Angels Inside: Anointing the Divine Within
with Maya Minwah, Judith & Irma 
Fri. Nov. 30th * 7 pm - 9 pm
Healing begins with the Heart, inviting our Highest Awareness to reignite the Divine spark that brought us here to Self-Heal and share.

In this mystical workshop, we will anoint ourselves with high vibrational blends – Mayasblends Angelic Infusions. These sacred anointments created by Maya – inspired by the very special request of Judith Caban many years ago – contain precious essential oils and clear crystal infusions to open our hearts to the Angelic Realm. 

8 Angelic Infusions
Maya will introduce us to 8 Angelic Infusions: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Phuel, Cassiel, Zadkiel, Metatron, Melchisadek. Each person will then select 1 Angelic Oil to work intimately with, as Maya holds the space with tonal sound & guidance. Judith & Irma will support our Heavenly co-creation, weaving together inspired sounds of crystal bowls, bells & drum.

Each participant will take home the Angelic oil they worked with. Several additional Angelic oils and other Mayasblends will be available to purchase. (To order in advance, please contact

Location: SFR Soul Haven
56 West 45th St. Suite 1703
Midtown, Manhattan
Please arrive Early, Lobby Door opens at 6:45 - 7:00 afterwards Lobby door will be closed.
Cost: $50
To Register: email
About Maya:
Maya Minwah is the creator of Mayasblends Aromatherapy for Awakening, inspired by her passion for working with the vital energy of plants and trees. 
She is certified in aromatherapy, and a practitioner of shamanic aromatherapy energy healing for over 20 years. A poet and mystic, she has traveled on sacred journeys to Bimini, the Yucatan, Northwest & Southwest US, and Peru, and currently lives in Northeast PA, where she offers consultations, sessions and sacred circles. Contact:
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Shamanicfirereiki  •  P.O. Box 701354  •  East Elmhurst, NY 11370

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