CEO Update
Broadening Our Reach
I’m proud to say we’re continuing to broaden the reach of our new Training Center and facilities. Thanks to our ever-expanding distance-learning (DL) capacity, we’ve basically removed distance and travel time as barriers to professional and community health trainings within our three counties. Thanks to DL, we can share face-to-face communication and live content with other professionals and trainees in many different dedicated locations. Now we’re looking to build a training paradigm with virtually no boundaries.

What does this mean? It means we could extend our training sessions as well as tap into educational opportunities far outside our catchment. Currently, STHCS is working to align with the Albany Medical Center and other likely partners to expand this reach across New York State and, potentially, the entire country. We’re excited for the possibilities!

Congrats to OGH for Stroke Center Designation
Congratulations to Olean General Hospital (OGH), a Kaleida Health facility, for officially receiving stroke center designation from the NYS Department of Health. I know this has been a long, demanding process for Upper Allegheny Health System administrators and staff involved. Stroke Team members have completed specialized training to coordinate with neurologists and neurosurgeons to increase chances for full recovery.

In most cases, stroke treatment begins with EMS providers working on the front lines within our communities. I thank OGH for recognizing their important role. We’re happy to coordinate stroke trainings as they’re available for EMS providers and other health professionals.

Thanks to STHCS Staff
I was on vacation this week. There’s always a lot that needs to be done around the office, especially when I’m away. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my staff for holding down the fort. You do a great job, and the effort is very much appreciated!
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