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July Dragonfly
What's in the name? 
Is it true that dragonflies were once dragons?  No? But the word has its source in the myth ...

The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life. 
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Florida knits
Dragonflies live by the water. What is a better place for them than Florida?
... This mysterious insect flies fearlessly above the water ...
I watched them and watched them and then crocheted one! - just used some leftover yarn and a shell from the beach.
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Focus on living IN the moment
'The dragonfly normally lives most of its life as a nymph or an immature. It flies only for a fraction of its life and usually not more than a few months. This adult dragonfly does it all in these few months and leaves nothing to be desired. This style of life symbolizes and exemplifies the virtue of living IN the moment and living life to the fullest. By living in the moment you are aware of who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what you want, what you don’t and make informed choices on a moment-to-moment basis.'

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Knitting in the moment
Living in the moment ... Not dwelling on the past ... Being in the present ...
Wait! It's exactly what you do when you knit. You are staying in the moment creating something. It's meditation, innovation, positive thinking.

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Summer Knits
Some cotton summer knits are here - click on image
Mohair and Mixed Media
"Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragon-fly... hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky."
Dante Gabriel Rossetti,
                                        Silent Noon
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Knit Happens
Contrary to popular prejudice, men knitting used to be commonplace and was not exclusively a female preoccupation.
In fact, many historians back the view that it  was men who created knitting and contributed significantly to its development.
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Good advice, dragonfly!
Knit in all seasons
knit in the moment.
Happy knitting!
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