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The Sikeston City Council will meet at 11:30 AM., Monday, September 24 in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 105 E. Center St.  This meeting is open to the public.  To view this meetings agenda and Council packet, go online to Council Agendas & Packets.               
Council Agenda Items
Sikeston Area Events & Festivals 
September Council & Boards and Commission Meetings
Compost Site Schedule 
Recycling Program Schedule 
Council Agenda Items

Appointment to BMU Board
BMU Commissioner Alan Keenan has served one partial and two consecutive terms on this board.  There are no statutory limit terms for BMU Board members.  Staff is requesting Council to appoint a new member to this board.  
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets 

Appointment to Tourism Advisory Board
Phil Boyer has notified staff that he does not wish to serve on the Tourism Advisory Board.  Staff is requesting Council to appoint a new member to this advisory board. 
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Appointment to SEMO University - Sikeston Advisory Council
The agreement the City has with SEMO University states that “any individual who has served two consecutive terms will not be eligible for an additional term until individual has been off the Advisory Council for at least one year”.  In light of this, Trisha Bill and Jeffrey Hay were not eligible for reappointment (they were reappointed at the last Council meeting).
We have one Resource Bank Application on file for Freida Cardwell.  Ms. Cardwell served one term on this advisory council but was not reappointed.  She is eligible for reappointment.  If appointed, this leaves one position open on this board. 
 Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Authorization to Execute Memorandum of Understanding with Sikeston Housing Authority
The City of Sikeston has maintained a contractual agreement with the Sikeston Public Housing Authority (SPHA) in which the City provides additional police services for their properties since June of 2007.  In return, the SPHA reimburses the City for all associated costs.  
Recently Director Williams met with representatives of the Housing Authority and we discussed the expectations from both parties.  In order to continue receiving reimbursements, it is the recommendation of staff that the contract be renewed.
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets

Approve License Agreement for Brooke Buchanan, Personal Expressions
Brooke Buchanan owns Personal Expressions on Front Street Downtown.  She has also recently rented Mr. Alan Keenan’s building (old Otasco bldg.) directly north of her across from the alley.  She is moving retail space into the north building, and has requested to be able to allow patrons to pass between the buildings in the alley space.  In addition, for their safety, she would like to fence in the space between the two stores.  She hopes to begin making this transition in mid-October.
Staff met with Mrs. Buchanan, along with staff from BMU.  Both DPW and BMU staff are agreeable with the proposal given the following conditions are met:
  • West bound traffic on the east side of the alley can exit through the North parking lot.
  • Any fencing must have a minimum 10’-6” wide gate or removable panel.
  • The alley can be reopened at a later time should the City determine it needed.
 The City Attorney has drafted a license to be executed between the City and Mrs. Buchanan. 
Authorization of this license will grant her the ability to utilize the alley as proposed. 
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets 

 Authorization for Repairs at Airport Fuel Facility
Upon Eastern Aviation beginning to supply fuel to the Sikeston Airport, their staff conducted a Quality Control Inspection of our fuel system, and found numerous issues (See Attached Inspection Checklist).  Several of the identified deficiencies are in violation of minimum federal standards and require repairs immediately. 
Following the inspection, we sought bids from three vendors to make the necessary repairs.  We only received a bid from one reputable bidder, Rebel Services of Ripley, MS.  The required items total $10,616.44 in repairs.  Because these repairs were unknown during budget prep, they are not included in the current budget.
As far as making the repairs, it appears to be a necessity.  Why these issues were not discovered by the World Fuel (Phillips 66) former supplier is unknown. 
Regarding payment for these repairs, three options have been presented:
  1. We pay for the repairs outright from reserves, and make adjustments through the year to accommodate the unbudgeted expense.
  2. We pay for 50% of the repairs out right, and Eastern Aviation will pay the other half. We will then repay them over our 3 year contract.
  3. Eastern Aviation pays for 100% of the repairs, if we agree to a two year contract extension (moving from 3 to 5 years), and they bill us the full amount over the 5 year period. 
Staff is recommending option A, and paying for the repairs without assistance from Eastern.

1st & 2nd Reading, Emergency Bill #6124, Authorizing the Mayor to Execute a Contract with the Missouri Highways & Transportation Commission for Approval of Municipal and Cost Appointment Agreement for the Route 62, 61 and 114 Pavement Improvement Projects
This bill is to authorize the execution of a cost share agreement between the City of Sikeston and the Missouri Department of Transportation/Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission for pavement improvement projects for Route 62, Route 61 and Route 114.
Next summer, MoDOT will be conducting some thin-lift overlays along all of Main (61), East Malone (62) and West Malone (114).  At these locations, they will be paving the "apron" at the logical places based on previous paving projects.  Some of these aprons will extend past the MoDOT right of way and we will be responsible for the additional costs.  These costs total $37,842.  These funds will come from next year's street program funding.
Staff seeks Council authorization to execute the cost apportionment agreement with MoDOT. 
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets 

Authorization to Proceed with the Transportation Alternatives Program 
Note:  This item was tabled at the September 10th Council meeting
MoDOT has issued a call for applications for the Transportation Alternatives Program or TAP.  These are projects for bicycle/pedestrian facilities and//or ADA improvements to existing facilities.  The applications are due November 2nd, 2018.  They must seek a minimum  of $100,000 and a maximum of $400,000.  Projects must have a 20% match or more.
For this year, we hope to submit an application for another trail.  We are not limited to the number of application we can submit, but rarely does a city every get awarded a second project.
This year we are considering the following for submission:
  • Rail to Trail – Phase 2
  • Safe Route to School – North West (Salcedo to Malone)
  • Recreation Trail – Along Salcedo Road (Kingshighway to North Ingram)
  • Downtown Revitalization – Phase 2 
Staff has the following thoughts on these submissions:
  • While the rail trail is a big priority, we are just about to begin construction on the first phase…after a lengthy delay regarding MoDOT’s clearance of our right of way purchase from the rail road. My thought would be to consider waiting until next time.
  • The Northwest corridor directly south of the Junior High School is riddled with kids walking on the street after school every day. We would consider this project a high priority.
  • While there is a serious need to extend the Salcedo trail east, we hope to pursue it through the recreation trail program of the Missouri State Parks.
  • We feel that as we have made improvements to the sidewalks downtown that some of these improvements have been completed. The acquisition of lighting and amenities (trash receptacles and benches) could be out of pocket budgeted expenses, and we could seek assistance from BMU to install the lighting as they can work it in.
Considering all of this, staff recommends that we go forward with an application for improvements along Northwest Street.  If council desires a second application be submitted, we recommend a second application for the second phase of the rail trail. 
Additional information is available online at Council Agendas & Packets  
Upcoming Events & Festivals
Sikeston Area Events & Festivals 
Every Saturday:  Sikeston Farmers Market will be held in Legion Park in Downtown Sikeston on Saturdays, May through October, from 7:30 AM to sellout.  Come downtown for locally grown fruits and vegetables, breads, jellies, jams and honey.
September 6-30:  Annual Bootheel Regional Judged Art Show will be held September 6-30 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Sikeston Depot Museum, 116 W. Malone Ave.  View works of established and up-and-coming artists from throughout the region.
September 25-29:  American Legion Cotton Carnival will be held September 25-29 at the Sikeston Rodeo Grounds located at 1220 N. Ingram.  Celebrated since 1945, this 5-day festival honors military veterans of all branches and celebrates the annual cotton harvest.  Enjoy carnival rides, games, pageants and entertainment.  Call 573-471-9956 for pageant and event information.  Rides open daily at 5:00 p.m.; Saturday at Noon.
Tuesday, Sept. 25: 
Wristband Night, $25 or Regular Coupons
Wednesday, Sept. 26: 
All rides $1.50-coupons only (all rides take 1 coupon) 
Little Mr. & Miss Cotton Carnival Contest starts at 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, Sept. 27: Regular Coupons Only 
Jr. Miss Sikeston Contest at 8:00 p.m.
Friday, Sept. 28: 
Wristband Night, $25 or Regular Coupons
Saturday, Sept. 29: 
Noon to 5:00 p.m. - Wristband, $25
5:00 p.m. to close - Regular Coupons Only
1:30 p.m. - Miss Cotton Carnival Contest
8:00 p.m. - Miss Sikeston Contest
September 29:  Enjoy one of the largest parades in the state.  The Cotton Carnival Parade will start at 10:00 a.m. September 29 on Malone Ave. and Pine St. and travel west on Malone to Downtown Sikeston.
September 29:  3rd Annual Fall Craft Fair and Sidewalk Sale will be held September 29 at the Sikeston Outlet Stores.
For additional events throughout the year, click here.
Upcoming Meetings & Announcements
September Council & Boards and Commission Meetings
Meeting dates & times are subject to change.  Changes will be posted on Sikeston Facebook. 
Special City Council Meeting will be held September 24 at 11:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 105 E. Center St.
Tourism Advisory Board will meet at 8:00 a.m. September 25 in the Conference Room of the Sikeston Regional Chamber Office, 128 N. New Madrid St.
Recycling of Plastic Bags
Due to recent recycling changes, Sonny's Solid Waste will no longer accept plastic bags at their recycling center.
Compost Site & Recycling Program
Compost Site Schedule 
The City Compost is a public service for Sikeston residents to provide a place to discard garden and yard waste.  Residents enter the front gate and check in with a Public Works employee.  Proof of residency (drivers license) must be provided at this time.  The resident will then be directed to a designated area for the items to be discarded.  Unloading is the responsibility of the resident.  If plastic bags are used, the bags must be emptied then discarded in the available dumpsters as they exit the Compost Site.
In conjunction with the Compost Site, Sonny's Solid Waste will furnish a 20-yard recycling box where recycling materials can be dropped off.  Recycling materials can be dropped off during normal Compost hours.  Recycling materials that will accepted are listed below.  NOTE:  Due to recent recycling changes, plastic bags will no longer be accepted.
Compress Road (1 block west of Northwest Street)
Compost Materials Accepted: 
1.  Tree branches & limbs (no more than 6" in diameter)
2.  Bushes
3.  Leaves
4.  Grass Clippings
5.  Tires are also being taken during regular compost dates.  We have set a limit of 8 tires per compost day and should be no longer than 18" and off the rim
Recycling Materials Accepted:
1.  Corrugated cardboard, gray board/chipboard, including soda, cereal and frozen pizza boxes
2.  Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail and paper
3.  Household plastic containers (#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7)
Upcoming Dates: 
September 22
For the complete Compost Site schedule, click here.
Recycling Program Schedule 
Sonny's Solid Waste Recycling Center, located at 451 Smith St., has expanded their days and hours for recycling drop offs.  In addition to their normal Wednesday hours of noon-5:00 p.m., they will adding two Saturdays per month, open from 8 a.m. to noon.  While every effort will be made to follow this schedule, dates and times may be changed without notice due to bad weather.
NOTE:  Due to recent changes in recycling,  plastic bags will no longer be accepted at Sonny's Recycling Center during recycling drop offs.  Please place all recycled items in the self-service stations in loose form.
Upcoming Saturday Recycling Dates at Sonny's Solid Waste Recycling Center
(451 Smith St.): 
September 29
For a complete list of acceptable items and their additional recycling dates, click here.
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