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February 1,  2019 Newsletter 
Hello and warm winter blessings my friends, colleagues and clients from around the world.
Seikopai trip 2019
Still glowing after the Ecuador trip with my group, truthfully with a bit of sadness but with a renewed energy. Our experiences were powerful and life changing in multiplied ways. It gave us such appreciation to the Siekopai (the Multi color people) lowland and highland Kichwa, and all those many other indigenous tribes who are trying to keep the Amazon's wisdom and their peaceful ways of life going forward, in spite the destruction of "modern civilization" all around them.  I believe strongly that we must make an effort to stop the oil companies, palm oil industry and all the multi-national corporations from sucking out the life force out of the Amazon rivers and their people.
If you wish to join me on the next trip on January 2020, send me a note.
Here are some beautiful events you can join me this year.
By Popular demand- Join us for a life changing full day workshop
Discovering your life purpose–the reason you’re living the particular life you have–may be most important understanding you can attain.
At: NY shamanic Center – 214 Sullivan Street #2A 
$120 if paid by Feb 6th  - $150 afterward.
We have room for only 12 people because of the nature of this workshop.
Send an email to reserve:
Your life purpose is your north star in the dark night as you navigate your canoe. It is the compass by which your soul directs your life journey. It is the key to realizing who you came here to be, and what you came here to accomplish.
The fingerprints–those unique markings on the tips of your fingers–are formed at the age of five months in the womb. They serve as blueprints for self-understanding and fulfillment. Deciphering the codes in each participant’s fingerprints, Justin will provide insights into each person’s destiny and a framework for fulfillment.
Both Itzhak and Justin express their deep gratitude to Richard Unger, with whom they’ve worked and learned a great deal. Richard is the author of Lifeprints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints.

With the help of your Spirit Guides, you will gain insight into your life lessons, obstacles, and possibilities.

About the presenters:
Itzhak Beery is a leading shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist, and bestselling author of The Gift of Shamanism, Shamanic Transformations & Shamanic Healing.
Justin Nathan is a former naval officer, former NY Shamanic Circle core-member and the award-winning author of The Mystical Village That Rewired Reality.
Limited enrollment due to the nature of this workshop.
Join other like-minded seekers on a shamanic adventures!
(Use discount code below)

Only 21 places left for the 2019 Shamanic Andes Summit. 
Make a deposit today and get a $200 discount with our special code:


You will also get my FREE GIFT!

SHAMANIC HEALING: TRADITIONAL MEDICINE FOR THE MODERN WORLD My third book describes the many healing methods and the shamans who will be presenting at the Summit.

The 2nd Shamanic Andes Summit – June 15th - 23, 2019 - Ecuador 
Discover centuries of deep wisdom for transforming your energy, expanding your vitality and creating a new heart-centered way of experiencing our world.


Dear friends, I invite you to join 10 of the most renowned Yachaks (shamans) of the High Andes of Ecuador on a rare spiritual and healing pilgrimage. In over 9 days and 8 nights, you will be introduced to all aspects of Andean healing modalities. Participate in informative Master Classes and ancient rituals. Experience powerful La Limpia–energy purification ceremonies, Taki Sami–sound healing, sacred body movements. With optional plant medicine, and Tamazcal healing ceremonies. Take hikes to majestic lakes and waterfalls. Dance and sing at the ancient Inti Raimi–the Inca “Festival of the Sun”. The Summit is a true immersion in the Andes culture.
For details and registrations visit 
The Andes Summit is a project of Itzhak Beery -

Special Offer: Get a $200.00 discount on The Andes Summit tuition by logging-in this special code when you register online: Spo-Summit-19 
One-Day Workshop @The NY Open Center - Limited places.
Shamanic Palm Reading is a diagnostic art form created by ancient indigenous cultures from around the world. It helps a person navigate emotional difficulties, traumas and make smart life decisions in alignment with their soul’s purpose as inscribed in their hands at the age of 5 months in the mother womb by the person’s soul.
Learn and Experience La Limpia at the NY Open Center
La Limpia is a traditional energy cleansing ceremony used when people become emotionally/physically sick due to energies described as bad luck, “evil eye,” entity attachments, or have problems in relationships, money, or other misfortunes. 
Monthly Rituals for Healing and Transformation - Sounds True Class
Watch: Shamanic Self-Protection: Techniques for Health and Spiritual Enhancement - (1:26.55)
With Year of Ceremony , a council of today's most prominent shamanic teachers will be your guides each month to offer you an unprecedented new way to explore and enrich your practice. You will build deeper relationships to the spirit world and the forces of nature, as you unite with a global shamanic community.
For more shamanic circles & events in NYC visit NY Shamanic Circle - I co-found in 1997.
Feb 3-9 -  IFS and Shamanism for Healing Traumas and Personal Growth - Kripalu Center. MA
Feb. 16 -
 Discovering Your Life Purpose - Shamanism & Fingerprints readings with Justin Nathan - the NY Shamanic Circle 

Feb 17-26 - Colombia
March 7 La Limpia: The Energy Cleansing Andes Ceremony Free Intro NY Open Center
March 9 - How visions Heal - Universal Healing Arts  - Cortlandt Manor, NY 

March 14-Apr. 11 La Limpia: The Andes Energy Cleansing  Ceremony - NY Open Center
March 31- Shamanic Palm Reading: Gain Clarity on Your Life’s Purpose - NY Open Center

April 26-28 - Overcoming Traumas: Shamanic methods to mend your Soul - Florence, Italy
May 4-6 - La Limpia - The sacred Andes energy clearing ceremony - London, UK
May 7-13 -How Visions Heal-Shamanic ceremonies for visioning - Istanbul, Turkey

June 15 - 23 - The 2nd Annual Shamanic Andes Summit - Ibarra, Ecuador
June 27 - Soul Mending - Free intro Class T- NY Open Center
July 11-August 8 - Soul Mending Course - NY Open Center

July 22-28 - Shamanism as a spiritual and healing practice -Gonzen Institute Slovenia - Ljubljana, Slovenia  
Aug.2 - 4 - Guayusa and Rape' and Shamanic Healing Techniques at The Sacred Earth Foundation ​ - Colorado.
Sept 13-14 Under the Pisces Full Moon - Shamanism & Astrology with Michael Ofek - NYC

Oct. 25-30 - Mayan Medicina with Abuelo Antonio Oxté - Yucatan, Mexico
Nov. 29 How Vision Heal: Shamanic practices for Mind and bodyCoSM 
* * * 
If you or someone you know is a video editor and willing to help in editing videos and stills of THE ANDES SUMMIT to create powerful short promos, let me know.
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"My session today was a true blessing. I feel alive and awakened in a way that is difficult to explain. I’m so grateful to have found you."
"it was one of the most profound experiences and set of insights I have ever had!!!!!!!!! So rich and so surprising!…I am very grateful for and appreciative of your help for me."
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Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., author of Shaman, Healer, Sage and One Spirit Medicine
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