Get Ready for Autumn!
Sept. 22nd, 2018, 9:30am - 1pm
Breathe in Balance is a series of simple yet powerful breathing postures to stimulate the balance of inner and outer energies, also known as the yin-yang or masculine and feminine. Everyone has a combination of opposite energy forces. Generally, people are not aware of this which creates a 'shadow' effect. When we have an unconscious  tendency to control, blame or defend our position, it can create imbalance in other areas of our personality. When these opposing energies align within us, we feel whole, we feel balanced. Conscious and intentional breathing brings us closer to self-knowledge and the concept of our inner healing wisdom.

In this workshop, we will take it a step further and add the energy of another to accentuate the mirror adding recognition of the inner psyche to bring more wholeness into our everyday life experience.
The day will begin in a circle with a brief centering meditation, an overview, and introductions. The first breathing exercise will be a dynamic set of postures along with a specific guided breathwork series. The second exercise will be a 1-hour musical immersion with a focus on the inner mind's healing mechanism. We will close with a group sharing circle. 
DATE: September 22nd, 2018
TIME: 9:30 - 1pm
COST: $45 in advance (by 9/18), $50 at the door
LOCATION: 130 19th Ave SE, St Pete, FL
Greetings Friends! You are invited to participate in this half-day breathing event AND TAP INTO the energy of the Autumn Equinox! This will be an insightful day that can increase your Self-knowledge, provide cleansing or clear blocked energy and increase connection with your body, mind and spirit! 
Karen Castle, PhD has been in the Healing Arts for 18+years. She has a Masters in both  Transpersonal Psychology and Oriental Medicine.
She offers Transformational Coaching for seekers of self-knowledge and/or those needing motivational support during life transitions. With a Ph.D. in Ancient Wisdo and Author of two books, her focus is helping others remove personal blocks, clear old patterns and assist with aligning one towards their highest good. 
For more info please visit her website:
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Karen Castle PhD  •  Seminole  •  St Petersburg, FL 33708

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