CEO Update
Supporting Mental Health for EMS
As most of you are aware, in August we mourned the loss of one of our local EMS responders to suicide. EMS providers often feel the pain of the people they care for. Many suffer in silence. 
A fellow EMS provider had reached out to State Sen. Cathy Young to share his concerns. I would like to thank the Senator for bringing to our attention the need for a stronger emphasis on mental health services and suicide prevention for emergency personnel. STHCS will be hosting Talk Saves Lives on Monday, Nov. 19 from 6-7:30 p.m., and we hope this leads to additional trainings in the future. 
Contact STEMS Coordinator Alicia Broadbent at for more details.
Celebrating Our SAFE Providers!!!
I want to share with all of you that November 5–9, 2018, is Forensic Provider Week. This special week has been dedicated to honor the extraordinary work of providers who practice in this unique specialty. I would like to thank all SAFE providers:
 Tammy Bimber, Dara Brown, Jennifer Buck, Mona Carbone, Jaclyn Denzel, Brandace Gaylor, Jessica Lippa, Denise O’Neil, Mackenzie Peterson, Tracey Rex, Eustolia Santana, Glenda Stocking, Desiree Sundquist, Sandra Watkins, Cindy Wickstrom and Dr. Annmarie Zimmermann.
I would also like to thank STHCS' Program Assistants Toni Cottone and Corrie Malone for all of their support with the SAFE program. If you know someone who is interested in joining this team, please feel free to have them contact me directly at
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