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April 30, 2019
A Message From Sue's Heart: Gratitude for My Parents
by Sue Hanks Singleton
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A Message from Sue's Heart
Some of you are aware that Aaron and I cared for both of my elderly parents in our home for 14 years, and during the last year, while they resided in a wonderful local nursing home. My mother went home to God just before Thanksgiving, and my father followed her two months later. They were married for 68 years!

As I reflect on 15 years of caregiving, I have many thoughts and feelings. It was honestly a mixed journey for all four of us. There were some very, very challenging times. And yet, the love was always there. Fifteen years ago, when they were unable to care for themselves adequately in their Florida home, we tuned in, we discerned, that it was for the highest good of all for them to join us here in Amesbury. We knew that we could short-cut issues before they became medical emergencies, that my mother would no longer have to cope alone with my father’s health challenges. The doctors in Florida said my father’s life expectancy was a few years, at best. We nourished them with organic cooking, a family gathering place, healing sessions and nutritional supplements. They both got better. Yet four adults sharing space and managing expectations for all was not an easy task.

As the years passed, we became the parents, more and more with each passing month. In the midst of the responsibilities, it was sometimes challenging to maintain our sense of humor and remember why we chose to do this caregiving. In the quiet aftermath of their transitions, I am introspecting and catching up on some much-needed rest.
As I reflect upon my parents, I am inspired to write this gratitude list to them:
The process of writing this list has brought me peace and joy, and serves as a tangible expression of my daily commitment to living each day in the "Joy of Conscious Living". 
I share it with you in the spirit of bringing you warm thoughts of your own loved ones, and allowing blessings to enter your life, as well.
Wishing You Love and Light,

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