Forever February
Purple Headband
I made this headband long before St.Valentine.

Yarn - left over after I knitted a blanket for Zoey.
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So cute!
And it looks really cute on Zoey.

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baby knits.
Even cuter!
This beautiful headband (not made by me) inspired me to knit another one.
Fluffy Headband
This headband is made of the best yarn. I used Mohair Silk blend from Sanjo Silk to make this very soft headband for Zoey.
Mohair 60%
Silk 40%
Country of origin: Japan
Click on image to see another knit made of Sanjo Silk blends
Mohair Silk
"The crazy-soft halo of this yarn leaves people a bit speechless. If angels were disguised as yarn, this would be the one. Not much of a disguise... The mohair "fluff" is long and regular giving the resulting fabric loft, warmth and luxurious softness. When knit with large needles, a little of this yarn goes a long way. " (from Sanjo Silk website)
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My Sweet Valentine
Is looks so cute on this  sweetie :-) 
Click on image to see My Sweet Valentine Newsletter 2015
Nice :-)
- Is it comfy? 
- I think so. And I would also like knitted booties please.
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February Knit
I used some of my pink and red left-over yarn to make a warm winter knit.
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winter knits
Crocheted Heart
It is very easy to  make this St.Valentine's knit: all you need is
1/Hook #3
2/Basic single crochet stitch
3/one evening :-)
Click on image to see beautiful February snowflakes crocheted from the same yarn
Around the Neck Accessory
It's a neck wrap actually. It is frizzy and fuzzy, and it's really comfy.
Click on image to see other 'neck knits'
Button up !?
I used a wooden button for this accessory.
Natural materials! Always :-)
Explore the Artisaknity website to see more hand-made buttons
Forever My Valentines
Cute sisters
Amelia (4 years)
Zoey (9 months)
Forever February
February will be forever snowy in Canada, but it will be forever sweet!
Happy Valentine's!
Click on image for more of Toronto, Harbourfront snow :-))
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