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Your Majesty Scarf
This newsletter is about knitted scarves ... for everyone :-)
Dog Fountain in Berczy Park, Toronto
Berczy Park website, 2018
A big round of thanks to some very skillful local ladies who knit vibrant green, wool scarves to keep our Berczy Park fountain dogs warm this winter. Led by Reet and Noreen, who organize a group of senior citizen knitters in the St Lawrence Market neighbourhood, the ladies artfully crafted six warm scarves to adorn the dog sculptures. 
Christmas Scarf
I knitted this red and green scarf in December 2010, and since then it has been my favourite accessory at Christmas time. 
I put this image everywhere -
it's on Artisaknity cards,
journals, and posters.
This scarf was also featured in a
Knit Simple magazine
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December 2018
The weather outside is not that frightful yet.
You know there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. You just need a good scarf to keep you warm :-)
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Alpaca ...
There are so many beautiful fibers for cool temperatures. This one is 
100% Superfine Alpaca.
Made in Peru for Estelle Yarns.
The yarn is thick, fluffy and soft.
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Dear Scarf ...
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Scarves for Doggies
Berczy Park website, 2018
With the help of Bob Kemp’s crew from the St Lawrence Market Neighbourhood Business Improvement Association (BIA), we got the scarves safely secured in place, just in time for the cold weather, and the BIA’s festive Cavalcade of Lights in Berczy Park, Saturday Dec 1, 5:30pm-6:30pm.
Thanks ladies for helping brighten up our park this winter and bringing a smile to every visitor! 
A Scarf for a Cow
Everybody needs a scarf for Christmas :-)
M-m-merry Christmas!
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Scarves for Birds
These nice scarves for the two beautiful herons were made by my sister. It looks like the birds love them :-)
A Scarf for a Bottle?
I am going to dress up my bottles with these cool miniature Hat and Scarf Hand Knitted Bottle Toppers.
Looks like this bottle is already dressed for the party:-)
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Venice Scarf
The design for this scarf is taken from the Europe's Top Knitting Magazine Verena - Winter 2008. 
I very rarely use patterns from magazines, but in this case,
I followed almost all the instructions and recommendations. 
I changed the colour a little: not pure white but faded shade of off-white.
The two lace patterns were used.
Scarf length size is 10 x 205 sm.
I started knitting the scarf on the plane and finished it in Toronto.
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Decembre Bianco scarf
The pattern for the scarf is one of the the most simple lace patterns  - the Horseshoe knitting stitch.
I made it last year.
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One for Two
Even these guys got a scarf  :-)
... and they need one ... for a winter walk in the roof garden ....
at Harbourfront.
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Dreaming of a White Christmas
I really wanted something white -
it's winter!!

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Doggies again
Click on image if you want to see this 'doggie fountain'
in the summer
A Scarf or a Fox?
It's a fox scarf!!
Knitted animal scarves for kids are very popular.
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You Need to Knit
Sometimes the weather is really frightful (not yet :)), and you need to knit something warm ...

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neck warmer
A New Scarf for Christmas
... so I did - I made a new scarf from the leftover yarn. Apparently I had a lot, and it turned out to be very long - which is great!
The yarn I used was:
DK Merino Blend -Pure New Wool by KING COLE LTD., UK 
SANDES GARN 100% Alpakka, Norway
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Feels like Felt
I had three shades of green and a wonderful 'felt-like yarn" to insert in between the green stripes.
A Scarf for a Deer
Oh, deer!
You got your scarf as well!
Stay warm!
Click on image to go to Dear Deer pics 
Merry Christmas and
Happy Knitting!!
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