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  Autumn Equinox 2018
Dear Ones,
May this note find you and yours well.
It has been a busy summer and I am quite ready to shift into the beauty and blessings of a new season. My personal life has been very challenging as life on this planet continues to empower us to grow in new ways. I walk my talk and it is my spiritual and holistic disciplines that keep me sassy, sane and happy!
For several years I have repeated the importance of incorporating a daily practice to maintain and develop our sacred space, innate wisdom, body-emotion-mind-soul and spiritual health, life resilience and soulful purpose.  My daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly practices are truly self, soul and spiritually nurturing and life enhancing.
It is my mission to inspire you to embrace those practices (meditation, mindfulness, yogic exercises, mantra, journaling, visioning, meridian tapping, energy balance, shamanic journeywork, and more) that will empower the passionate and purposeful navigation of the sacred and meaningful journey of your soul in this lifetime.
The programming that I offer is intended to bring you fully into the moment so that you can bring your life in harmony with your innate soul wisdom, power and purpose.
On this pathway, I am grateful to be associated with Sanctuary Yoga and Veronique Jewel.  The space holds a quiet beauty that is very accommodating for my sessions and gatherings.  It continues to be an honor to schedule personal consultations and offer meaningful gatherings at Sanctuary.  (Please know that we do have folding chairs available.)
We are about to enter the last quarter of 2018.  What are you harvesting this year?  What is moving into fruition and what is ready to pass away?  Whatever is active in your life, please know that you are not alone.  You are part of my community and I am here for you. I am excited to offer a Sacred Equinox Celebration on Saturday, September 22 from 1pm to 3pm.
May this season be blessed with beauty and peace.  May all be well.
In Peace and Positivity…  ~Robin
Personal Consultations
Sacred Equinox Celebration
It is my intention to create a space for those who wish to honor the "deepest longings of their soul".  My consultations, workshops and gatherings are designed to expand and evolve one’s soul awareness and inspire spiritual consciousness. 

It is my mission is to illuminate your true essence with its meaning, beauty, wisdom and transformative power; to encourage body-mind-soul and spiritual harmony for healing and optimum living; and to develop your co- creative relationship with the Infinite for the coherent manifestation of your greatest good and highest truth in the world.

I invite you into a sacred sojourn with the redemptive capacity of spiritual exploration, awareness and transformation. What is accomplished by a single empowered individual is a blessing that extends to the whole of Creation.

Rev. Robin Whitaker
Telephone or Text
Sacred Equinox Celebration
Saturday, September 22 from 1pm to 3pm
at Sanctuary Yoga in Kalamazoo
You are invited to connect with the wisdom of the Earth and her cycles, the Ancestors and the Beings of Light for the purpose of grounding yourself in the sacred and claiming your place in space and time as we intentionally transition from summer into autumn.
We will utilize the steps of..
1.--Acknowledgement of the current circumstance.
2.--Release what is complete and no longer supportive to your path.
3.--Affirmation of your seasonal intentions.
4.--and a Gratitude blessing for completion.
Everyone is welcome.
Love Offerings appreciated.
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Rev. Robin Whitaker  |  3217 Greenleaf Blvd.  |  Kalamazoo, MI 49008  |

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