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November 19,  2018 Newsletter 
My Deepest Prayer

O, Chief Spirit,
thank you for the harvest
that fills our granaries
to the brim.

Thank you for the blue sky
that fills our souls with dreams
and beauty.

Thank you for the waters
that replenish us ceaselessly.

Thank you for the rain that brings
life to our crops.

Thank you for the snow that makes our children
leave happy footprints with their moccasins.

Thank you for our parents, brothers, sisters,
strangers, and most importantly,
our ancestors.

Thank you, Chief Spirit,
for remembering us throughout
our existence.....

© Teddy Kimathi
* * * 
At this Thanksgiving time cultivate some magic and bring transformation to your life. Yes, it may take some serious commitment with some sacrifices. Join me in the following shamanic event your heart or soul call you. -
* * * 
Extended call!  Join me and a group of wonderful seekers, on a life-altering (truly) journey to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest & the Andes of Ecuador. A true opportunity for a unique deep healing with Temazcal - San Pedro, Sweat-lodge, Plant Medicine renewal ceremonies and powerful La Limpia (Energy purification) to heal old emotional and physical wounds.
Send me an email before Nov. 21st to secure your place. Only 3 places left.
View some beautiful images of the last three trips
to the Andes and Amazon of Ecuador. (click)
"I want to thank you for the trip to Ecuador, and all you do to support the evolution and healing of those you interact with. You are deeply committed and loving in your way of nudging us to grow. I am very grateful to have the pleasure of knowing you, learning from you, and walking together on the path of healing with you." –A.H 
Join me and many others on another great life adventures!

Following the unprecedented success of the 1st Andes Summit, Itzhak Beery, founder of Shaman Portal present you with a rare Shamanic Healing and Teaching opportunity of a lifetime. Join us and make a fresh start - See more.

The 2nd Shamanic Andes Summit – June 15th - 23, 2019 - Ecuador 
Discover centuries of deep wisdom for transforming your energy, expanding your vitality and creating a new heart-centered way of experiencing our world.

Dear friends, I invite you to join 10 of the most renowned Yachaks (shamans) of the High Andes of Ecuador on a rare spiritual and healing pilgrimage. In over 9 days and 8 nights, you will be introduced to all aspects of Andean healing modalities. Participate in informative Master Classes and ancient rituals. Experience powerful La Limpia–energy purification ceremonies, Taki Sami–sound healing, sacred body movements. With optional plant medicine, and Tamazcal healing ceremonies. Take hikes to majestic lakes and waterfalls. Dance and sing at the ancient Inti Raimi–the Inca “Festival of the Sun”. The Summit is a true immersion in the Andes culture.
For details and registrations visit www.theandessummit.com 
The Andes Summit is a project of Itzhak Beery - ShamanPortal.org

Special Offer: Get a $200.00 discount on The Andes Summit tuition by logging-in this special code when you register online: Spo-Summit-19 




Read more upcoming event listings below:
Full Moon Workshop: At CoSM Alex & Allison Grey's Art Temple
Discover ancient techniques shamans the world over shift their consciousness and enter into the unseen realm of dreams and visions that hold the key to balance, health, and thriving in today’s world. Learn how to connect and communicate with nature spirits. Explore the meaning and healing aspects of your power animal spirit. Use creative ways to express them, drawing, writing and storytelling.
Monthly Rituals for Healing and Transformation - Sounds True Class
Watch: Shamanic Self-Protection: Techniques for Health and Spiritual Enhancement - (1:26.55)
With Year of Ceremony , a council of today's most prominent shamanic teachers will be your guides each month to offer you an unprecedented new way to explore and enrich your practice. You will build deeper relationships to the spirit world and the forces of nature, as you unite with a global shamanic community.
Nov. 20 - Shamanic Healing Support Group - (4 Tuesdays) - NYC - SOLD OUT
Nov. 23-24 - CoSM - Chapel of Sacred Mirrors - Full Moon- Guayusa Ceremony and a day Visioning workshop Wappingers Falls, NY 
Dec. 8 - Shamanism as a spiritual practice -  All Faiths Seminary International - NYC


Jan -9-23  - Shamanic Healing Expedition to the High Andes and Amazon - Ecuador 
Feb 3-9 -  IFS and Shamanism for Healing Traumas and Personal Growth - Kripalu Center. MA
April 26 - 28
 - La Limpia - The sacred Andes energy clearing ceremony - Florence, Italy

May 4-6 - La Limpia - The sacred Andes energy clearing ceremony - London, UK
June 15 - 23 - The 2nd Annual Andes Summit - Ibarra, Ecuador
July 22-28 - Shamanism as a spiritual and healing practice -Gonzen Institute Slovenia - Ljubljana, Slovenia  
* * * 
If you or someone you know is a video editor and willing to help in editing videos and stills of THE ANDES SUMMIT to create powerful short promos, let me know.
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"My session today was a true blessing. I feel alive and awakened in a way that is difficult to explain. I’m so grateful to have found you."
"it was one of the most profound experiences and set of insights I have ever had!!!!!!!!! So rich and so surprising!…I am very grateful for and appreciative of your help for me."
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Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., author of Shaman, Healer, Sage and One Spirit Medicine
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For more shamanic teaching and events check out the group I co-founded in 1997 - We hold different FREE circles: General Open Center, Women's Circle, each month, We also have a monthly workshops by visiting shamans from around the world and other community events.
Shaman Portal, the site I created and is the publisher of since 2007 is perhaps the most visited and informative shamanic website today. It serve ALL Shamanic practitioners from every tradition and for those who are interested in walking on the shamanic Path. www.shamanportal.org

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