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Southeast Wise Women
Tarana started Me Too ~ a movement, not a moment
Me Too founder Tarana Burke
Corinna's Corner ~ Wise Woman Ways
Corinna Wood, Director, Southeast Wise Women

Tarana Burke, founder of the Me Too Movement, is a personal folk hero of mine—or "shero," as I prefer to say. I was thrilled to hear that she will be speaking nearby in Asheville, NC next Thursday for an Our VOICE benefit for survivors.
Tarana Burke's movement, which was founded more than 10 years ago, has inspired survivors of sexual violence from all over the world to find pathways to healing—including myself.
Tarana first used the phrase "Me Too" in 2006 while working with young black women and girls from low-income communities for whom she developed a culturally informed curriculum to discuss sexual assault and harassment. The #metoo social media hashtag campaign has generated more than 13 million posts, emerging as a rallying cry for people everywhere who have survived sexual violence.

As Angelica Wind, Executive Director of Our VOICE, says, “Her message is inspirational: That together we are creating a movement—because it's not just a moment—and that this movement is actively shaping and changing our cultural norms now and for future generations to come.”
Tarana currently works under the banner of the movement, which is housed at the Brooklyn-based Girls for Gender Equity organization, where she serves as senior director.
Next Thursday's March 14 talk is part of the "Break the Silence Speaker Series" fundraiser for Our VOICE,  Asheville's local rape crisis center. If you're in the area, get your ticket today. We'll see you there!~

Corinna and the Southeast Wise Women staff

 Audio Classes
The Audio Classes Shop offers recordings of the Herbal Conference classes available for download.
infusion and teapot
Individual classes are available for only $9 each. Or purchase the 2018 Full Set with over 40 classes to have mailed to you on a flash drive for $180 (the best value—less than half price of the cost of all the classes included).
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Nourishing infusions
At this time of yearwhen our gardens and edible weeds are overwintering, and fresh sources of greens may be scarceleafy green infusions are a source of chlorophyll, minerals and other nutrients. Some favorites are nettles, comfrey, dandelion leaf or tulsi.

You may consider adding some berries such as heart strengthening hawthorne, tangy rosehips, or immune-supportive elderberry.
If you add roots such as immune-supporting echinacea or adrenal supporting licorice, allow a brewing time of 8 hours (leaves brew at least 4 hours). Try leaving the infusion to brew overnight. You can taste the difference if you include roots with your brew—the tingling of the echinacea, the sweetness of the licorice.
To make an herbal infusion:
1. Place an ounce (a large handful) of dried herb into a quart mason jar
2. Fill the jar with boiling water, cap it, and let it steep for 4-8 hours.
3. Strain out the plant material, compost it, and drink two or more cups of the liquid daily.
Infusions are delicious warm or cold.  If you like a sweeter taste, try adding a touch of honey.
Although the standard dose of infusion is generally considered a pint a day, some of us like to drink about a quart a day. You can even make it by the gallon and store it in the fridge to last a few days.
Drink up!~
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