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Monthly News for March 2019
Minister's Message

Healthy Detachment
There is so much confusion about the word Detachment ( sometimes referred to as non-attachment). There is a major distinction between a conscious level of detachment and an unhealthy indifference. Detachment is a choice. Indifference is a reaction. When you are indifferent, you say that you don't care. An illustration may be in order here. For instance, even when you love and care about a person, it is possible for you to intrude into their life. When your energy and efforts do not yield the results you expected, your ego can go into shock! Fear, anger, and guilt set in and lead to indifference. You give up in frustration but may or may not be conscious of  your meddling or trying to control another's life path ( all under the guise of meaning well, of course). 
Detachment is a totally different experience. When you exercise conscious detachment, you care but you don't intrude. You honor people and their process even when it looks dysfunctional by your standards. You allow people to learn, to grow, and unfold at their own pace. You trust and respect people enough to let them live their own lives. You hold no expectations or judgments about what their process must look like or how long it must take to unfold. You ask them what direction they are choosing for themselves. You trust that divine order will guide them. You remember how your learning, your growing, your healing process must have looked to others, and you offer the compassion you did not receive.
Sunday Services 
Sunday, March 3, 2019
Harry Petrequin
"A New Sense of Being"

Most of the world's major religions as well as our level of psychological analysis have yet to take into account the theological and philosophical implications of scientific discoveries in astronomy and quantum physics during the last century. We have yet to move beyond biocentrism to rise to an integral vision of reality in defining human existence.  
Harry Petrequin, a longtime member of our congregation, had a long career in the U.S. Foreign  Service.   
Sunday, March 10, 2019, 11:00 am
Rev. Michael J. S. Carter
"Social Change and ‘Us vs. Them’"

We UUs place a tremendous emphasis on social action and the struggle for justice in our society and world, and rightly so. We assert our freedom and our right to protest for what is right. No cleric or politician will force their will on us without a fight. We are “free radicals” in a sense. Many of us say this struggle for the “beloved community,” or “The Kingdom or Queendom of Heaven” is the main reason for identifying as a Unitarian Universalist. We, by definition are spiritual progressives, free thinkers, etc. Yet how do we struggle for a fair and just world through social change without maintaining an “us vs. them” attitude. Let’s explore.
Sunday, March 17, 2019, 11:00 am 
Rev. Michael J. S. Carter
“A Theology of Money”
We stand on the shoulders of so many people, our spiritual ancestors. They sacrifice, family, friends, careers, even their very lives that we might be here. Their sacrifice, (to coin a phrase by Dr. Howard Thurman) ” holds a crown over our heads that each day we are striving to grow tall enough to wear.”
We know we support what we value. You have heard why people attend this church, or any UU church for that matter. You know better than anyone else why you are here. When time allows, I invite you at some point to take the time in your quite moments on what would be missing from your life if this congregation and Unitarian Universalism were not in the world. See you on March 17th.
May it always be so! So be it!
Sunday March 24, 
“The Goddess’s Abundance”
Music and Poetry by Annelinde Metzner with Kim Hughes, Soprano
Bypass the self-absorbed greed of patriarchy, and there is enough for all beings to thrive on this beautiful planet.  Rest for a little while in the abundance of the Goddess with art songs and poetry written and played by our choir director, Annelinde Metzner, with the richly expansive voice of soprano Kimberly Hughes.  With Rebecca Williams, reader, and Maggie Moon, dance.
Kim Hughes is a singer of sacred music and a former opera singer, now living locally.  She co-founded White Horse Black Mountain, and maintains a private psychotherapy practice here.  Annelinde Metzner is choir director at the UUCSV, teaches music locally, and also directs Sahara Peace Choir.  Her poetry is featured in the We’Moon Datebook and Goddess Pages of Glastonbury, UK.   Kim and Annelinde will offer their full-length concert, “Feminine Faces of God,” on July 21st at the Light Center in Black Mountain.
Sunday, March 31, 2009
Rev. Michael J. S. Carter
"Deception, Denial, Love"
I was listening to NPR on the way to church one Tuesday morning and the conversation ( I forget who the guest was at the time, a writer for The Weekly Standard I believe) turned to how the country is so polarized around politics and culture that no one can agree on what data or facts really mean. The host spoke about the Trump base and how even if they are going against their own interests that it doesn’t seem to matter as long as it benefits the president, and yet many of them are convinced that what they are doing is right. This type of tunnel vision knows only one particular political party, or religion for that matter. But it is a curious thing. What makes any of us act against our own best interest when it can appear so obvious to others that we are stuck? Let's explore.
 For more information, visit: 
Religious Education (RE) News
  Our program has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few weeks! We have had several visitors and a few of them have even been returning. It’s exciting to see our little Religious Education program in the beginnings of such expansion!

We are learning about different powers of the 4 elements can help us be leaders in the elementary class. We finished the unit on Air with the powers of Stillness, Listening, and Silence (quite the challenge). March will see us stoking the Fires within us as we learn to Shine, Passion, Action, and Reaching Out. Make sure you ask us about pink T-shirt’s.

Preschool is small, but thriving as we learn about being a UU, our church, and how to play with others. Spirit Play has allowed us to explore what makes our congregation so special, and cooperative play gives us the opportunity to practice our manners and patience, and all those other niceties of being with others.

You have been seeing our teens as they do a reading each week in the service! How exciting to see the oldest members of our RE program begin to participate more fully with the congregation. And as exciting as it is for us as adults to see the next generation practicing their “grown-up” skills, please be mindful that it can be stressful (we all struggle with public speaking sometimes) and that after service they need some space to process their experience will join us for coffee after. I am so proud of these young people!

The Mystery Buddies program was a wonderful experience for children and adults alike. March 3 is the Big Reveal and I can’t wait to see the Buddies find each other!

Planning for the annual RE Service in May will be beginning soon. We have one graduating senior who will be Bridging this year as well as learning how much our younger memebers have grown and how they take what they learn and turn it into a service! If you want to be part of this exciting ceremony please contact Beata Ball to let her know what part you want to play.

Finally, we have our “Meet RE” segment. This month we are meeting Iona!! 

Iona Mae is five years old. She is excited to start Kindergarten in the Fall and she can already read Dick and Jane all by herself! "Noni" loves her family and her animals. She has a cat named Zelda Clayre. Her hobbies include cuddling, reading books and making art. She also loves to invent things and swing. She also loves to solve mysteries! Her favorite places to be are her house and the Greenville Zoo.
Minister's message (continued)
There are some things and people about which you may believe you are indifferent. Rather than allowing indifference to close your heart and mind to situations and people, perhaps learning how to be detached, or non-attached if you prefer. In this way you will be able to offer what you can, when you can. Perhaps you may have allowed over involvement to turn into indifference. Trust that people can make it on their own. To not become controlling or attached to what yours and another's process must look like. You'll be glad you did.
Live Long and Prosper!
"We All Belong Here" Book Group
“We cannot talk our way out of a racially oppressive system.  We can talk our way into understanding, and then use that understanding to act.” From “So You Want to Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Iluo
The new racial justice book group met in January to discuss our first book Ijeoma Iluo’s “So You Want to Talk About Race.”  We met to begin some thoughtful discussion of the difficult topic of race and racism in America.  We focused not just on the thoughts and ideas of the author but also on the feelings and hopes of the participants.  We hope to continue some deep conversations that will continue throughout the year. 
Our next monthly offering is Michael Eric Dyson’s “Tears We Cannot Stop” which we will discuss on Thursday March 7th from 5:30 – 7 PM at the church. 
If you have not signed up for the group, you can still participate. 
Following this month's meeting, our next book to discuss is James Cone’s “The Cross and the Lynching Tree.” Check back here for date.
Looking forward, an interfaith event of all the “We All Belong Here” book groups sponsored by the WNC Faith Communities Organizing for Sanctuary is being planned for early May at the Land of Sky United Church of Christ.   The event will provide opportunities for dialoguing with the members of other “We All Belong Here” groups on their experiences and insights.
For questions about the group, you can contact Anna Marcel de Hermanas by email at or by phone at (740) 706-3793.
Member's news
Spence Foscue and Liz Bryan, church members, invite the congregation to Celebrate Spring - March 23, 6-9pm at the church. Please bring a potluck dish to share. Beverages provided. Live music. Dancing encouraged. 
The Board of Directors of The Swannanoa Valley Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Corporation

photo by David Hearne
Several are also UUs of UUCSV.
Needed: someone to do crochet repair.  Please call Tina at 686-0530.
In this issue:
Minister's Message
Sunday Services 
Religious Education (RE) News
"We All Belong Here" Book Group
Member's news
Committee Fair
Choir News
Women's Group
Friday Fling
March Birthdays
Luunch Buunch
 Books For Good (clarification)
Covenant Group to start up in spring
Newsletter submissions
UUCSV Leadership
Committee Fair
March 3rd during coffee hour!
Have you ever wondered how the work of maintaining this congregation gets done?
Much of what keeps UUCSV operating is accomplished by volunteers working in committees or sometimes by dedicated individuals who provide a vital service. Learn about UUCSV committees and others that serve our congregation. Explore volunteer opportunities and how you can help support our (your) congregation. Visit each committee table, get a form signed, and you will be eligible to win a prize in our special drawing. Hope to see you on March 3rd.
Enter to Win!
The following prizes will be offered at the Committee Fair:
1. Milt’s World Famous Homemade Gluten Free Gourmet Carrot Cake made to order on the date you need a cake.
2. A $25.00 Gift Card to Ingles Grocery Store
3. An opportunity to work with Rev. Carter to develop a Sermon Topic mutually satisfactory to both you and Michael.
     All you need to do is get your raffle form initialized at each Committee station and turn in your form. You do not need to be present to win. See you at the Fair!
Choir News
In March, our choir will sing on the FIFTH Sunday, March 31st, instead of the usual fourth.   Because of Linda's musical church service on the 24th, our first choir practice will be on Wednesday the 27th, 7 PM.  Then we will meet again on Saturday, March 30th at 10 AM, and again on Sunday the 31st at 10 AM.   Come sing with us-  it's always fun!     Linda Metzner, choir director
Women's Group
The Womens' Group is moving forward.  Our March meeting will be on the 14th from 4-5:30 PM at the church. Mary Soyenova and Kathi Rice will be the coordinators for this meeting.  The focus will be RENEWAL and SPRING.  Come meet and socialize as we explore how we renew ourselves.  Bring a poem to share if you like or other inspirational and/or humorous passages. 
The group is exploring more accessible places and times for meeting to include all women who would like to attend and we appreciate feedback that helps us move in that direction.
Friday Fling
March’s Friday Fling, a fun party for grown-ups, usually every third Friday of the month, will be held on 15 March at the UUCSV church. Red and white wine will be provided; please bring a potluck dish to share. First movie choice: Arrival (2016; Amy Adams, Forest Whitaker; when intelligent alien life first arrives on Earth it is up to a young expert linguist to figure out how to communicate with them). Second movie choice: Ordinary People (1980; Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore; Academy Award Best Picture of 1980; an intense examination of a family being torn apart by tension and tragedy). Potluck begins at 6:30. For further information call Norm Kowal (458-4537).
March Birthdays

David Wells March 7
Kenny Phillips March 8
Ann Lutz March 14
Linda Metzner March 18
James Sheeler March 19
Elizabeth Bryan March 20
Susan Culler March 23
Lee Reading March 23
Su Temesrisuk March 23
Anna Marcel de Hermanas March 24

Luunch Buunch
Tuesday, March. 5 12:00 pm  at UUCSV.  An open discussion group, you may bring your lunch or not.
The (Memorial) Garden Update 
If you contributed to the funding of our Garden through the purchase of a Memorial Brick, you may look for your installed brick along the edge of the walkway leading from the exit door from the Religious Education Room to the Garden. Many thanks to Dawn Wilson for scrubbing the bricks clean and taking them to be engraved and for installing the bricks. The engraving of the monument stone should commence any day now at Martin Monuments, where it has been in a queue for engraving for a couple of months. Bill Altork will be putting together a small crew to construct the gazebo soon. All donors to the Garden will get an invitation to the Garden Dedication Ceremony at a future date. 
Thank you for your patience!
Carolyn Shorkey, Chair of The Garden Committee
 Books For Good (clarification)
UUCSV has contributed many books to this "used bookstore,"  and when they sell then Books For Good (a non- profit) donates the proceeds to UUCSV.  Our treasurer reports we've received a couple of thousand dollars from this store which serves many local non-profit organizations.  Books For Good is now taking books, one box at a time! Teresa has about 30 boxes of UUCSV books stored at home. She can't pick up any more to take to the store until she can get these delivered. You can take small amounts directly to the store. As always, they need shoppers! If you have any questions feel free to call Teresa Ballinger 828-25-8453. Or Books for Good at 828-989-4655. 
Covenant Group to start up in spring
Our next Covenant Group will be starting an 8 week cycle in mid-late April.  A Covenant Group is a great way to connect with fellow members on a deeper level. We consider topics related to Life to be shared in a safe environment. Please contact Larry Pearlman at if you are interested in joining such a group. Please indicate whether you want an afternoon or evening group, or no preference. The group is open to all members and friends. Repeat participants are welcome as well as newcomers.
Newsletter submissions
For posting UUCSV news for March, please send submissions to Barb Rogers at or by March 25, 2019.
"The Current" is our weekly updated news...which is published in the office by Myra Shoen, our Administrator.
UUCSV Leadership
Board of Trustees:

Heidi Blozan
Kathryn Coyle
Susan Culler, President
Diane Graham
Pam Sain
Linda Tatsapaugh, VP
Deb Vingle
Rev. Michael Carter,
ex-officio, non-voting
Board Member
Lee Reading

UUCSV  •  500 Montreat Road  •  Black Mountain, NC 28711

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