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Fairy & Human Relations Congress
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Great Gratitude for an Amazing Congress!
Big Thanks to all Participants
Dates for Next Year
Many Thanks to all who made it over the mountains and through the woods to the 2018 Fairy and Human Relations Congress!  We've been going 18 years now, and the consensus is that every year it keeps getting better and better.  Perhaps it it is connected to the Fairy Congress call:

I FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the good news is that Fairy Congress gets to continue at Skalitude for the foreseeable future!!
Dates for 2019 are Thursday June 25th thru Monday July 1.  The presenter list is still very preliminary, but we are anticipating that Orion Foxwood, Michael Dunning and Creeksong will all be returning. 

Letter from Diomira
It is Fairy Congress policy to invite several new presenters every year, both to widen our circle and to spread the experience of the Congress to more and more teachers.  This year we were excited to have Diomira D'Agostino join us from Virginia, and she wrote us this beautiful letter:

Thank you so much for inviting me to present at this year's Fairy Congress. It was truly an honor to be part of such an historic and extraordinary event.
In my experience, The Fairy Congress is a one-of-a-kind gathering for so many reasons, not the least of which is that at its fulcrum is such a powerfully focused and specific intention: to heal and restore the relationships between the human and Fairy worlds.
As this intention and vision has also been at the center of all I do for over a decade, I found a natural home at Fairy Congress and was easily able to 'tuck up under' and harmonize with the heart of your event!
I'd also like to acknowledge you for all of your hard work, dedication and years of commitment. The result of which is clearly evident to me in the palpable sense of willingness from the invisible realms to meet and greet the human participants.

Also not unnoticed was the strength of relationship and trust that has been fostered over the years with the spirits of the land and the event itself. And this energy seems to spill out beyond the scheduled ceremonies and rituals into every moment, activity, nook and cranny.
The flame of creative partnerships between human and fairy vividly burns strong at Fairy Congress and in this geographic place once again because of your 18 years of service. For upon arrivaI I was greeted by two Faery beings, members of what many refer to as the Sidhe. Seemingly native to the area, I sensed a past that contained a long-standing relationship between these beings and the First Nations who once populated the area. Between these beings and myself there was an openness and from them to me passed a gesture of welcome.
Later, just before I departed I experienced a sacred communion with the Deva of the Land - beautiful golden rays of lights streamed over the land, the mountains and the valley below. Then about 10 or so native Sidhe approached. We spoke at length. And while I know that you know this, I must pass this along anyway (because we humans sometimes need to hear it). That is, that the beings I communed with there are so filled with...gratitude hardly feels like it conveys...filled with fullness of celebration and joyful hope and expectancy for humanity.
In closing, I'd like to express my deep gratitude for creating such a tangible bridge between the worlds and for asking me to be a part of it.
Thank you Diomira for your presence and your teachings!!
History Question: Orbs from 2009
Our Fairy Congress documentary is almost complete!  The final piece we are hoping for is a few orb photos.  We have copies of some that we think were taken in 2009, but we can't remember who took them.  The versions we have are too small, we are hoping to find the originals.  Please contact us at if you know the photographer of these: (or if you have any other great orb photos from the Congress to share!)
Other Events
There are three events happening in September that are of interest to the Fairy community:

The 3rd Annual Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat is held August  31st to September 2nd in Chewelah, WA.  This gathering incorporates workshops, ceremonies, circles, vendors and more, for only $150 for three days.  Special guests include Clifford Mahooty, Zuni Elder, and our own Jan Kinsey.  go to for more information. 
Our own Mark Humnbyrd and MaryGold McNutt are hosting a Fairy Reunion at LivingWell, their place in Deadwood, Oregon the weekend of September 14-16.  Inspired by their 18 years at the Fairy Congress, designed as a reunion, sharing, and celebration, involving Faery play and cavorting, songs, dances, and being with the sacred land here where this is so obvious. $33 for the Satyrday, or $50-70 for the weekend plus Organic Food donation. Bring potluck for Satyrday lunch.

Kathleen Greco and Moz Wright brought the amazing decorations this year, they are hosting a Tree of Life Festival the weekend of September 21-23 at Dragon's Gate Gardens, near Mount Rainier.  Join them for a wonder-filled weekend of community, quality crafts, music and comedy, on a number of stages providing a rich source of connection, joy and laughter!  Find inspiration through insightful talks featuring appropriate tech and alternative resources for sustainability and health.

The Tree of Life Festival is all about creating a sustanable community that is a force of evolution.

Stay Tuned for More!!
Our website is currently being updated by the wonderful Megan Rose Long.  A very successful monthly Fairy Study Group has been established in Port Townsend, and Terry du Beau kindly wrote up some notes on how to start a Fairy Study group in your area.  It is too long to include here, but there will be a link in the newsletter once it gets put up on our shiny new website.  So stay tuned to your friendly fairy channel!!

Thanks from the Fairy Congress Council!
Many Blessings!
In this issue:
Big Thanks to all Participants Dates for Next Year
Letter from Diomira
History Question: Orbs from 2009
Other Events
Stay Tuned for More!!
Thanks from the Fairy Congress Council!
Who We Are
Who We Are
The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is an annual event that attracts about 300 people in the Methow Valley in Washington State.
June 21 - 24, 2018
The Congress is dedicated to Promoting Communication and Co-Creation with Nature Spirits, Devas and the Faery Realms.
This year's theme:
Transformational Gratitude:
Creating the Magic That Is Needed Now
The Fairy & Human Relations Congress initially started in the early 1950’s in England with Daphne Charters. The first Congress in the US was held at Skalitude Retreat in 2001. It has been an annual event ever since.
Through the years, we have been joined by Peter Tompkins (Secret Life of Plants), Findhorn co-founders Dorothy Maclean and David Spangler, and teachers in the Celtic Faery tradition RJ Stewart, Caitlín Matthews and Orion Foxwood, Yew Shaman Michael Dunning, Dreamwork Shaman Robert Moss, Brook Medicine Eagle and many more.
Our presenters also include flower essence specialists, animal and plant communicators, shamanic practitioners and herbalists, wildcrafters, biodynamic farmers, fairy seers, intuitives, geomancers and dowsers, Bards and Druids, and Native American storytellers.
"The Congress has given me back my sense of purpose, direction and connection to all things. The atmosphere of gentle kindness provided me with a chance to slow down, shift conciousness and trust again."
      - Sheila
"Where do I begin with my praise?  I have taught at many events over the last 7 years and nothing compares with the Congress. I was awed by the the people, the land, the spirits...the love.  So much love!"
       - Michael Dunning
"The Fairy Congress reminds us in deep and important ways that we share this world with other sentient beings, both seen and unseen. In the midst of global environmental challenges when for our own survival we as human beings are called to rethink our behavior on the earth and renew our partnership with nature, such reminding is essential. The Congress gives an opportunity to participate in envisioning and building a healthier and more holistic world."
       - David Spangler 
"The Fairy Congress is not a New Age forum event. It’s about Doing, Joining, Sharing, looking to the future. In a collapsing world economy, Fairy Congress gives us an idea of another way of living, another way of thinking. Some of it comes from ancestral wisdom, some from new human visions of departing from the greed of commercial modernism. Fairy Congress is an Idealist event, a Visionary event, and an event buoyant with hope and friendship."
       - RJ Stewart
"I have been teaching at this fantastic gathering for several years now. It really is the premier gathering on working with the nature spirit realm. Loving, caring, committed and powerful teachers and community. I love you Fairy Congress!!!!!"
      - Orion Foxwood
Fairy & Human Relations Congress  •  PO Box 74  •  Carlton, WA 98814-0074
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