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Still Holding a Light ~ December 2018
“What’s happening with Little Pearls?” That’s been a difficult question to answer lately. Beyond the necessities of keeping a small non-profit going, some interesting new outreach and once again earning our Top-Rated status from Great Nonprofits, the answer is not much.

The “happening” has been inside me, as this year has been one of great opening, shifting, simplifying, strengthening and clarifying. I reached 70 in May with some angst at the “elderly” sound of that big number. A party-turned-community celebration helped transform that angst into a time I could embrace.

With some wonderful personal growth coaching and new adventures, I’m more alive and joyful now than at any time in my life. This past year, I’ve taken a step back from my volunteer work with Little Pearls to discover and embrace who I am now. My intention is that this time be the best, even with the aches, pains and limitations of aging. Soon, I'll be able to focus on Little Pearls again with new energy.

The next new Pearl, The Wonder of Little Boys, has been slow to come together and has refused to be pushed. It has always been a difficult concept piece to describe. The initial idea has shifted as we’ve experienced societal upheavals in the last couple years that point to the challenges many older boys and men have in being whole human beings. The culturally-timely message that goes with footage of Ben when he was a toddler must be must be crystal clear and powerful, not preachy. It feels as if we’re getting close, hopefully soon. Creating this next Pearl should open the flow to the others that are waiting in the wings.

The Board and I have chosen not to send out a fundraising letter until we have a new Pearl to share, even though there is much goodwill for Little Pearls in our community and in the larger world. That means we’re missing the prime fundraising time: right now. If this is your time of year to donate to non-profits, please consider supporting us now. Otherwise, we’ll be reaching out to you in the Spring.

One of the gifts of this time is that Pearls are appearing in my life every day, much more than usual. We all have that capacity to see beauty, wisdom and wonder in the people, animals, natural world and situations in our lives. We all can create and share those Pearls, too. Let's shine our lights, together, to help heal ourselves and the hurts in our beautiful world. 
2018 Christmas Eve Candlelight celebration at Jubilee ~ photo by Jay Joslin
Just for the joy of it, you can see all 18 Little Pearls on our YouTube channelClick on the All Pearls playlist and select Play All. Watch them at the highest quality setting you can. There are several mini-documentaries, too. 
And if now is when you do your donations, here's the link for us:  

Warmly, with gratitude,
Linda McLean
Executive & Creative Director
Little Pearls
GreatLittlePearls on YouTube
(70th birthday celebration, May 2018 - photo by Ronnie Watkins)
Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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