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Fall in Waynesboro
Expansion ~ The OrionWisdom Newsletter ~ 
Fall Into Winter 2018
Greetings From Elisabeth
Orion Material collage

It's a lovely Fall day as I write this and the photo above was taken on our morning walk on the Greenway by the South River; a lovely harmonious day.  Yet, it is so easy to feel out of harmony, out of balance and in this issue, Orion points us toward reminders about balance, balancing and recharging, which is omething I personally need to be reminded of, be more conscious of, over and over again.  I hope you find these 'reminders' useful as well.
Also in this issue you can check out one woman's determined journey toward healing in 'From The Inside Out' and take a few moments in an imagined future on the spacecraft Orion.
As always, wishing you all good things.
Orion on Balance~Rebalance ~Recharge                               
'I feel so overwhelmed at times.  I am carrying my own stress; I am carrying the stress of others I care about and care for and then there is the stress of the outer world, in small ways, in big ways.  Sometimes I just collapse under it all or want to.'
Orion:  It is so easy to forget our need to rebalance, to recharge.  It is even easier to forget that we carry the capacity to do so.  Just the recognition that you are out of balance, that you need to rebalance; just the consideration that you need to recharge, opens the door to another flow of energy.
Being out of balance means you are in some way not connected to the Whole, the whole of who you are, the whole of All There Is.  Yet, it is totally natural to have times when we are disconnected.  These are the times when a part of you needs to bring a greater focus to another part of you. 
Balance is not a static ideal of being.  Balancing is a natural expression of being.  To rebalance is simply part of the harmonious process of being.  One is never unbalanced.  One is always re-balancing. 
Coming into balance may mean a burst of energy.  Coming into balance may require a quiet time of rest. Coming into balance my mean a clarity of the intellect.  Coming into balance may bring a flow of emotion. 
Sometimes recharging is an uplifting, invigorating, filling sensation.  Sometimes recharging is a subtle, gentle touch of energy.  Sometimes the recharge need be followed by rest or contemplation.  Sometimes the recharge need be expressed through movement or exercise or dance. 
Allow balancing to find its own way of expression; its own way of being. And flowing within that expression is also the energy of connection, which brings the experience of recharging.  Balancing is a dance toward harmony, and harmony is an active state of being which holds within it, vitalization and energy flow.
Remember, you are actually part of a community, a multiverse and in that, you can draw strength, calmness, energy to you. Feel the alignments of balancing moving through your body.  Feel the connection of your inner and outer teamwork; the strength of your system. Feel the comfort of a community of elements of the self coming together in a universe, your body.  Your alignment is unique, unto you. And your body knows with wisdom and knowledge what that alignment needs to be present and with you in this moment. 
Let your mind open to these thoughts. Use the thoughts as an invitation to balance, rebalance, recharge. In that invitation to your own wisdom, consider a message such as this to yourself ~
'I allow all the elements and aspects of balance that may be needed by me in this moment to come present, to be expressed. 
I understand that balance can be many things; that balance can be expressed in many ways.  Perhaps there is a forcefulness.  Perhaps there is a loneliness.
I let these expressions flow and know that once they have been expressed, balance shall fill me, shall support me, shall bring me connection.'
Invite the All into your All in this way ~
‘I allow myself to lead to whatever need be expressed.  And the recharge and the rebalancing level will be present, will be within the fullness of self and I will use this energy and I will use this state of being as fuel; fuel for the spirit, fuel the body, fuel for all the ways of being that I am, even those I do not know of.'
Connect with a friend and rebalance. Listen to a symphony and rebalance.  Dance to music and rebalance.  Read a book and recharge.  Walk in the country and recharge.  Speak your heart to those you love and rebalance and recharge.  Share your stress with friends. Open to the myriad ways that are rebalancing and charging for you.
Awaken the knowledge that life feels full and sustaining when you bring your focus to connection, when you consciously open to linking to the many elements of life. And through those many elements, you recognize once again your connection to the fullness, the security, the strength of linking to the Unity, to All There Is, where you are always rebalanced, recharged. 
While we may lose our recognition of that connection, it awaits us. It is never lost to us, just at times not seen.
excerpted and edited with permission
 From The Inside Out: An Artists' Expression Through Healing From Traumatic Brain Injury by Cara Mayo
I first met Cara Mayo  with my friend Deb Booth of Different Light Studio, when Cara was just beginning to explore sharing her striking art and powerful story of recovery as a book. We encouraged her to do so and shared our ideas on the technical aspects of publishing and Deb offered to scan all the artwork, so Cara would have the images on hand.  I am so pleased to learn that she has now brought her story into being.
As Cara shares at her Amazon listing: "This book is about my experience of healing from a traumatic brain injury. One year after the accident I painted twelve abstract pieces with prose that visually displayed my recovery. The paintings in this book emerged from a process honed for more than three decades. Art has always been my primary mode of expression….The near death experience at the time of the accident was instrumental in my healing process. The combined focus of these long standing practices pushed through the rubble of a nonfunctional brain and struggling body."
Explore her journey of healing From The Inside Out, at
The NASA Orion spacecraft
All things 'Orion' make a nice resonance of the Orion material, even though our use of the name is symbolic and aligned with the Greek myths of Orion.  Recently Jane Batt, who frequently sends me interesting stories and links, sent me a link to a wonderful video imagining the Orion spacecraft in future planetary landings.
NASA continues toward the first missions of the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System rocket that will lead the next steps of human exploration to the Moon and beyond, extending human exploration farther into space than ever before. They held a creative competition, inviting people to create a vision of what deep space may look like, what it might feel like or be experienced as. 
This video is one of the winners and it is beautiful and moving; a magical two minutes.
Morning Blue by Bas Hordijk and Daniel Pinto Nabais of The Netherlands.
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