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Southeast Wise Women
Savoring the season of Halloween
Corinna's Corner ~ Wise Woman Ways
Corinna Wood, Director, Southeast Wise Women

Out the window, I'm watching the squirrels leaping through the treetops collecting acorns for winter. A pot of herbal-power bone broth is simmering on the stove—my current favorite recipe now includes immune-strengthening chaga and reishi mushrooms as well as astragalus, kelp, and onion. I've brought in the last round of holy basil to put up the final batch of pesto in the freezer.reishi broth
These are some of the markers I'm saving this Halloween season, as we reach the halfway point between autumn equinox and winter solstice.
On Friday, my son and I made our annual pilgrimage to the county seat for early voting (that somehow is an hour's drive, for our nearest polls!). This time, he wasn't just filling out the kids' ballot.
vote early
Now 18 years old, he proudly carried in his notes from his candidate research—as well as the NC ammendments—from the Vote website. And so did I. The site is a resource initiated by the League of Women Voters, an organization initiated close to 100 years ago as women gained the right to vote. The suffragettes are always close to my heart at this time of year, as I remember our foremothers who devoted their lives that we may vote.
As our neighboring families like to say, the trick-or-treating here at Earthaven Ecovillage is like the times of old . . . lanterns mark the trails among the houses, with friends dressed up in spooky/magical costumes, under the bridges and among the trees. It's not only safe to eat the candy, but its also wholesome—from popcorn balls stuck together with sorghum molasses, to one of the family favorites: our own bacon.
At Earthaven Ecovillage, our love for this potent time of year extends beyond trick-or-treating to traditions more reminiscent of the Day of the Dead. We gather for an Ancestor Feast, including visiting the graves of our beloved dead who were buried on the land.

We also like to do an annual showing of the "Burning Times" film, which reveals the truth about millions who were persecuted as witches during the centuries of European witch burnings—a period that has often been misrepresented. The history of the Halloween "witches" is much more than meets the eye!
As we watch the leaves fall, may we remember those who have gone before us, allow ourselves to grieve, and nourish ourselves as this season pulls us inward.
Halloween blessings to you!~ 

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