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We welcome RN Jacquie Sinder to Palm Valley Primary Care!  We are so excited that she decided to join our team!! 
We had a great time at our recent Mason Jar Salad Party!  Thanks to our UNF friends and colleagues (all nurses btw!) for joining us! From left to right:  Clair Hermosura, Jacquie Sinder, Dr. Linda Connelly, Dr. Li Loriz, Dr. Debra Harrison, Cynthia Howard, Dr. Jen Serotta, and Christen Trogolo.  Much thanks to Celine Parot for hosting our gathering and for the wonderful nutritional presentation!
Calendar of Events:
Monday October 1st:  Leslie Meshaw will be starting back offering Massage Therapy appointments on Mondays!  You can book your appointment online here!
Wednesday Oct 3rd at 6:30pm: Twenty-six seconds is all it takes for chemicals/products applied to our skin to enter the bloodstream! We welcome Katie Ghiotto to share tips on healthy and safe plant-based skin care products! Come for a fun evening and maybe even get some holiday gift ideas!
Thursday Oct 11th at 6:00pm:  We welcome Acupuncture Physician Dr. Christine Yastrzemski who will discuss how acupuncture can significantly improve migraines/headaches, acute or chronic pain, side effects from cancer treatment, stress, and many other conditions.
Thursday October 25th at 5:30pm:  We're excited to have Dr. Shahla Khan start back with our Thursday night therapeutic integrative yoga class! 
*** We have online booking available to sign up for massage therapy and yoga classes!  Alternatively, you may call 904.222.6530 or email to inquire about any services or upcoming events.  See below for available packages. 
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Packages Available!
Now offering Yoga and Massage Therapy Packages! 
*** 4 Yoga Sessions only $50 (saves $10) 
*** 4 Massage Sessions only $320 (saves $20)
*** 4 Yoga + 4 Massage Package only $375 (saves $25)
Palm Valley Primary Care is a boutique concierge practice that offers a return to personal attention at an affordable price.  Holistic and research-based therapies are integrated for an individualized approach, facilitating health and well-being for a balanced life. In a retreat-like office setting conducive to healing, we offer in-house medication dispensing and laboratory services, as well as convenient online scheduling. Conveniently located in Mickler's Landing at the corner of A1A and Mickler Rd. Please visit our website for more information.
How Do You Measure Quality of Life?

The concept of Quality of Life was first identified by the World Health Organization in 1947 as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” Since that time, much research has focused on quality of life as it relates to various medical conditions such as spinal cord injuries and cancer.
How would you define quality of life for yourself, and how does one measure quality of life? There are several validated tools/instruments that are used to measure quality of life (QOL). One of the most commonly used tool is the Short Form 36 or 12 (SF-12/SF-36), which comprises of 8 scales involving elements such as pain, physical function, social function and mental health. I have found it to be helpful in practice, as it provides a snapshot of a patient’s QOL at a given point in time, and can serve as a benchmark to help determine the effectiveness of a particular treatment plan.
What are some barriers to achieving QOL?  Stressors in our lives can leave us unhinged and out of balance.  Many of us are pulled in a lot of different directions, and we find it challenging to satisfy everyone, much less ourselves! It can fuel self-blame and shame, which is a huge barrier to achieving QOL.
Other barriers interfering with QOL might be physical challenges such as chronic pain, fatigue, heart failure, or arthritis, which may limit the ability to engage in activities previously performed without difficulty. Lack of  sleep is another common problem that affects QOL. The inability to achieve the recommended 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night negatively and cumulatively impacts QOL as well as overall health.
Social relationships have been shown to be associated with a higher QOL. A number of studies have demonstrated the importance of social support for patients undergoing treatment for cancer, for example, and how social relationships improve resiliency, perceived stress, and QOL. Sharing our experiences with others can bind us together, help us start building back a sense of security, and help us find our place in the world once again.     
How can we facilitate others in their journey to a higher QOL?  You’ve heard it said that you can’t love another person without loving yourself first; well that is true for improving others’ quality of life. Setting a stage that cultivates creativity at work and at home nurtures our souls and that of others, enables us to flourish, and often results in heightened productivity, sense of purpose, and life satisfaction.
It’s important to periodically take stock and assess our quality of the life and keep our eyes open for opportunities that mightt enhance our life experience. We all have this safe space within our boundaries of comfort, and once in a while hopefully we can muster the courage to take an alternate path. That’s where inspiration and revelation often spring forth!
(By Dr. Jennifer Serotta, reprinted from Ponte Vedra Neighbors, September 2018 issue)
           We were so honored to present a donation to Jeri Millard, owner of In the Pink, a boutique for women living with cancer.  I personally was blessed to meet Jeri when I had breast cancer in 2013.  She fitted me with wigs and head wraps.  They make women feel so welcome and provide loving, personalized service!  We're now dedicated to "paying it forward" and donate 5% of proceeds from the sale of our research-backed supplements to this wonderful organization!
Health and Healing for a Balanced Life
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