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My Souvenir Spoon Collection is 25 years old!
  • Started in 1993
  • First spoon - from my mom
  • Now - 505 spoons
  • From - 53 countries
  • About 3/4 are brought by me or by my family - husband Andrey, my daughters, my sister; the rest - by my friends
  • Displayed on 21 spoon racks
  • First spoon rack - from Kathy Volk
  • Collection was brought to Canada in 2004
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Spoons - 10 years - photos
Friends appreciation party
The idea of a Spoon Party was to thank my friends again for these pretty souvenirs...
 People travel a lot and bring spoons from all over the world.
The winner became Boris Kats who has brought me more than 20 spoons from more than 15 countries since 1996; and the last one was from Berlin and it was brought to this party !!
It was the 505th in my collection!! 
Thank you!
The most exquisite spoon in my collection is still the Veliky Ustyug (severnaya chern) spoon given to me by Oleg Gordus.
Thank you!
Edible spoons
I made edible spoons from puff pastry dough ...

Edible spoons
... and bought some chocolate spoons to decorate the cake :-)

Edible spoons
 There were also some cinnamon spoons with caramel - great with tea!
Toast to ...
ложка к ложке, вилка к вилке
в руки ложечки возьмут

ну а ложек, целый ряд
на стене они висят

есть железные, златые
есть простые, есть чудные

есть с эмалью, есть с гербами
есть с людями, есть с цветами

возникает здесь вопрос
за кого поднимем тост

мы сомнения не множим
есть у нас хозяйка ложек

наши тосты без обмана
за хозяйку за Татьяну
Spoons Jewelry
At the party, I was wearing all 'spoon jewelry' I had :-) 
I also made some - like this little knitted bracelet.

'Spoon Jewelry'
These earrings are made of the spoon handles, and the pendant on the left and right is made of the spoon bowl. How cool is that ?!! 
I bought this jewelry in one of the souvenir shops right on Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. The company is called
They make jewelry and home decor items handcrafted from old silverware.
Their new website is under construction, but you can google this name, and you will see amazing stuff.
'Spoon Jewelry'
This 'spoon bracelet' I got at one of the One of a Kind shows.
The designer-goldsmith is Danielle O'Connor from Ontario.
Sneak peek
On this spoon rack you see spoons from Russia.
The first spoon from Russia - VOLGA - was from Adel Nokolayevna - 1998 - when there were no souvenir Russian spoons at all.
Thank you!
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Sneak peek
On the Maple Leaf spoon rack - spoons from Canada.
I got the first spoon from Canada in 2002 (before I moved here) - from Dima Kats.
Thank you!
Click on image to see two more Canadian spoon racks.
Spoon Crown
this spoon crown
does not press on my head :-)))
To see some of my collection, go to the new page (which is a work in progress - I will be adding more to it) on Artisaknity website
(or click on this image)
Thank you,
Tanya Preobrazhenski 
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