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Monthly News for August 2018
Minister's Message

As some of you may know I was on a "staycation" this month, taking a week off for the summer. I will take another week of precious vacation time in August as well (I am writing this column on July 23, this being my last day of a week's vacation time). Usually I try to leave town during the summer, but my funds would not allow that this year. Now, don't get me wrong. Asheville is a wonderful place to spend one's vacation, with plenty to do and see. The tourist traffic  thus far this summer can attest to that. It's just that usually I try to leave the mountains to head elsewhere.
That being said, cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful time I had by just staying "home." I found time to reflect, to think about the trajectory of my life. It was a joy to catch up on some relaxed reading. It was nice to spend some extra time swimming at the gym.  I also enjoyed napping each day. There was much more time for me to pray and meditate. But just as important, I had time simply to play. Play is important to one's sense of mental health and well being. I celebrated the 61st year of my existence in this incarnation this month with wonderful friends and family. I also reconnected with a friend I hadn't seen in 7 or 8 years along his new bride and blended family. It was good to let each day come to me as it were, and to enjoy the blessing and privilege of having some leisure time. 
              Minister's Message continued
Sunday Services 
Sunday, 5 August 2018, 11 am
Christine Stay and Aidan Quinn
(Friction Farm)
“A  Place in the World”

Our view from the top of the food chain reveals the precarious state of our planet. Can we balance the needs of the entire interconnected web of life against our own needs? Can we find a way to live in harmony with the whole world?
Modern-folk duo Friction Farm is a husband and wife team of traveling troubadours. Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay combine storytelling, social commentary and humor to create songs of everyday life, local heroes, and quirky observations. From ballads to anthems each song is filled with harmony and hope.  
Sunday, 12 August 2018, 11 am
Rev. Michael J.S. Carter
“Are UUs People of Faith”

The Oxford English Dictionary describes faith as a reliance on trust, belief in a religious doctrine, a system of religious belief, loyalty or sincerity.  As UUs we may not always think of ourselves in this way but I believe that we are people of faith. What does this mean? How do we define, and experience, or even respond to, let’s say, a crisis in faith? Many of us have faced this in one way or another, especially if we were not raised UU and left our religion of origin to join a UU Church, Congregation, Fellowship, or Society.  For you see, what we put our faith in will influence how we will walk through the world and act out those beliefs; and those beliefs will create behaviors. So what is faith anyway? See you on Sunday!
Sunday, 19 August 2018, 11 am
Rev. Marc Mullinax
“Practicing Resurrection” 

Marc Mullinax returns for a new angle on an old Christian theme. Using Wendell Berry’s phrasing (Practice resurrection), we’ll discover/recover/uncover practices of hope in these apparently dead and barren days, nearly halfway through President #45’s term. There are things that we can only see clearly when we are at the ends of our ropes. “Ya’ see,” Marc will say, “there are things we need to lose, to save what we love. Practicing the awareness of what needs to die is a good spiritual practice for the living (well) of these days.” Practicing losing is actually a joyous way to live and love again.
Sunday, 26 August 2018, 11 am
Rev. Michael J.S. Carter

Its a wonderful time of year when the Labor Day Holiday signals a time for a new beginning before the winter winds begin to blow. The words of author Max Coots ring true once again:
"If there is any sense to seasons it is this:
That time is timeless and time is Life.
Not Spring nor Summer, not even Fall is gone.
Each will be what it becomes, as Winter will be Spring.
The seasons play their walk-on parts, and we can hardly hear the lines, much less know all the plot, except the final line: "Life Abides."
The same thing can be said for human life itself. 
REMINDER:   Upcoming Sunday services can also be found here:
RE News
August sees our Summer Sundays winding down. Our final Summer Sundays will include box oven cooking, a songs workshop, and a visit from Asheville Creative Arts!
Registration has begun for our 2018-2019 program year. All current families have received registration forms and volunteers have received their interest forms. We still have volunteer opportunities available. Everything from helping out in class once or twice to event planning to RE (religious education) committee. Contact Beata Ball at Volunteer training will be held on August 12 immediately following potluck.
And now for our "Meet RE" student of the month!
This month I am pleased to introduce you to Vera! Recently back from SUUSI, Vera likes listening to audio books, designing almost anything that needs designing, baking, and volunteering with animals. She is an incredibly patient big sister. Vera, in preparation for a trip to China next Spring, is studying Chinese! She is such an asset to our program!
Memorial Garden
     In April our UUCSV Board of Trustees unanimously approved to designate the money from Jay Ellis’ bequest, as per Ursula Goebels-Ellis’ designation, for the development of a Memorial Garden on our church property. Since then, the Committee, including Ursula, have broadened the purpose and design of the garden. 
     The Committee’s mission statement is to design and have constructed a safe, accessible and beautiful outdoor space for use by congregants and their guests to engage in remembrance, peaceful reflections, meditations and lively interactions. There will be a private area for a scatter garden for the dispersal of human cremains, names of deceased persons displayed and memorial bricks laid.  Also planned is a stone mosaic patio, sidewalk and small covered shelter.
     The committee has met with 4 landscape contractors and received 3 bids. We are currently waiting for the final design to be completed. We plan to present the final design plan and our recommendation for the contractor and his bid at the August Board of Trustees meeting.  We anticipate construction of the hardscape and softscape of the garden to be installed this autumn.
     We’ll keep you posted!
Carolyn Shorkey, Chair of the Memorial Garden Committee
Care Team News
Care Committee is very pleased to announce that David Groce has generously offered to house a medical equipment loan closet for our congregation.  The loan closet is not designed to serve the general public, it is for our own community of members and friends only.  Initially, we are asking folks to donate new or slightly used medical equipment including: crutches, walkers, bed side commodes and shower seats.  We'd like to keep 1-2 on hand, if possible, so please let us know if you have such items that you could make available to others. 
The congregation is asked to go through Deb Vingle, Care Committee Coordinator, to both make donations and request equipment to prevent unplanned visits to David's home and to keep reasonable track of donated equipment.  Deb can also refer folks to other resources for those things that we don't have room for, and can't manage at this site.
Deb can be reached at (828) 674-4290 for questions or more information.  Big thanks goes to David for making this happen!   
Board Report
 UUCSV Board Meeting Summary for July 26, 2018
     For the 2018-19 fiscal year, Susan Culler was voted in as President of the Board and Linda Tatsapaugh as its Vice-President. Volunteer Treasurer, Lee Reading, and secretary, Milt Warden, were unanimously approved to serve the Board in a non-voting capacity.
     The month of July began the new fiscal budget year for church income and expenses.
     The sound system in our Sanctuary was recently upgraded and balanced.  Ann Wood wants to help with the purchase of a new projector, in memory of Hooker Wood. The decision was unanimous to replace the projector in the Sanctuary.  David Reid will coordinate the purchase and installation of the new projector.
     Beata Ball presented a new job title and description reflecting that she doesn’t do lifespan or adult religious education. The change to her job title and description was unanimously approved.
     The new Board of Trustees will be attending Leadership Training at their retreat set for September 8th.
     Announcements will be made from the pulpit and in the Current asking for volunteers to serve on a Stewardship Committee to plan for next year’s (2019-20) annual operating budget drive.
     It was generally agreed that a rental policy for our church building exists but should be reviewed.  
     Linda agreed to help Kathryn, who is working on a policies and procedure manual for the church.
     Rhea has been helping the Membership Committee implement new software for maintaining membership records.
     The Ad-Hoc Strategic Planning Committee, formed at our annual meeting, is developing their first meeting agenda.  They will be meeting to develop a new 5-Year Plan.  
     Emory indicated that he is going to ask the whole congregation to look at our website ( using different devices and critique it.  Send comments to Emory at by August 9th.
     The Board unanimously approved for our Social Action Committee (SAC) to sell cloth bags and donate the funds to the UU Congregation of Asheville's Sanctuary project.
Minister's Message continued
In short, I was reminded that everything needs to unplug and recharge at some point. To be on pause is a good thing. Everything has to stop at some time in order to keep going. When driving you must pause at stop lights and stop signs (well, hopefully you do). On a train, there may be stops before you reach your destination. Yet knowing this, why do we believe that we can move from experience to experience without stopping, refueling, or resting?
Most of us will not leave one job until we have another. As soon as one romance is over, we begin our prowl to find another. Even a quiet relaxing evening could mean reading, talking, playing with a pet. Many of us feel guilty if we are not being "productive" with our time, if we are not doing things that do not earn an income or meet some responsibilities for our lives. We believe that doing nothing is not a good thing, when in fact it is the best thing we could do for ourselves. To stop, to rest, or to pause means to do nothing. It means to do nothing and then to rest.
The images and sounds of life must come to a halt if you want to have a clear picture about what to do next. What a blessing and privilege it is to be able to push the pause button. Its wonderful to have the time and ability to stop and gather strength or to wait until things have passed before turning a corner and moving forward. You see a pause in life's journey does not mean that nothing is happening, for in reality it is an opportunity to be present and to catch up with what is really going on.  So, with the season of summer being just about half over as I write this (on a day off, but that's my choice and i assure you it will not become a habit), just for today, push the pause button. Be still. Shut down. Stop your movement just long enough to check in with your Self. Unless you pause, you may not be aware that you could be on fast forward or going in reverse!
I hope you all are enjoying your summer!
In this issue:
Minister's Message
Sunday Services 
RE News
Memorial Garden
Care Team News
Board Report
Social Action News
Sanctuary Assist
Yard Sale Sept. 15
Choir News
Women's Group
PSI Group
Friday Fling
Whale Coast Alaska
Care Team 
Social Action News
The Black Mountain Home for Children provides services for children from birth through college graduation. It operates residential, foster care, transitional living and independent living programs. Serving over one hundred children, there is a continual need for all kinds of supplies.  On September 16th and 23rd the Social Action Committee is asking for your help in supplying the home with bathroom tissue and paper towels. Please bring your donations to church on those dates. Any contribution is much appreciated.
Sanctuary Assist
Kudos to all  the Sanctuary Volunteers from the Social Action Committee.  We have a terrific group of volunteers who have spent many hours at UU Asheville keeping Mariposa (not her real name) safe.  Sanctuary volunteers from our area will be at UU Asheville 24/7 as long as Mariposa is in Sanctuary.
UUCSV is making a significant contribution.  ome shifts are all night, 8PM to 8AM, and Helen Bell, Larry Pearlman, and Deb Vingle have taken these very long shifts. THANK YOU.  Daytime shifts (4 hours) have been taken by, Anna Marcel de Hermanas (every Monday) Helen Bell, Monroe Gilmour and Fern Martin, Nancy Gavin, and Julia Jordan. THANK YOU.  As a Sanctuary Assist church we are always looking for volunteers.  Please contact Julia Jordan if you can volunteer. 
Yard Sale Sept. 15
Save the date and save your items to donate such as clothing, household items, collectibles, plants, books, children's toys.  (No electronics or mattresses.)
Donations may be brought to the Sanctuary following the Service on Sunday, September 9th.
Choir News
In August, the choir will rehearse on Sunday the 19th at 12:15 after the service, on Wed. evening the 22nd at 7 PM, and finally on Sunday the 26th at 10 AM, the day of our performance.  It was so good to be back with our choir after my surgery in June!    Linda Metzner, choir director
Women's Group
The Women's group
will meeting on Friday August 10 at 1:00 pm at the Lynx Community Room to discuss this quotation: Helen Keller said "When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." 
Want to evaluate your happiness?  This link provides insights into the pursuit of happiness and includes a list of the most respected and widely used questionnaires. 
PSI Group
The Intuitive Development (Psi) group will meet on Aug 28 at 1:30 pm to discuss lost continents and cities, Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis. 
Were these places real or imaginary? Join us in August to decide for yourself. 
Atlantis, a likely mythical island nation mentioned in Plato's dialogues, has been an object of fascination among western philosophers and historians for nearly 2400 years. Plato (c,424-328 B.C.) describes Atlantis as a powerful and advanced kingdom that sank in a night and a day, into the ocean around 9600 B.C. Since the 19th century there has been renewed interest in linking Plato's Atlantis to a historical location, most commonly the Greek island of Santorini, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption around 1600 B.C. 
Friday Fling
August’s Friday Fling, a fun party for grown-ups, usually every third Friday of the month but fourth Friday this August, will be held on 24 August at the UUCSV church. Red and white refreshments will be provided; please bring a potluck dish to share. First movie choice: Michael (1996; John Travolta; Michael descends from Heaven for his last visit to Earth for all eternity; of course he's an angel, but he's not a saint). Second movie choice: Undetermined, how about Rabbit-Proof Fence? Potluck begins at 6:30. For further information call Norm Kowal (458-4537).
Whale Coast Alaska
Preview - Come back next month to read about the wonderful two week trip to Alaska recently enjoyed by Lee Reading and Anne Lutz. The trip is run by and for UUs, and benefits several congregations in the area!
Vietnam Photos
Vietnam: Some of The People, a collection of photographs by Herb Way, will be on exhibit at the Black Mountain Center for The Arts through August 31.
Care Team 
Deb Vingle is the coordinator of our Congregational Care Team. You can reach Deb at 828-674-4290 or at
Thanks, Deb! 
Next Newsletter 
The deadline for the September Newsletter is July 25th. Please  submit  items to this   address. The best format is simply in the body of an email. 
UUCSV Leadership
Board of Trustees:

Heidi Blozan
Kathryn Coyle
Susan Culler, President
Bob Falanga
Pam Sain
Ann Sillman
Linda Tatsapaugh, VP
Rev. Michael Carter,
ex-officio, non-voting
Board Member
Lee Reading

UUCSV  •  500 Montreat Road  •  Black Mountain, NC 28711

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