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Karen Castle PhD
Soul Connection:
A Group Coaching Series 
What Does Your Soul Want?
Pause for a moment and listen to the voice of your soul. What does your soul want for you? Notice the words of encouragement such as: You can do it! Believe in yourself! Trust your intuition. This is the voice of your soul aligned with your inner most desire. Your soul wants to experience fulfillment and inner peace but sometimes we need extra encouragement and support.
In this group coaching series, we will create a voice of the collective. The voice of your soul can shine as part of a collective voice that is committed to your transformation.
The focus will be aligning the 3 centers of the body. When the gut, heart and head are aligned we operate from a soul perspective. We will identify what keeps us attached to our ego-driven voice because this voice tends to be fear-based and disconnects us from our soul. With awareness, identification and accountability, positive change can be lasting!
Dr. Karen Castle will facilitate through various interactive tools that stimulate positive soul-based thought and conversation. Each person will get an individual assessment prior to the group meeting, offering insight about your personality trait and energy centers. Additionally, there will be homework.
Come join in this 5-week collaboration that will provide an environment of motivation and support for a positive change!
Details and Registration
DATES: Tuesday Evening, Sept.18th - Oct. 16th* 
 (*if necessary, to include a make-up session Oct. 23rd)
TIME:   6:30-8:30pm
LOCATION: 9th Ave NE near Beach Dr., St Pete, FL 
COST: $30 per session or $135 paid in full
(Individual Private Coaching Regularly $135/session)
Karen Castle, PhD has been in the Healing Arts for 18+years. She has a Masters in both  Transpersonal Psychology and Oriental Medicine.
She offers Transformational Coaching for seekers of self-knowledge and/or those needing motivational support during life transitions. With a Ph.D. in Ancient Wisdo and Author of two books, her focus is helping others remove personal blocks, clear old patterns and assist with aligning one towards their highest good. 
For more info please visit her website:
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Karen Castle PhD  •  Seminole  •  St Petersburg, FL 33708

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