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August, Go Green
August Bejouterie
August this year is gorgeous!
Not a single sign of summer's end - as green as spring!
Look at these beautiful shades of green.
This Lime Green goes perfectly with one of the best natural accessories - an ocean shell.
InSpiration, Sun, Smile, niCe, StoneS, acCeSSorieS, shellS - all these words whisper - Shhh.... August ...
 Click on image to see Shells and Stones collection
Shades of Green
These beautiful flowers - hydrangeas - which have dozens of different colours - go green too!
In August!!

This shade seems like kiwi green.
For my short cardigan, I picked several shades of green, some melange, and a blue one.
What did I get?
A beautiful combination of colours (Amelia's favourite expression) - various shades of green yarn!

Click on image to see
other green knits
Yarn Store in Vienna
I bought yarn for this project in Austria in 2014. The store is called Filati, and it has a wonderful collection of yarn. 
I bought Italian Lana Grossa,
Cool Wool Print
100% Virgin wool
If you are interested, here's the store address: 
1220 Wien
Donaustadtstr, 1 Top 760
Click on image to see
Lana Grossa yarn.
Yarn and Design
I started combining the colours into the stockinette stitch raws and made the back and the front, but I didn't finish the project, and it was sitting sleeveless (!) in my knitting drawer for the next four years.
Design is mine - meaning I just knit and see what comes out :-))
It does not mean I do not 'read' my knitting -
I know where it is taking me :-)
Click on image to see other
August shades of green knits
Sleeves were finally made this summer. I like knitting sleeves right into the armhole - I just pick up and knit stitches along an armhole edge.
Like for the pockets, the pattern for the sleeves was the wrong side of the basic stockinette stitch.
Click on image to see other sleeves made this way :-)
Green as Grass
Green goes great with grey, so this August-made cardigan is good for a cool end-of-summer day and for a green spring weekend in the city.
Yarn and the City 
newsletters is here
I didn't want the buttons to stand out, so my choice was knitted covered buttons. You can hardly see them, but they are there :-) -
green, blue and melange.
Click on image to see other knitted covered buttons
Stitches and Crosses
After I finished the jacket, I decorated it with stitches and crosses of various colours.
More August
and melange yarn design is here - click on image
August, Be Awesome
They say that August is like the Sunday of the summer. Right - we want it to stay a little longer.
They also say there are Sundays and there are SUN days :-)
Dear August,
please stay sunny and stay longer ...
Click on image for 'SUNny' bijouterie
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