Fleet Management Solution
Our goal is to provide the tools to build a safer and more responsible fleet. Our advanced GPS monitoring and intelligent data provides the information to reduce your overall fleet management and fleet maintenance costs. Our secure vehicle tracking user-interface is accessible via any web-enabled device. . More Info
Asset Management Solution
Our Equipment and Asset solution provides 24/7 monitoring for your heavy equipment, assets, and trailers. You can receive immediate notifications if a piece of equipment is moved from a company yard or job-site, moved during non-working hours, and moved without an ignition-on event. Our solution will aid in the recovery of stolen equipment.. More Info
We provide the full suite of Fleet and Asset solutions for light/medium/heavy duty trucks, heavy equipment, powered/non-powered assets, and trailers/chassis. Our software is programmed to send data to the cloud as often as every few seconds. Our devices intelligently go to sleep when the vehicle or asset is not in use and buffers the data when out of coverage.
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Our software platform was built using best practices by a team that has been working in the GPS tracking business for decades. Each component of the architecture is designed to provide a full range of features while still maintaining flexibility through configurable APIs allowing for integration with third party software solutions. .More Info
"Receive an immediate text or email alert from any of our 20 real time alerts. Choose from over 35 automated reports to manage your fleet."  Peter J. Frankudakis, President ehsI-Fleet 
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Phone: 949 540.6800 ext. 207
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