to give you more information and help you link up with others.
NEW SUPPORT GROUP-British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver, BC meetings¨will be held at:Location: Vancouver Public Library
Meeting Room
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1
Contact:  Genet -
OREGON CONFERENCE CALL Saturday March 3, 2018 12:30 PM Pacific Dial-in number: 515-739-6045 Access code number 874647 On Free Conference Call. This conference call is for all those targeted in Oregon. Please participate. Amy 971-207-3401
Freedom for Targeted Individuals International Call:
Every Saturday we invite you to join us for
Freedom for Targeted Individuals International Podcast
* To call in Internationally, use  your country's international call in number first (link), after the automated prompt, you enter 541.275.1131#
Starting at 3 pm EST/ 12 pm PST
(no pins required)
International Dial -in Numbers
To join online
Ella Free's Podcast
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Beginning at 9 pm EST/ 6 pm PST, you can join us live by calling into 724.444,7444, enter ID 141476#, then 1#
Link to podcast schedule:
Don't forget to check our current action and events tab to get involved with activism events.

Ella Free
Coordinator, Media Outreach & Podcast Host
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black

Your new dial-in number for Talkshoe is 605-562-0444
Moderator:  Neal
Citizens Against Harmful Technology
Time:  8:30 p.m. Eastern
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444,  Pin #134999
Moderator:  Renata
Time:  3 p.m. Eastern
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, Pin #114616

Moderator:  Mike Mason
Time:  6:00 pm Eastern

ID 116202#
Moderator:  Ella
Time:  9:00 p.m. Eastern
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, Pin# 141476
After Ella's Podcast:
Vulcan Wolverine
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 142394#
Moderator:  Kyle
Time:  After Ella’s call
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, Pin #142394
Moderator:  Derrick
Time:  9:00 p.m. Eastern
Free Conference:
319-527-2701, Code 248671
Moderator:  Mike Mason
Time:  6:00 p.m. Eastern
Free Conference:  641-715-0632,
Code 116202
Moderator:  Frank Allen
Time:  6:00 pm. Eastern
Moderator:  Loren W.
Time:  9:00 p.m.
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 798056#
712-432 3900
Moderator:  Terry
Time:  3:00 pm PST/6 pm EST to
6:00 pm PST/9:00 EST
Bring Awareness about Gangstalking
Talkshoe: 605-562-0444 Call ID: 143944
Moderator:  Ella
Time:  9:00 Eastern
Talkshoe: 605-562-0444, 141476
Moderator:  Kyle (Vulcan Wolverine)
Time:  After Ella’s call
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 142394
Moderator: Frank Allen

Targeted Individual Massachusetts
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 646-749-3112
Access Code: 450-414-301
Join by Computer:
Moderator:  Julia
Engage in Prayer
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-in number: (515) 739-1405

International Dial-in Numbers:                   

Call ID: 141476
Access Code: 381878
Moderator:  Terry
Time:  12:00 am Eastern
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 143944
Moderator:  Dr. Millicent Black
Church Conference Call
Time:  6:00 pm Eastern
Talkshoe:  140567
Moderator:  Frank Allen
Phone:  646-749-3112
450-414 3112#
Moderator:  Ella
Freedom for Targeted Individuals
International Activism
Time:  7:00 pm Eastern
Free Conference:  541-275-1131
Moderator:  Lauron
8:00 pm. Eastern
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 142124
Moderator:  Scott Snitzer
Time:  5:00 pm Eastern
Snitzer's TI Contact Call
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 138602
Moderator:  Derrick
Time:  9:00 pm Eastern
Phone:  319-527-2701
ID:  248671#
Activism/Support Groups
Denver, Colorado
Area Support Group
Contact:  Xontu Garcia
Atlanta, Georgia
Support Group Meeting

Contact:  Carol Dimas
Phone:  470-312-6578
New York City Support Group
Contact:  Angel Acevedo
Phone: 646-806-8654
Houston, Texas
  For more information, you may contact
  Tereza Dutta -

Seattle, Washington
Location: Broadview Branch Library at:

12755 Greenwood Ave. N.
Seattle, Washington 98133-7901

For more information, you may contact
Laura Solway - 206-365-6139
Curtis Kimble – 817-901-8720


Hollywood District Public Library
Please attend the next Portland, Oregon Targeted Individual Next Meeting Saturday August 11, 2018
4040 Northeast Tillamook
Portland, Oregon
Contact person;  Amy – 971-207-3401

Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1, Canada
Location: Vancouver Public Library
  1428 Cedar Cottage Mews, V5N 5Z1
       Meeting Room
Time: 3.00PM - 5.00PM
350 West Georgia Street
Contact- Genet at email
The West Coast Society For All Victims Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment
PO Box 534
Heriot Bay, British Columbia V0P 1H0
South Carolina
  For more information, you may contact
  Gail -

An Announcement To The Whole World By Chinese Victims
Of Electronic And Psychotronic Weapons

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