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June Knits in the Garden
People Knit
Knitting is a great hobby. You don't need a special place to knit. You can do it on the road, on the beach, at home in front of the TV,
in the garden ... 
In this newsletter, you can see some of my knits made in June in the garden.
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Summer Dress
This spring-inspired summer crochet dress is made of cotton. Pattern -  simple double crochet stitch.
I improvised with the purple stripe pattern. I wanted  something lace-like, airy and light. The pattern for the lower part was borrowed from one of the knitting magazines.
The combination of purple and green is so classy spring and northerly summer-like to me.
I injected some sort of Florida orange into the arm-hole and low neck finishing.
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Gardens and Roses
Gardens are blooming in June.
So is my purse.
I used three shades of pink and purple, and also added some
blue and yellow to make it
more colourful. 
They are gorgeous!

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Cotton Shawl
There are many shapes of shawls: round, square, cowls, wraps ...
you name it!
I wanted a triangular one, and
I wanted it to be long.
Colour work was done by the yarn -
it was dyed this way.
The colour palette itself is one of my favourite: tints of blue -
and yellow-greens.
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