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Winter Whites
Winter is officially here. We had real snow in Toronto only in the middle of January this year.
Good timing!
I just finished my 'white project' :-)
Last January
I started it last January on the way from Florida -
on the road.
You can see the yarn I planned to use. 
 I have 8 different yarns in this knit. Almost all of these shades of white are
silk blends from 
Yarn Store
Their shop is located in the Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island in Vancouver where I bought the yarn in 2016.
Click on image to see more of the store
January 2019
It was on and off knitting during the year, and I finished the cardigan right before the first frost.
Click on image to see other winter knits
Silk Blends
"Although silk is so very yummy on its own, sometimes we want it blended with something else for the special qualities that other fibre brings. Often these blends create texture, either while you're working, or in the post-handcraft finishing. Or sometimes they're just particularly delicious."
Totally agree with the SANJOSILK team.
Click on image to see more silk blends
The light brown yarn in the picture is Tussah/Noil Fleck. What is it? 
"Tussah (aka Tassar) is a wild silk. Tussah moths have resisted domestication forever. You have to love that. Tussah is a warm tan colour, and has a bit more texture than Bombyx.
Muga is the Empress of Silk. From the Assam region of India, Muga has a beautiful golden colour that defies description.
Pedencal Tussah is the tussah from the pedencus (foot) of the cocoon. Rare and naturally brown."
(from Sanjosilk website)
Click on image to learn more
I always wanted to combine knitting with fabric, and I started with lace. A 10 cm lace strip was inserted in the knitting.
Sanjosilk yarn is amazing. 
"We source our silks from Europe, Japan and India, buying the best quality and most beautiful yarns." 
(from Sanjosilk website)
For this cardigan, I used metal maple leaf buttons. Since I did not have enough, one button is different.
Cold is here
This cardigan is not a winter knit - it is not warm or cosy. 
It's airy and light -
so let's wait for the summer to fully enjoy wearing it!
"These are the pizazz yarns, the ones that get all the attention. They strut and preen and everyone coos over them. They deserve it." (from Sanjosilk website)
I used very simple patterns like stocking stitch or garter stitch because the focus was on the texture.
"When the weather turns chilly, our preferences often turn to velvety, warming red .... wines ..."
(from Compliments of LCBO, Holiday 2018)
So true! Same with knits. We want velvety, warm, red knits ... 
Click on image to see January Red knits.
Made in winter, this cardigan looks like summer's fresh, chilled wine ;-)
I have other 'winter whites' - made in winter white knits.
Click on image to see them.
Tatiana's Day
January 25th is Tatiana's day in Russia.
Happy "T - Day"
to me  and other Tatianas :-))  
Happy knitting !!
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