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ATOMIC BOMB IN A BEAM!  Particle Beam Weapons Attack CA

 Beams starting fires caught on camera.
Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter

November 25
, 2018
Everything that looks like flame is not fire!

Everything that looks like flame is not fire!  This is a new thought for most people who aren't plasma physicists. Fire and plasma are not the same. Fire is a self-propagating exothermic chemical reaction which gives off heat and light. Plasma is a gas with enough electromagnetic force in it  to make its electrons dissociate from their nuclei creating free electrons. This gives off a lot of electromagnetic radiation, including light and heat, so it looks like fire, but its not the same.
Fire is the result of the chemical process of oxidation that gives off light and heat. Plasma is the result of the atomic process of ionization. Fire is not plasma, even if it contains ionized gas and acts as a conductor. It’s only the hottest part of the flame that emits light, the part which is a plasma. Simply put, fire is a chemical reaction and plasma is an atomic reaction.  The fires in California are not fires, they are plasma. How can you tell?  They are burning too hot and objects are "burning" from the inside in an atomic reaction.
Ionization is the process by which an atom or a molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons to form ions, often in conjunction with other chemical changes. Ionization can result from the loss of an electron after collisions with subatomic particles, collisions with other atoms, molecules and ions, or through the interaction with electromagnetic radiation. - Wiki
“Plasma” is defined by the presence of free electrons, plus the positive ions with some electrons stripped away. Without these free electrons, ionized gas is not a plasma. For example, a gas full of charged soot particles, or a gas made of vaporized salt or acid solution would be ionized and conductive. But it’s an electrolytic conductor only. If there are no free electrons, then no plasma. However, you can have a fire and create a plasma within the flame by injecting it with electromagnetic energy. In other words, you can radiate a fire with a laser to create plasma.

Plasma produces UV light. Free electrons in plasma are constantly recombining with positive ions, only to be freed again. The recombination of opposite charges produces hard ultraviolet light, where the light has UV spectral lines shorter than a certain wavelength. If this UV spectrum isn’t present, then plasma isn’t present.

The trash cans are not burning because they were not the target. A high energy laser or particle beam weapon was used to do this. A particle-beam weapon uses a high-energy beam of atomic or subatomic particles to damage the target by disrupting its atomic and/or molecular structure. These homes were radiated with energy until they heated up and burned at plasma temperatures.

The picture to the right is a before-and-after picture. The fire didn't creep through the forest to the homes. The trees aren't burning. The trees didn't burn because the houses are the target.

These are being called wildfires, usually meaning that everything is burned without discretion as a fire burns everything. This is misleading. Typical wildfires in the forest burn wood - a chemical reaction - combustion. The California fires are not chemical reactions, they are atomic reactions in finely selected targets, homes and cars, human habitations and human transportation. These are targets of a political nature to move people and their accoutrements off the land. This is being withheld from the public so that the burning can go on. This is precisely selective purposeful destruction of human habitat.  Someone wants all these people off this land or dead. This is murder.
Plasma creates a glow. A glow discharge is a plasma formed by the passage of electric current through a gas. Plasma can be artificially generated by heating or subjecting a neutral gas to a strong electromagnetic field to the point an ionised gaseous substance becomes increasingly electrically conductive and long-range electromagnetic fields dominate the behavior of the matter. The glow discharge owes its name to the fact that plasma is luminous, the luminosity is produced because the electrons gain sufficient energy to generate visible light by excitation collisions which generate photons (can be done with lasers). There are atomic reactions occurring in the gas (oxygen)in the atmosphere in the picture at above left. 
Click the Blast Wave to watch a video of the beginning of the Paradise Fire. There was a launch just previous to the Paradise Fire It created a shock wave and charged the atmosphere. Propagation of particle beams requires the atmosphere to support the beam or it disintegrates before it reaches its target. This was a blast wave as huge as an atomic weapon extending for miles off the coast of California. The plume of "smoke" is arising at the Camp Fire location where some sort of device was launched (blast wave or ram accelerator?) and fell back to earth.

A Plasma Tornado Was Just Spotted By NASA On Sun’s Surface

The sun is a big ball of plasma. What you are seeing in this ultraviolet wavelength video is a "plasmanado" on the surface of the sun in 2015(?).
"Nasa's Solar Dynamic Observatory recorded the plasma tornado spinning just above the sun’s surface for about 40 hours. The plasma mass was pulled back and forth by powerful magnetic forces. The tornado reached a height of about 40,000 miles. The temperature of the ionized iron particles was about 5 million degrees F."
BOMB IN A BEAM - California Fires and the Directed Energy Beam

The picture to the right is a beam of energy caught on camera during the Santa Rosa fire. This type of weapon has been in development for at least 50 years.  This is a laser or particle beam weapon which can disintegrate a target with a blast, fire, and radiation. Intense, directional microwaves are generated when electron beams are propagated at or near the speed of light through a plasma. A plasma consists of the highest energy-dense form of matter, a gas so hot that the electrons and neutrons separate. The plasma is a complex structure of particles and magnetic fields.

The nuclear bomb is a particle weapon that derives its destructive force from a combination of nuclear reactions either fission or from fusion. Both bomb types release large quantities of energy from relatively small amounts of matter.
What are Particle Beam Weapons?  Particle beams deliver energy in a highly controlled pulse traveling at near the speed of light. Instead of electromagnetic energy (light spectrum), the particle beam consists of subatomic particles (electrons, positrons or protons), neutral atoms (usually hydrogen) or (usually magnetized) macroscopic particles accelerated to high speeds. A particle beam destroys its target by creating a very intense shock wave within the target, like a very powerful hammer. If positrons are used, the weapon would be considered an anti-matter particle weapon. The US Airforce put a gag order on anyone talking about this type of weapon, however, it may be the exact one being used to annihilate matter, both on 9-11 and in the weird fires.

Particle Beam Weapons use subatomic particles that are radiated on a target to cause damage.  The fires in California are similar to a atomic war. It is not recognized as atomic war because the weapon is in a different form than people are familiar with.  This is the nuclear weapon we are accustomed to seeing - the mushroom cloud.  The weapons that are being used in California have the same effect - mass destruction consisting of a blast zone, fires, disintegration of matter, and continuing contamination after the event.
Lasers and particle beams are directed energy weapons. Particle beam weapons are atomic particles that are streamed towards a target in a very direct path instead of being dropped all at one time and causing one big explosion.  They are used with lasers which are integrated into their operation. However, the nuclear bomb is being redefined slightly but they are similar in that they use subatomic particles to disintegrate their target.  This is the concept which Americans are missing. This is a nuclear/atomic weapon but it is not recognized as such. It is an atomic bomb disguised as a forest fire. Combustion is different from atomic disintegration. The products are different.

What are some similarities between atomic or H-bombs and particle beam weapons? The particle beam weapons accomplish the same thing and leave the same kind of evidence - disintegration, rust, nuclear or nuclear particle beam contamination. Let's compare.

1. "Dustification". Solid materials are turned into pulverized dust. On 9-11, did you see floors collapsing?  No, you see dust in mid-air falling down. It just looks different from the nuclear war of previous wars.  To the right is a reporter on the California fires noting the "dustification" (as Dr. Judy Woods calls it). The structures burned in California seem to have just disappeared, leaving white patches on the earth as shown in this picture (left). These are not carbon fires. Carbon fires are black.
2. Instant Rust. Rust covers objects after the atomic particle reactions.  Why?  The abundance of free electrons react with metals, especially

steel, creating rust particles in the dust and on the surface of objects. Rust is an iron oxide formed by the redox reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture. Given sufficient time, oxygen, and water, any iron mass will eventually convert entirely to rust and disintegrate. During an atomic atmospheric event, it occurs very rapidly.  Above is a picture of the deposition of rust from Hiroshima. Left is a piece of metal that shows extreme result as the result of the fires of California 2018. The picture here shows beams from the Bankers Trust building which suffered damage on 9-11 due to its proximity to the towers. The beams continued to rust. The entire building continued to degrade and had to be torn down. It was the only building damaged on 9-11 besides the WTC buildings which were demolished on 9-11 or very soon afterwards. There proved to be a continuing problem with degradation of materials possibly due to having so much energy in them. After 9-11, many loads of contaminated soil were removed and the same thing was done in Iraq where these weapons were used. This may be an indication of residual energy and contamination. This may be a reason people aren't being allowed to return to their homes after the California fires.
3. The fires produce a heat much greater than the average house or forest fires. The California fires melt glass which requires a temperature of 2800-3000o F. Steel melts and buckles at these temperatures. Forest fires to not require these high temperature. Even steel girders on this bridge are disintegrating. There were steel girders bending, crinkling and curling on 9-11.

4. The other similarity is the evidence of very strong forces that are able to turn over or lift up vehicles that weigh tons. This is a picture of a 9-11 vehicle (left). You see this phenomenon on 9-11 and in the California fires (right Santa Rosa). This might be explained by the violence caused by a blast or shock wave of a particle beam weapon. The same phenomenon can be seen again and again in the California fires. Forest fires don't have this kind of force or violence, but trillion watt lasers do and mega volt electron particle beams do. Lasers also have the power to levitate objects.
5. Another similarity is that 9-11 "fires" didn't burn trees, sticks, twigs or paper. The fact that this was plasma would explain that. Particle weapons are an electromagnetic and particle phenomenon and paper and wood don't carry a charge and wouldn't have been affected by an ionically charged atmosphere The quick disintegration of the towers indicates perhaps a different particle weapon and a much more powerful weapon than those that disintegrate just houses (right). There was a lot of "smoke" in the towers, not giant flames.

6. One other similarity is the absence of bodies. They are sending out search teams to find bodies in California but they are finding few because they are incinerated like human garbage. It takes about 2.5 hours for a body to burn in a crematorium and is consumed at about 1,400-2,000o F. The California fires are leaving almost completely burned bodies and in some cases, small amounts of bone and ash. The arrow at right is pointing to a hand that contains the remains of a human, only small pieces of bone and ash were left. That indicates a very high temperature. But the trees are not burning. This presents a very strong case that the people are being consumed by plasma processes, not fire and that it was intentional on the part of some remotely located persons.

The difference between an atomic bomb (left) and directed energy (CA fire) is that directed energy is precisely directed in location and power. A device is not dropped in a particular location to explode all at once. The nuclear/atomic particles are beamed in pulsed streams, therefore, they may appear to be straight or curved through the earth's atmosphere. Lasers and particle beam weapons can be adjusted in power and frequencies to precisely attack even small items whereas Fat Man and Little Boy were blunt instruments of the most instantaneous catastrophic destruction. Directed Energy is more discerning.

Get a clue folks.  The citizens of America and the people whose representatives signed their agreement to implement Agenda 21 are under attack from their own governments who are enacting the "sustainability" protocol of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 has no morality in it. It has no mercy, compassion, charity or humanity. Ordinary citizens are not sustainable. They eat, they breathe, consume and create garbage. What a crime! Those things are part of being a human being. Mismanagement may be the problem. Who is managing the earth's resources? Hmmm.

Nuclear/atomic warfare is a military or political strategy used to inflict damage on an enemy. If lasers and particle weapons are being used to destroy people and property, the crime is enormous. The American people have worked for what they own or their parents have passed property on to their children. Yes, political factors have changed in recent years so the people are not assured of the right to own their property. The global socialism outlined in Agenda 21 plans to redistribute wealth, to take resources from wealthy and give it to poor people (not really), to maintain constant wars, terrorize the people, establish a one world religion, declare martial law, take over the banking system and government and raise childen by the state. A..a..a, that's not in the constitution! Agenda 21 is a trick, a sword swallowing act that slides down the throat quite easily but slices your throat when it comes back up.

Americans are being attacked as proponents of Agenda 21 take away all their human rights attached to the Constitution. Agenda 21's goals are to return the people's property to wildlands or public land and depopulate the earth because the earth and animals have rights and the existence of too many people on the earth threaten those rights. Humans don't count. Decisions have to be forced on people because they are too stupid to govern themselves. Individuals must surrender their rights for the good of the world. Agenda 21 is a cross-dresser covering up the real equipment and bumpy parts of Naziism, communism, Marxism and socialism with lipstick and a wig.
How do you kill off a lot of the population? Slowly and with different methods and by blaming it all on other things while your real agenda is under your tutu. Hurricanes, volcanoes, fires...its just Mother Nature - Right?  In California, burning people out of their homes destabilizes lives, leaving humans vulnerable to disease (norovirus), the elements (living in parking lots). It gets rid of all the old people who burn to death because there was no one to help them get out of their wheelchairs and beds. It makes enjoying a family an impossibility because everyone is terrified and in fear for the lives and their future and the kids are sleeping in the backseat of the car. Where there no privacy, there is no family, no family, no populating = population reduction. This is the agenda for the 21st century, performing an elaborate hoax on the population which is really to give all the money, power and resources to a few elite people. "Sustainability" is just a criminal disgusting trick philosophy to steal the wealth of the people. Agenda 21 is a lie.

Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction, in contrast to conventional warfare because they can produce destruction in a much shorter time and have a long-lasting radiological effect on air, land, people and animals and plants. They can cause the death of an entire city at once. About 55,000 are displaced or killed by the Paradise Fire. Another 250,000 by the Woolsey Fire. Thousands have been killed. That's mass destruction! The effect of atomic directed energy devices are the the same but can operate on a slow burn, frog in the pan, technique, destroying separate parts of California until its all destroyed because they look like something else.
Directed energy weapons are being used to engineer a collapse of society by flooding the east coast and burning out the west coast.  A nuclear holocaust will cause a nuclear famine and societal collapse which would cause almost everyone to starve to death. That is what is occurring but it is taking place over a period of time like a stealth operation so it can't be blamed on atomic weapons. That would be too obvious. Food production is being affected by the droughts and fires in California which has devasted farms, wineries and avocado orchards. 
The plasma formed in the skies with chemtrails are part of the equation because they affect the climate, water distribution, drought or flood conditions. Chemtrails are part of the nuclear/atomic war! They create a plasma in the sky used for military communication, atmospheric mirrors and weather control (no room to explain - just google those words).

President Trump said, "A storm is coming, just wait." He is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. If the Airforce is the entity that is controlling the water from the skies and operating the directed energy and nuclear particle beams, the responsibility goes back to the Commander. So many are believing the lies, they are like robots obeying the "sovereign ruler", whoever they consider that to be. Think horns.

The California fires cannot be blamed on "bad forest management" as claimed by President Trump. Satellite views from space show directed energy being used to control high and low pressure systems to keep rain away, causing drought conditions for long periods. After the California hills were denuded of trees in 2017, then the rain came and washed the mud and boulders down on the unsuspecting citizens in Santa Barbara killing 21 people.
The unusual California fires cannot be entirely blamed on the location of human settlements in forested areas. Fires may occur in these areas but not 15 fires that start in different places at the same time during the night without warning. Forest fires do not burn restaurants in the middle of a concrete parking lot. The California fires of recent years have been hotter, faster and more devastating (pumped up with lasers) that ever before in the history of California. Fire fighters have never seen such fierce winds (caused by DE!) and firenadoes (caused by DE!) come up instantly and die down as quickly as they came.
They have never seen forest fires that don't burn the forest. There is something wrong with this scenario. They have never seen a house burn in half. This is evidence of a directed energy weapon operated by a human being sitting at a console somewhere at a remote location, with his joy stick in his hand guiding a laser on a pre-determined route for where the fire burns. This is entirely possible using satellites surveillance. Agendabots at work playing God.
This is a car (right) being heated but it hasn't burst into flames yet. This occurred in a 6 story car park in England. No one is disclosing exactly how this is done inside the garage, but there are huge holes in the rebar (left). A witness said she heard the cars "popping." That is indication a beam of energy is heating the object until it has absorbed enough energy to burst. The energy exists before the burn and is absorbed by the car until it reaches some point of flaming. This is directed energy. This event was in Liverpool England. Wild indeed, nowhere near a forest!

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the resultant end of the Cold War, the threat of a major nuclear war was generally thought to have declined. Since then, concern over nuclear weapons has shifted to the prevention of localized nuclear conflicts resulting from nuclear proliferation and the the threat of nuclear terrorism.  Do you recognize nuclear terrorism when you see it? It is all around you every day in the glowing ionized skies which form a cloud of electromagnetic particles for warfare purposes. Plasmas can interact strongly with electromagnetic radiation and can be used for military purposes, communications and weather.  Interaction between plasma and electromagnetic radiation is strongly dependent on the physical properties and parameters of the plasma, most notably the electron temperature and plasma density.  See plasma wakefield acceleration.

They can modify the weather around the globe or hide objects from radar and, if thick enough, hide objects from visual detection in the sky. Ionized clouds can be seen almost everywhere, aligning along the earth's magnetic lines or being affected by pulses of radio energy from directed energy devices on land, sea and space. This is not a natural phenomenon. See plasma stealth.

How do you get the chemtrail planes (or whatever is used) out of the skies? How do you stop the lasers and particle beam weapons from being used to create, enhance and guide hurricanes that are also being used as weapons to deprive people of their property and destabilize their lives and families?  How do you stop particle beam weapons from being used to start fires that burn everything up?  The present situation is in our face. These are things the people of this earth are going to have to accomplish if they want to survive this holocaust. Historically, the antagonist with the most advanced weapons wins.
PLASMA RECYLING - Look familiar now? 
The plasma arc in a waste plant heats the waste to temperatures anywhere from about 1000–15,000°C (1800–27,000°F), but typically in the middle of that range, melting the waste and then turning it into vapor. Simple organic (carbon-based) materials cool back down into relatively clean gases; metals and other inorganic wastes fuse together and cool back into solids.

In theory, you end up with two products: 
syngas (an energy-rich mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen) and a kind of rocky solid waste not unlike chunks of broken glass. The syngas can be piped away and burned to make energy (some of which can be used to fuel the plasma arc equipment), while the "vitrified" (glass-like) rocky solid can be used as aggregate (for roadbuilding and other construction). In practice, the syngas may be contaminated with toxic gases such as dioxins that have to be scrubbed out and disposed of somehow, while the rocky solid may also contain some contaminated material.

California Fire Walkthrough Multiple Anomalies

There is an image of a woman with her upraised arms, long hair and possibly something in her arms which is cradled like a child, burned on the wall of this horse trailer. Did she try to escape the fire by getting in a horse trailer away from her house. She would surely be safe there!
There were images of people burned on the sidewalks in Hiroshima (right). Could this woman in a blue dress above be an X-ray laser phenomenon that happened inside this metal box? This is not the kind of image an artist would spend time putting on the inside of a horse trailer. One would be more likely to decorate the outside of a trailer and it's toasted. However the inside has this fairly clear image of some sort of transformation occurring to this woman. She's laying down resting!
The rust phenomenon is also present in this trailer under the woman's image. The rust appears on the outside of the trailer too. A laser is a beam of very intense, single wavelength electromagnetic waves, either of light or high energy X-rays. Lasers can be focused very precisely. Lasers can be applied to fusion energy as well as beam weapons. It looks like a particle beam phenomenon.

Why are they burning California?

The Reason for the California Fires's The way I see it!


Artificial Ionospheric Plasma = "Chemtrails"
Scientists produce densest artificial ionospheric plasma clouds using HAARP
Date:  February 25, 2013
Source:  Naval Research Laboratory
Summary:  Glow discharges in the upper atmosphere were generated to explore ionospheric phenomena and its impact on communications and space weather.
Sequence of images of the glow plasma discharge produced with transmissions at the third electron gyro harmonic using the HAARP HF transmitter, Gakona, Alaska. The third harmonic artificial glow plasma clouds were obtained with HAARP using transmissions at 4.34 megahertz (MHz). The resonant frequency yielded green line (557.7 nanometer emission) with HF on November 12, 2012, between the times of 02:26:15 to 02:26:45 GMT.
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory research physicists and engineers from the Plasma Physics Division, working at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) transmitter facility, Gakona, Alaska, successfully produced a sustained high density plasma cloud in Earth's upper atmosphere.
"Previous artificial plasma density clouds have lifetimes of only ten minutes or less," said Paul Bernhardt, Ph.D., NRL Space Use and Plasma Section. "This higher density plasma 'ball' was sustained over one hour by the HAARP transmissions and was extinguished only after termination of the HAARP radio beam."
These glow discharges in the upper atmosphere were generated as a part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsored Basic Research on Ionospheric Characteristics and Effects (BRIOCHE) campaign to explore ionospheric phenomena and its impact on communications and space weather.
Using the 3.6-megawatt high-frequency (HF) HAARP transmitter, the plasma clouds, or balls of plasma, are being studied for use as artificial mirrors at altitudes 50 kilometers below the natural ionosphere and are to be used for reflection of HF radar and communications signals.
Past attempts to produce electron density enhancements have yielded densities of 4 x 105 electrons per cubic centimeter (cm3) using HF radio transmissions near the second, third, and fourth harmonics of the electron cyclotron frequency. This frequency near 1.44 MHz is the rate that electrons gyrate around Earth's magnetic field.
The NRL group succeeded in producing artificial plasma clouds with densities exceeding 9 x 105 electrons cm3 using HAARP transmission at the sixth harmonic of the electron cyclotron frequency.
Optical images of the artificial plasma balls show that they are turbulent with dynamically changing density structures. Electrostatic waves generated by the HAARP radio transmissions are thought to be responsible for accelerating electrons to high enough energy to produce the glow discharge in the neutral atmosphere approaching altitudes of nearly 170 kilometers.
The artificial plasma clouds are detected with HF radio soundings and backscatter, ultrahigh frequency (UHF) radar backscatter, and optical imaging systems. Ground measurements of stimulated electromagnetic emissions provide evidence of the strength and frequency for the electrostatic waves that accelerated ambient electrons to ionizing velocities.
The NRL team is working with collaborators at SRI International, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Florida, and BAE Systems on this project to synthesize the observations with parametric interactions theory to develop a comprehensive theory of the plasma cloud generation. The next HAARP campaign, scheduled for early 2013, will include experiments to develop denser, more stable ionization clouds.

Projekt Cloverleaf - Chemtrails and their Purpose

Spraying us with toxic aluminum and barium particles from planes?

Why is barium in our skies?

Directed Energy Use in CA Fires

Fire Proof Evidence of Directed Energy Used in CA Fires

This video brings up another characteristic of the California fires - WIND.  Gusts of high power winds come up "out of nowhere." This is evidence of another directed energy weapon. Here is what has been developed to enhance and spread fires - Laser induced wind. Lasers are used to guide missiles and levitate objects. Lasers can be used to create storms called bombogenesis. Here is one paper on laser guided ionic wind.

Laser Guided Ionic Wind
We report on a method to experimentally generate ionic wind by coupling an external high voltage electric field with an intense femtosecond laser induced air plasma filament. The measured ionic wind velocity could be as strong as >4 m/s. It could be optimized by changing the applied electric field and the laser induced plasma channel. The experimental observation was qualitatively confirmed by a numerical simulation of spatial distribution of the electric field. This technique is robust and free from sharp metallic electrodes for coronas; it opens a way to optically generate ionic wind at a distance.

What is a laser induced plasma channel? This may be one in real life taken by a reader of this newsletter who caught several of these beams coming from above her. One hit her on the back one day and caused a burn that continued to expand over her entire back. The energy gets into the body and continues to do damage long after the beam is gone.

An electrolaser is a type of electroshock weapon that is also a directed-energy weapon. It uses lasers to form an electrically conductive laser-induced plasma channel (LIPC). A fraction of a second later, a powerful electric current is sent down this plasma channel and delivered to the target, thus functioning overall as a large-scale, high energy, long-distance version of the Taser electroshock gun. Alternating current is sent through a series of step-up transformers, increasing the voltage and decreasing the current. The final voltage may be between 108 and 109 volts. This current is fed into the plasma channel created by the laser beam.-Wik
This photograph was wrongly captioned. It looks like there is a fire below these clouds, however, it was taken in Hawaii from a C-17, not over the California fires. It is a very interesting photograph but someone had a laugh and mislabeled it on purpose it seems. Here is the correct video.


This is woefully dishonest. This was taken from a C-17 ~40 min from Oahu, not CA (and not by Peter Singer). The glow is from a sun angle below the horizontal plane illuminating shallow altocumulus clouds. Not fires. Not lava. Thankfully I don’t believe everything on the twitters.
— Michael Lowry (@MichaelRLowry) August 6, 2018
Symptoms could be directed energy - not necessarily a "substance". You are not supposed to have a religion in the NWO. No praying to GOD!

26 students, 1 adult at Florida high school hospitalized with mysterious symptoms

26 students and one adult staff member at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Fort Lauderdale were hospitalized Monday for possible exposure to an unknown substance on Nov. 19, 2018.
CBS Miami
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — More than two dozen students and an adult staff member were hospitalized Monday for possible exposure to an unknown substance at a high school in Fort Lauderdale, CBS Miami reports.
"These students were having various states. Some were having syncopal episodes, were passing out. Some had nosebleeds, some were having shortness of breath," said Fort Lauderdale Battalion Chief Stephen Collan. 
The 26 students from Cardinal Gibbons High School were in stable condition and improving Monday afternoon, but the cause of their symptoms remains a mystery and is still under investigation.
"We don't know. We've searched back and forth. We've done three different samplings. We've used our monitors and have come up with nothing," said Collan. 
The students began falling ill shortly after they left a prayer service in the gymnasium shortly after 11:30 a.m. They began getting sick in classrooms and other areas in the school.
"They were like passing out and stuff like that," said student Gustavo Hernandez. "Some people started having nosebleeds. Some of the people were having ear pain."
Microwave Directed Energy also is used to operate implants to torture TI's. This is not delusion. If the government would burn thousands of innocent citizens alive, they will torture and kill individual TI's.
Everyone seems to be target these days, however, many TI's are already implanted from head to toe or are being targeted with directed energy weapons on a very personal basis. Many weapons being used on TI's are handheld, some are adapted microwave ovens, some are embedded in their homes and cars. Some are sonic weapons. While Targeted Individuals are under torture 24 hours a day now, the other aspects of suppression are used on other selected populations. TI's need the help and support of the media to expose the crimes they are experiencing, just speak with them and see that these things are real. This is real suffering of real people and the program is for life, no escape.
TI TESTIMONY-What have they done to me today?

I went to bed in my enclosure. I have to lock myself in so that "they" don't visit me during the night, give me more implants and injections or play tricks on me like take the lenses out of my glasses or destroy electronic object in my purse.
They have put a device that vibrates in the back of my neck. It vibrates after a few minutes laying down. It does not vibrate all the time. It is either stimulated by a frequency (direct or field) or it is operated with an accelerometer which is a sensor that senses the direction it is operating, like a gyroscope. Therefore, it could only come on when a person is reclining as programmed. I went to sleep propped up on a pillow. I woke up and I was not vibrating anywhere.
However, I only slept for a short time so I had to go back to sleep. After a while I realized the hip I was sleeping on was being heated. I turned over and the knee I placed on that same spot was heated and hurting. My neck had started to vibrate as well. The vibrating can many nights.

When I got up and sat down at my desk to work, the implant in the left side of my behind starts vibrating, this never goes away. It is a continuous vibrating all day long as long as I am sitting. There are different points on my behind that vibrate, dependant upon whether they are being sat upon. There are at least 4 in each side. So no matter whether I am sitting at home, in the car, or at a restaurant, I am vibrating.
When away from the house, there are people with phones, one on each side who turn on the implants with their phones. So from the time I get in the car to the time I see one of these criminals, I have a respite in the heating, vibrating, pressure and pain.  If you see someone in distress from people operating phones, you are looking at a crime. No one is allowed to operate implants legally unless it is by medical personnel for a medical reason.  We are under torture. We are Targeted Individuals being attacked with "directed energy."
New Website:
Military personnel called for domestic military service-Operation Cable Slicer/Hot Musket

Retired Marine Sounds Off - Here’s The No Schitt Truth About Operation Hot Musket! - 11/18/2018

Spiritual Encouragement
PSALM 51:7-12 (GW)

Purify me from sin with hyssop, and I will be clean. Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow. Let me hear sounds of joy and gladness. Let the bones that You have brokendance. Hide Your face from my sins, and wipe out all that I have done wrong. Create a clean heart in me, O God, and renew a faithful spirit within me. Do not force me away from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. Restore the joy of Your salvation to me, and provide me with a spirit of willing obedience.
COMMENT: We all need God to cleanse our hearts and renew our
spirits at times. God loves us and when we pray that prayer as David did in the Psalm above, the Lord hears. He is faithful to cleanse our hearts and renew our spirits.
Targeted Individual Springtime Rally 4-27-2019
On August 29, 2018, there was a successful rally for Targeted Individuals around the globe. Starting today, we would like to recreate another global rally scheduled for April 27, 2019, titled Targeted Individual Springtime Rally. Let's grow this global rally to include thousands of targeted individuals for the following reasons.
First, to galvanize the Targeted community and show the world our unified spirit. Second, to make the world governments and citizens of those governments aware of covert criminal practices against non-consenting humans. Third, to demand our governments create and enact laws to protect citizens against of all types unlawful surveillance, stalking, and harassment. Fourth, to get governments to investigate our allegations and bring the criminals to trial. We have five (5) months to plan and devise strategies. Let's make the most of it.
Let's focus on getting our lives back. The systematic selection and torture of law abiding citizens has to stop. Are you tired of the constant harassment and surveillance, yet ready to have your voice heard? Are you tired of being isolated? Are you ready to partner with other TIs in your area and/or online? Make the most of this opportunity now!
Monday:  11:55 pm
Time: 7:00 pm Mountain time
Call Number: 641-715-0872
Code: 198158
Playback number is 641-715-3579
Code: 198158
Moderator: Linda Goldthorpe
Phone: 720-645-450
"Please join us every Tuesday & Thursday on Free Conference Call
Call-in  515.739.1285
enter PIN 400014#
Online Meeting ID: Tiangel2016
You can also find support information on our website:
under the support tab
You can listen to our recorded shows on our YouTube channel:
For further information you can email Ella at"

Ella Free
Coordinator, Media Outreach & Podcast Host
Board Member & Director of Promotions
NEW SUPPORT GROUP-British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver, BC meetings¨will be held at:Location: Vancouver Public Library
Meeting Room
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1
Contact:  Genet -
OREGON CONFERENCE CALL Saturday 12:30 PM Pacific Dial-in number: 515-739-6045 Access code number 874647 On Free Conference Call. This conference call is for all those targeted in Oregon. Please participate. Amy 971-207-3401
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black

Your new dial-in number for Talkshoe is 605-562-0444
Moderator:  Neal
Citizens Against Harmful Technology
(605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080
Moderator:  Renata
Time:  3 p.m. Eastern
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, Pin #114616

Moderator:  Mike Mason
Time:  6:00 pm Eastern

ID 116202#
Moderator:  Ella
Time:  9:00 p.m. Eastern
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, Pin# 141476
After Ella's Podcast:
Vulcan Wolverine
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 142394#
Moderator:  Kyle
Time:  After Ella’s call
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, Pin #142394
Moderator:  Derrick
Time:  9:00 p.m. Eastern
Free Conference:
319-527-2701, Code 248671
Moderator:  Mike Mason
Time:  6:00 p.m. Eastern
Free Conference:  641-715-0632,
Code 116202
Moderator:  Frank Allen
Time:  6:00 pm. Eastern
Moderator:  Loren W.
Time:  9:00 p.m.
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 798056#
712-432 3900
Moderator:  Terry
Time:  3:00 pm PST/6 pm EST to
6:00 pm PST/9:00 EST
Bring Awareness about Gangstalking
Talkshoe: 605-562-0444 Call ID: 143944
Moderator:  Ella
Time:  9:00 Eastern
Talkshoe: 605-562-0444, 141476
Moderator:  Kyle (Vulcan Wolverine)
Time:  After Ella’s call
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 142394
Moderator: Frank Allen

Targeted Individual Massachusetts
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 646-749-3112
Access Code: 450-414-301
Join by Computer:
Moderator:  Julia
Engage in Prayer
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-in number: (515) 739-1405

International Dial-in Numbers:                   

Call ID: 141476
Access Code: 381878
Moderator:  Terry
Time:  12:00 am Eastern
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 143944
Moderator:  Dr. Millicent Black
Church Conference Call
Time:  6:00 pm Eastern
Talkshoe:  140567
Moderator:  Frank Allen
Phone:  646-749-3112
450-414 3112#
Moderator:  Ella
Freedom for Targeted Individuals
International Activism
Time:  7:00 pm Eastern
Free Conference:  541-275-1131
Moderator:  Lauron
8:00 pm. Eastern
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 142124
Moderator:  Scott Snitzer
Time:  5:00 pm Eastern
Snitzer's TI Contact Call
Talkshoe:  605-562-0444, 138602
Moderator:  Derrick
Time:  9:00 pm Eastern
Phone:  319-527-2701
ID:  248671#
Activism/Support Groups
Denver, Colorado
Area Support Group
Contact:  Xontu Garcia
Atlanta, Georgia
Support Group Meeting

Contact:  Carol Dimas
Phone:  470-312-6578
New York City Support Group
Contact:  Angel Acevedo
Phone: 646-806-8654
Houston, Texas
  For more information, you may contact
  Tereza Dutta -

Seattle, Washington
Location: Broadview Branch Library at:

12755 Greenwood Ave. N.
Seattle, Washington 98133-7901

For more information, you may contact
Laura Solway - 206-365-6139
Curtis Kimble – 817-901-8720


Hollywood District Public Library
Please attend the next Portland, Oregon Targeted Individual
 Next Meeting Saturday December 29, 2018

4040 Northeast Tillamook
Portland, Oregon
Contact person;  Amy – 971-207-3401

Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1, Canada
Location: Vancouver Public Library
  1428 Cedar Cottage Mews, V5N 5Z1
       Meeting Room
Time: 3.00PM - 5.00PM
350 West Georgia Street
Contact- Genet at email
The West Coast Society For All Victims Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment
PO Box 534
Heriot Bay, British Columbia V0P 1H0
South Carolina
  For more information, you may contact
  Gail -

A new support group for targeted individuals in Virginia is now forming. Persons interested in participating should email Julie at
An Announcement To The Whole World By Chinese Victims
Of Electronic And Psychotronic Weapons

We have no P.O. Box right now,
we will have a new post office box in the
near future at another post office.
Make checks payable to CAHT, ask for a physical address.

$30.00, free “Are you a Targeted Individual?” booklet, directed energy brochure, psychiatric living will, membership card
Sunday at 8:30 P.M. E. Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W. Coast
Dial (605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080.
ID: electricrose222, Moderator: Neal
If you donate, please request the IRS Tax Number.
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