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The Anti-Fur Society
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Aloha Hawaii!
Hawaii has just released the bill SB-1350 which is set to prohibit the sales of fur animal products and fur farms.
WASHINGTON, January 25, 2019 ( - Fur Free Society, Inc. would like to congratulate the State of Hawaii for introducing “A Bill For An Act Relating to Animal Fur Products” (S.B. No. 1350) to “prohibit the manufacture or sale of certain animal fur products in the State [of Hawaii] and the shipment or transport of certain fur products into the State for sale or distribution.” They would also like to thank Senator Gabbard for his leadership on this important bill.
In a statement to Fur Free Society, Inc. on January 24, 2019, Senator Gabbard said that “[b]anning animal fur products in our islands is the right thing to do and will show our aloha for animals. I’m hopeful we’ll get this bill to the finish line this session.”
Fur-bearing animals suffer terribly on fur farms and in traps. In recent years, more and more designers, including Versace, Chanel, Coach, and Burberry, have pledged to stop using fur, and countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, and others have banned fur farming, with many more countries introducing bills to ban fur farming.
About Fur Free Society, Inc.
Fur Free Society, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and advocacy of fur-bearing animals. Our work will not be complete until the last fur farm is closed, the last trap is removed, and the last fur-bearing animal is rescued. See:

The Fur Free Society, the newly registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, has replaced the Anti-Fur Society which for so long was the umbrella organization for many projects for well over a decade. Many are still going on. The good news is that we'll be preserving not only its website, but also several others each serving a different mission under this new name. So far, we have accomplished much as a registered non-profit as you may read on our main page -- One of our goals is to continue working with animal groups in China with which we lost contact due to Weibo and Wechat. But now we are geared up to reinstate this most important segment of our mission.  In fact, we have already started by connecting with this amazing rescuer in China who just saved 174 foxes from a bankrupt fur farm. See:
Each day, we notice more children violence all over the country, and abroad. What is happening to our children?  Why have they become so violent as almost daily we now hear about horrendous violence against those who cannot defend themselves, mostly animals. Cats in special are the easiest targets, and we are constantly advising cat guardians to keep them inside as they are easy targets. In one of our attempts to help educate children, we produced the children's book "HOW THE LITTLE FOX SAVED HER COAT" which we have sold quite a bit at conferences, but have also donated many to school teachers, and some to libraries.  We would like very much to start a program to donate them to libraries and schools across the country.  If you are a teacher and have an interest in helping, please contact us so we can see how we can work on this together.  Send us a message through
The Fur Free Society is hiring!
In order for us to grow a lot faster, we need help! The work is all part-time and can be done at the candidate's availability. We are especially in need of computer programmers and other skilled professionals such as fundraisers, grant writers etc. We cannot afford high fees, but will be happy to negotiate. BTW:  Computer work needs to be done at our location in Towson, Maryland. It would be an ideal job for computer science students.  Contact us at .
It was held last September 15th, in Manhattan/NY.  As usual, it was a very nice gathering with fabulous speakers who made the event very worthwhile. Followed by a lovely reception in the evening and everyone enjoyed the party and meeting new friends from 4 different countries. I haven't had the time to consolidate the videos, so here you will all the info related to our event:  
Thank you for reading our News Alert!

Follow us on social media where we maintain over one million followers and post updates on a daily basis. We are still working on Instagram and Twitter, but mainly on our pages are on FB: 
Rosa Close
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