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Sagittarius Full Moon (6/17)
& Neptune Station at the Summer Solstice
“Seek that wisdom 
that will untie your knot
Seek that path
that demands your whole being
Leave that which is not,

but appears to be
Seek that which is, but is
not apparent.”

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
Albert Einstein
“Set your life on fire…seek those who fan your flame.”

Just imagine being on a boat far out at sea as you look forward in the distance, musing over the long journey ahead. Suddenly, a favorable wind begins blowing in the direction
of the port, helping you sail towards your destination.  Such happening refers to the ancient meaning of “opportunity,” that comes from the Latin word opportunus which is composed by “ob”(toward) + “portum” (harbor) + “veniens” (coming).
And what could be a more promising time than a Full Moon in Sagittarius for such wind to blow?
Perhaps the path might not be as smooth as in our story, however fueling the flame of hope is the essence of Sagittarius whose inner fire is rekindled, again and again,  by explorations, journeys, and discoveries. For Sag, traveling towards another port, another town, through peaks and valleys, is to learn new meanings that soothe the thirst for knowledge and in turn keep the light of optimism on. Because somewhere, somehow, it will be better than it is. The word "sagitta," the arrow the centaur holds in its bow, comes from the Latin "sagire," which means to seek, symbolizing yearning to uncover and expand her/his horizons of physical and cultural knowledge.
Such resourcefulness might as well be a gift of Jupiter, known as the Greater benefic, and ruler of this sign. These nights you can admire it shining at its brightest when it rises in the East after sunset. King of the gods, Jupiter expands what it touches and dispenses luck, fortune, and encouragement. Capable of noble gestures, Jupiter was also impulsive and represented the human propensity towards arrogance, which at times shows up as Sag holding some ultimate truth, which is one of the pitfalls of this sign.
As the Moon will face the Sun in Gemini on June 17, she illuminates the path and the plans started at the new moon that might be coming to fruition. The helpful wind might blow in your direction and windows of opportunities might open up, leading you to explorations of new inner and outer landscapes. An attitude that is curious and open, like Sag and Gemini, might bring a shift into your own life views.
The core teaching of this time is to learn about what is foreign, which means  “outside of the door”, the doors of your home, your town, your country, your nation, your gender or sexual orientation, your religion, your lifestyle, and overall outside of the artificial categories that are created by our language and existing paradigms.
Join the adventure and explore your inner world of beliefs and narratives, take time to reflect on those narrow views and perhaps explore those uncharted territories that might lead you to higher grounds and broaden your sense of purpose.
This time might also lend itself to tap into Sag innate capacity to nourish their well-known optimism. While this sign might be gifted with a heavy dose of it, the practice of appreciating the gift the Gods bestowed on humans was a widespread practice among the Greeks. While you might or might not feel devoted to one or more gods, brain imaging show that ancient Greeks had it right, for science tells us that those who express gratitude and recognize their blessings on an ongoing basis, feel better and are happier.
Gratitude practices help to balance the occasional bout of “hubris”, the arrogance of humans to think themselves above the Gods which Sag, like any other sign, might fall for.
As gratefulness feels your heart, the time of this Full Moon is ripe for daring, taking a leap of faith, and trust that the Gods help those who help themselves.
If you are a very earthy type, or if such confidence in the future is not something that comes easily to parts of you, this full Moon might offer an opportunity to find it within or to find some comfort and support from those who have it. As challenging as it may be for some of you, having someone that fans your flame, when it`s dimly lit, might help revive it.
While this full Moon is few degrees apart from Jupiter, it`s worth sharing a few thoughts on the Jupiter square Neptune aspect which started last Fall, as we are near the upcoming Neptune station which turns retrograde on June 21, the summer solstice.  These two powerful archetypal energies, both in their own sign of domicile touch more intensely the mutable signs with planets and point around 15-19 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Sag, and Virgo.  The square aspect might tend to create larger than life expectations for Neptune blows the wind on Jupiter hopes and expectations.
At best, this might manifest as a fairy tale that makes you touch the sky with one or more fingers. Contact with this energy, depending on your natal planets, feels like a double rainbow after a storm. You might have out of ordinary experiences, spiritual or otherwise, that may expand your capacity to sense into a deeper reality. Gifts, luck or unexpected coincidences that give you a taste of unforeseen synchronicities might also come to fruition.
The days close to the station are best for creative pursuit, meditations, escapes, spiritual practices, rituals that allow contacting the unseen realm of the spirit/energy world.
They could be great for right-brain activity, for dream works, photography, music playing or making, creative writing, a movie day, dancing, or anything that might take you out of that very human dimension and allow your consciousness to expand.
Coming down from the height of such divine madness and magic helps to recognize that such fleeting moments do end, like the glowing red and pink hues of the sky at sunset fade into the night.
It might be wise to honor possible sense of confusion, not knowing, so to avoid feeling deceived or be deceptive in the attempt to find security and certainty where all there is might feel more like ray of light filtering through the fog.
Some experiences may be as ephemeral as a rainbow in the sky, but they live forever,  inked in the soft memory-walls of our hearts, growing its wings that carry us into the unknown lit by new hopes.
Thank you for reading this astro-report. Please keep in mind that this is a general description of the upcoming and unfolding planetary weather.  To know more about yourself and the  ‘seasons’ you are experiencing and what is up for renewal in your own life, you are welcome to reach me at for a personal and more accurate astrological reading based on your natal chart, calculated with your time, place and date of birth. Couples readings are also available. 
You may also give the gift of self-awareness to friends and family so that they can navigate this season with greater clarity and awareness. Please reach out to for gift certificates.
Moon pictures by Gaia
About Gaia:
Gaia Somasca is a professional astrologer in private practice and therapist-in-training with a deep interest in psychological and humanistic astrology.
Her rich background includes extensive astrological studies in astrology in NY and London, Jungian psychology, dreamwork, focusing, mindfulness, eco-psychology, and nature-bonding practices. 
In 2014 she completed the Master Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, and she has achieved Level 3 certification with NCGR. (National Council for Geocosmic Research)
She offers astrological consultations in person in the Santa Cruz Mountains, or via Skype. With her holistic approach to astrology, she provides guidance inspired by the rich symbolism and wisdom of the sky and nature aimed at self-understanding and personal growth.
Gaia is also a photographer exclusively focused on sharing the beauty of Moonrises and Moonsets.
Visit Gaia:
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Shamanic Fire Reiki Soul Haven  •  56 West 45th Street, Suite 1703  •  NY, New York 10036

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