Transformation by Crafts
The craft I want to talk about this time is a costume that my sister made for my husband's Birthday party. 
Because it was a costume party.
The theme was his last name which from Russian can be translated (in addition to transfiguration) as transformation, change, transition, update, modification, perfection, improvement, progress, review, change of scenery .... so that was part of temporary transformation!
Thank you, Larisa, for this amazing piece of art!! 
60 B-day
The party was based on associations: Preobrazhenskiy Regiment in St. Petersburg - army; 
Preobrazhenskaya Square in Moscow -  squares in other cities and the place we are from in Russia - Vologda;
Bulgakov's prof.Preobrazhenskiy-  studies and job.
Andrey - in Russian Preobrazhenskiy Regiment Uniform.
Beautiful golden buttons
Hand-made epaulettes
Other accessories
Very simple at first, but needs a lot of work.
Final touches are done, and the uniform is ready!
Happy Birthday!
Other associations were anything that could transform, change, renew -  poetry, music, theatre, wine, grandchildren, LOVE!!
And so much fun!!!! 
More pictures on my website
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