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Earthaven Ecovillage
A Glance at the Year Ahead ~ 2019 Offerings
As the Red Maple branches glisten with red and orange buds and the bloodroot emerges from the forest floor, we give thanks for the quiet, restoration of winter and the warmth and sense of potential of spring. Everything is waking up around Earthaven in preparation for a vibrant and commemorative 2019 full of classes, seasonal celebrations, tours, and meaningful tending. Below are some sneak peeks at what’s in store in the coming months and how you can join in the fun and learning.
Earthaven Council Hall
Tours of Earthaven
Take a tour of our 25-year old ecovillage! These tours are designed to provide visitors with a deeper understanding about sustainable living in community. Tours feature innovative, off-grid utility systems; demonstrations of social, economic and environmental sustainability; an introduction to Earthaven’s consensus-based self-governance process; ecological and consciously designed buildings; neighborhoods; village commons; community legal structures; permaculture; and food production. Public tours take place two Saturdays each month at 10:00am (approx. 2.5 hours in length). Private and specialized group tours also available. Book your tour today!
Knife Craft & Wood Carving Workshop with Jeff Gottlieb • March 30
Learn the techniques you need to be safe as you express your creativity through wood carving. Your project will be made from locally sourced wood using one or more of a variety of special wood-carving tools. Come explore the possibilities! Learn more.
Knife Craft & Wood Carving Workshop with Jeff Gottlieb
Southeast Wise Women Saturday Studies
Southeast Wise Women Saturday Studies 
with Corinna Wood • March 30-August 17
A powerful six-month journey embodying the Wise Woman Tradition through cultivating self-love and relationships with wild plants. Come explore a groundbreaking system: a woman-centered, earth-based, trauma-informed system of compassionate communication (NVC). Based in our bodies’ energy centers and the seasons of the moon and the plants, this system reveals how our strong female feelings guide us toward discovering our underlying needs. (Six Saturdays at off-site location) Learn more.
Vine Spoke Baskets Workshop
with Jeff Gottlieb  April 27
Enjoy the creative thrill of learning to build beautiful baskets for both artistic and utility purposes​ from natural, local resources. Easy to decorate and enjoy for years to come! Learn more.
Wild Basketry with Jeff Gottlieb
Woodslore & Wildwoods Wisdom: Stories, Songs and Lore Celebrating the Natural World with Doug Elliott
Woodslore & Wildwoods Wisdom
with Storytellers Doug Elliott and Michael Ismerio May 4
Join Doug Elliott, well-known storyteller, humorist and naturalist, and Michael Ismerio, well-known fiddler, song keeper, and storyteller, for an evening of deeply satisfying teaching stories and fun-filled songs. Don’t miss out on the laughter, connection, and learning. Dinner available if pre-ordered. Learn more.
Reaching Nature Connection Conference: Storytelling
with The Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers May 4-5
Take a storytelling journey to develop capacities for using stories as effective teaching tools for nature connection and beyond. Reaching Nature Connection is an annual outdoor conference based on forest schools, wilderness awareness, and early childhood education. The conference is designed for beginning and experienced educators alike, as well as therapists, administrators, homeschool families, camp counselors, grandparents, and parents who have an interest in developmentally appropriate nature mentoring for children.
Reaching Nature Connection Conference: Storytelling
Home Funeral and Death Care Midwife Training
Home Funeral and Death Care Midwife Training
with the Center for End of Life Transitions May 31-June 2
Home-based celebrations bring death out of the shadows and into the light of life. To care for a family's loved ones by lovingly tending to them in their own homes is a gift and remains an option for those who want to honor this important life transition. This three-day workshop provides an intensive introduction to home funerals and death celebrations. You will learn the practical, legal, and spiritual necessities for accompanying a family member along the journey of dying. Learn more.
Earthaven Experience Week
with Diana Leafe Christian and a handful more June 19-24
This residential service-learning program immerses people in the life of Earthaven Ecovillage. Earthaven provides the ideal living laboratory for a whole-life skills curriculum—a place to see regenerative systems in practice, food production in action, and community living on a personal level. Participants connect with the people, businesses, and farms of the Taylor Creek Watershed community for a hands-on, skill-building, life-changing experience. Learn more.
Earthaven Experience Week
Bark Berry Baskets Workshop
with Jeff Gottlieb June 22
Come learn the art of making baskets from bark! Jeff will demonstrate how to get from a raw strip of bark to a finished, functional basket that can be filled with berries and other gathered treasures. Once you've got your basket home, you can even embellish it with beads, feathers or other decorative delights. Learn more.
Restorative Circles Conference
July 4-7
An opportunity to come together as human beings, as communities (and the organizations we form) to recreate social systems that enhance our ability to reach a higher stage of justice on the arc of history. This bi-annual event focuses on sharing the Restorative Circles process (RC) and the results of its practice, finding support in reaching higher goals in our workplaces, civic and residential communities, and remembering how our health and well-being are supported and enhanced in the atmosphere of a natural setting. Learn more.
Restorative Circles Conference
Compassion Camp
Compassion Camp
with Steve Torma and Terrie Lewine • August 15-18
Compassion Camp is a four-day event for adults and children where we create a community of people who learn, play and celebrate together, empowered to then send each other back into the world to spread these seeds of justice and love. Our time together is designed to foster community among the growing number of people who are passionate about living and promoting compassionate consciousness. Be inspired, empowered and connected. Learn more.
25th Anniversary Commemoration
Sept 13-15
Come celebrate Earthaven’s 25-year journey of aspiring to create a village that is a living laboratory and educational seed bank for a sustainable human future. This is an exciting, turning-point year for Earthaven; we invite you to join us to commemorate and connect the past, present and future. This anniversary weekend will include music, tours, storytelling, crafts, fire circles, dance, play, and much more. Stay tuned for more details and how you can take part in the Great Turning. 
Save the Date! More details coming soon.
Earthaven’s 25th Anniversary Commemoration
Gourd Craft Workshop with Jeff Gottlieb
Gourd Craft Workshop
with Jeff Gottlieb  September 21
Would you like to make a water canteen? A funnel? A bowl, plate, cup, dipper, ladle or spoon? Musical instruments, toys and games, boxes, dart quivers, net floats or food storage containers? Well, you can! Start with a rough raw gourd, clean it until it shines golden, and use a variety of hand tools to cleverly cut and shape its lovely contours into your desired craft. All ages and experience levels welcome. Learn more.
Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference
with Karen Rose, Corinna Wood & dozens more • October 11-13
A gathering of strong, supportive sisterhood honoring ourselves, the plants, and the Earth. Come share inspiration, celebration and practical learning about earth-based healing and women’s health. Over 50 workshops and classes in herbalism, nutrition, personal growth and natural healing. Renew your spirit, explore your power and engage in the extraordinary experience. (off-site location) Learn more.
Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference
Earthaven Dances
Weekly and Monthly Dances
7-10 p.m., First Saturday of Each Month
5-6:30 p.m., Every Thursday
in the Earthaven Council Hall
Learn more.
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