Shamanic Crystal & Stone Illumination Series 
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Jan. 28th * 7 pm - 9 pm
Learn how to recognize, identify patterns, shapes and facets in crystals and qualities of gemstones & stones. As healers the need to incorporate the crystal/stone people into your work such as reiki, shamanism, crystal and energy work.
Exploring and working with them in a master level and infusion them into personal healing or sessions.   Process of making grids to energize and clear space within your home, job or blessing rooms. Working with master crystals to use for channeling and journey work.
As we work  we will add stones into our shamanic tool kit, such as shaman stones (moqui stones), tektites, dessert rose, meteorite, river stones, special techniques to move energy and empower yourself as well as your clients.
Each month we will incorporate the stones for healing or protection purposes, accompanied with meditation, journey and hands one work.
Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45 St. Suite 1703, Midtown, Manhattan
Exchange: $45.00 per class
Special price for all 6 classes paid in advance $240
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Future Class Dates all from 7 pm - 9pm:
Jan. 28th*Crystal Class * The Channel
Feb. 25th* Stone Class * Tektite & Meteorite
Mar 25th * Crystal Class * The Devic
Apr 29th* Stone Class * River Stone & Dessert Rose
May 20th * Crystal Class * The Crystal Grid (Personal)
June 24th* Stone Class * The Shaman's Stone "Moqui"
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