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Largo Veterinary Hospital
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March 2019

Poison Prevention Awareness Month.
March 3: If Pets Had Thumbs Day
March 3-10: Professional Pet Sitters Week.
March 13: K-9 Veterans Day
March 23; National Puppy Day
March 28: Respect Your Cat Day
March 30: Take a Walk in the Park Day
Top Dog Parks & Beaches
in Pinellas County
We all love to dote on our fur babies! After all, who deserves a trip outdoors more than our furry best friends? Pinellas County is no stranger to dogs and their beloved owners, and has several dog parks, trails, beaches and more open to your precious pups! 
- separate fenced-in areas for both small & large dogs
-cleanliness policy that keeps the park beautiful for everyone
- scenic surroundings and plenty of shade.
- water bowls and kiddie pools 
- two separate areas for large and small dogs - obstacle courses 
- this scenic and shady area open to off-leash roaming
- water bowls are available
- plenty of benches for humans as well
- plenty of obstacle courses
- a large fenced in area
- an obstacle course
- fountains just outside the enclosure
- the park is home to a lake that looks breathtaking at dusk
Lake Vista Park, St. Pete
- large fenced in area with lush grass
- plenty of benches and shade
- dog bowls, a washing station, complete with a hose, and even a charging station for your phone is available for your use
- walk your dog around the vast Crescent Lake or take them to the dog park uniquely designed for them on the eastern side
- safe fenced-in areas for them to play
-15 acres of space where they are free to play off leash
- cooling stations and water bowls
- plenty of shade trees
- agility courses for dogs needing exercise
- plenty of space to explore as well as dog showers and water fountains.
- beautiful and spacious park creatively shaped into a dog bone for you and your pets.
- a fence that accommodates both small and large dogs
- separate areas for both small & large dogs
- lots of shade
- water bowls & hoses
- this park is made up mainly of restored wetlands, so you and your dog can witness beautiful wildlife
- separate areas for both small & large dogs
- benches
- water bowls &b tennis balls
-off leash white-sandy beach play
-separate dog park with large fenced in areas for both small & large dogs 
- washing station 
- divided into areas for small dogs & large dogs
- dog bowls, a dog washing station, and a place to charge your phone!
- beautiful beachside view
- plenty of shade
Dog Friendly Beaches:
- a place to go shelling on the Southern end of the beach
- the nature trail, surrounded by beautiful pines for 2.5 miles of exercise
- dogs must stay leashed
- "off leash" permitted
- beautiful white-sandy beach
- water bowls and bags handy
- washing stations 
- dogs permitted on leash on the beautiful barrier island that is Sand Key
- large park with designated areas for small and large breeds
- water bowls and washing station
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That's Poisonous?
March is Poison Prevention Month

In our busy lives we forget how curious our pets can be. Sometimes curiosity leads to danger if our pets eat something poisonous. There are many common foods, plants, and other items  in our homes that are varying levels of dangerous for our pets. Below you will find some information on these toxic items and links to more specifics. 
  1. Cleaning Products: Some cleaning products can cause burns in your pet’s mouth or esophagus, while others can lead to liver or kidney damage. To keep your pet safe, store all cleaning solutions out of their reach and keep animals out of the way while cleaning and rinsing. A dog may choose to drink old dirty mop water over fresh clean water! 5 dangerous products Household cleaners safe for pets.
  1. Rat/Insect Baits: Place baits for rats, mice, ants, roaches, etc. in areas inaccessible to your pets. Some baits contain ingredients like peanut butter that may attract a pet. Don’t forget that some pests—like mice and rats—may move bait into an area your pet can easily reach.
  2. Human Food: Never give human food to your pet without checking with Dr. Daniels. Grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs. If too much garlic or onion is ingested, red blood cells can be destroyed, causing anemia. Macadamia nuts cause temporary hind limb paralysis in dogs. More human foods to avoid & the Chocolate Toxicity Meter is a great resource.
  3. Automotive Products: gasoline, oil, antifreeze, tire cleaners and windshield antifreeze should be kept where pets do not have access. Clean up spills immediately, even if you don’t think a pet would go in the garage.
  4. Prescriptions: Pets metabolize and eliminate some medications differently than humans. Only give your pet medication recommended by Dr. Daniels. The wrong medication can cause severe illness or even death.Keep all prescriptions and medications out of your pet’s reach, preferably in closed cabinets. Keep your pet’s medications in an area away from the family’s medications. This will help prevent a pet accidentally ingesting a human’s medication
  5. Plants: Identify plants in your house and yard and remove those that can cause severe or life-threatening clinical signs (a few examples include oleander, yew, sago palms and lilies). Check to see if plants are toxic before landscaping.
Search a long list of poisonous household foods and items here and please contact us if your pet consumed something dangerous.
Meet Phoebe Hammer
Our March 2019
Pet of the Month
I am a 5-year-old Bichon Frise who loves any toys that squeaks! When mommy and daddy nicely make their bed I feel like the bed is calling my name and I jump up and mess it all messy. One time I rolled in something really sticky, which was so fun. But the stickiness wouldn't go away and my parents had my ears was so embarrassing. Don't tell Dr. Daniels but my favorite treat is the toast crust, yum. I am so spoiled that I get to sleep in bed with mommy and daddy OR daddy's favorite recliner chair.
Spring forward an hour on Sunday March 10th for Daylight Savings.
Is Your Pet Constantly Itching?
This time of year many of us are sneezing and our pets are itching. Are you already giving your pet daily medications to help with itching from allergies? We want to help your pets get some relief. At Largo Veterinary Hospital we offer allergy testing. If your pet's test does reveal allergies we want to work with you to create a plan best for your pet. We offer different approaches to reducing allergic reactions.
If you would like for us to test your pet for allergies or talk to Dr. Daniels about the special diets we carry, please call our office to schedule an appointment.  727-584-8370
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