Shamanic Reiki
Living in the "Now"
with Robert Levy
Fri. June 14th * 7:00 pm 8:30 pm
What does it mean, Living in the Now. It means living in the present. It means waking up each day without the restrictions we have put on ourselves based on what has happened in the past. It means facing whatever we have to with a fresh perspective. We cannot forget our past, but remembering and learning from our past is different than being guided by our past.
A 12 years old child is swimming in the ocean when she is caught in a rip current and pulled further away from the shore. She almost died before being rescued. 8 years later when she is 20, she goes to beach with her friends but she hesitates and doesn't go into the water. And why? Because of her past.
In regard to water, this young woman lives every day in the past. In regard to water, as long as she allows herself to be guided by her past, she has no future. Every day will be like yesterday. No days will be a new tomorrow.
We all have our water. We all have events that occurred in our past that guide us in the present. Think of the opportunities that we might have missed.
The person who is afraid of animals will not date someone with pets.
The person afraid of making decisions may never seeks a more important job with more responsibility.
The person afraid of flying may never see the sights and experiences the wonders of the world.    
What is your water? In this short class, we will discuss some issues that the participants have today that are guided by their past histories. Using the Shamanic journey, we will find the cause of the event that occurred if it is not remembered and with the help of Spirit, we will discover what we have to do in our reality to overcome the our past guideā€™s direction and move ourselves into better present and a brighter future.
Happy Swimming!!
Cost: $75
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Location: SFR Soul Haven, 56 West 45th Street, Suite 1703
Manhattan, NY
Betw 5th & 6th Ave.
About Robert Levy, Co-Author of Shamanic Reiki & 
Shamanism; The Book of Journeys:

Robert Levy began climbing the shamanic mountain in 1995, learning from such western shamans as Eve Bruce, Lynn Roberts, Michael Harner, John Perkins, Tom Cowan, and Alberto Villoldo.
He studied with indigenous shamans Ipupiara Makunaiman from the Ure-e-wau-wau tribe of Brazil and his wife, Peruvian shaman Claicha Toscano. It was they who first named him Shaman. He was a co-founder of the NY Shamanic Circle and has written many books on shamanism. His books include: Shamanic Reiki: Expanded Ways of Working with Universal Life Force Energy, Co-authored with Llyn Roberts and  Shamanism, The Book Of Journeys, Co-authored with Eve Bruce; Shamanism for Teenagers, Young Adults and the Young at Heart; Reiki: Empowered By It, Embraced By It, Claimed By It.
Robert Levy can be reached
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Shamanic Fire Reiki Soul Haven  •  56 West 45th Street, Suite 1703  •  NY, New York 10036

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