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Reems Creek Nursery & Landscaping
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76 Monticello Road    Weaverville, NC    828-645-3937
PERENNIAL of the Week
Magic Pink ASTER
Aster Novi-Belgii 'Magic Pink'/Michaelmas Daisy/New York Aster
'Magic Pink' ASTER
$6.99 – 1 gallon
Regularly $9.99
Packed with buds and starting to bloom. Does your fall plant palette need asters? Yes! This pollinator favorite is loved by hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees! Called Michaelmas Daisy and New York Aster, these plants are covered with small pink daisy-like blooms with a bright yellow center. The compact mound-shaped plants bloom in late summer and early/mid fall.  
An easy care plant - plant in full sun(best) to part sun (will tolerate) in moist well-drained soil. About 12-24” tall x 16-24” wide. Next year pinch by July 4 to keep plants more compact. Deer & Rabbit Resistant. Zone 4-8. Combines nicely with Russian sage, goldenrod, Joe Pye weed, coreopsis, butterfly bush, muhly grass, caryopteris, verbena, agastache, ironweed, and sedums. While supplies last thru Thursday, August 16.
SHRUB of the Week
Sky Pencil HOLLY
Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’
$9.74 – 1 gallon
Regularly $12.99
Easy to grow! This narrow, upright Japanese holly is evergreen and adds a strong vertical element to your garden or container garden. The dark green foliage of ‘Sky Pencil’ is a wonderful foil for perennials. Introduced by the U.S. National Arboretum.
Plant in full sun to part shade in light, well-drained moist soil. Fertilize with Holly-Tone. Grows to 6-10’ x 1-3’ wide. Zone 6-8. These plants are super local…they were raised on our farm! Limit 3 per household while supplies last thru Thursday, August 16.
FROM WILMA:  Bill and I love to sit on the deck and watch sunsets, sunrises on North Knob, storms as they move up Reems Creek Valley, cloud formations, and other weather elements. Yesterday was a gorgeous day with puffy white clouds against a bright Carolina blue sky. We reminisced about lying on our backs as kids and picking out shapes in the clouds. Until the early 1800’s, clouds were little understood and referred to as “essences” floating in the sky.
Last week gray rain clouds brought lots of moisture. By this time in August our lawns and gardens are often dry, but that is not the case this year!  Most are lush and green. Some annuals may look “washed out” due to all the rain. Revitalize them (as well as blooming perennials) by deadheading and feeding to extend the season.  
Hydrangeas and other summer-flowering shrubs and perennials add a pop of color to the late summer garden and are starting to bloom now.
  • New Shipment of Shrubs including hydrangeas, crape myrtles, and spirea!
  • Lots of blooms in the Perennial Dept!
  • Blooming Annuals
  • New Shipment of Tropicals & Succulents
  • 50% OFF Tropical Water Plants
Fall veggies are beginning to arrive from our farm. We have a selection of tender salad greens ready to pop into your garden - including Asian greens mix, red and green lettuces, arugula, salad mix and escarole. Sustainably-raised by us!
40% OFF Summer Clearance Sale
Catch our 40% OFF Summer Clearance SALE on a wide variety of selected items – mostly inside the garden shop – including selected jewelry, tableware, water bottles & coffee mugs, terrarium containers, cactus vases, and much more. Look for red signs and butterfly stickers indicating 40% OFF items throughout the garden shop.
Utilize this sale to stock up on gifts, treats for yourself, and pretty items for your home.
Proud Sponsors of Speaking of Gardening
Reems Creek Nursery is proud to be a sponsor of the 2018 Speaking of Gardening Symposium this Friday and Saturday. Every year our staff eagerly looks forward to hearing the wonderful array of speakers at the Speaking of Gardening Symposium. The presentations pump us up with new ideas, and enthusiasm and inspiration for what we do every day – at work and at home. This is the Symposium's 20th year, and the 2018 SOG Symposium has been sold out for months, so if you want to attend next year (you would love it!) sign up early in 2019.
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