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Petplan Tops 200,000 Active Subscriptions

One of North America's leading pet health insurance providers achieves major milestone by amplifying awareness of superior coverage, increasing focus on digital and launching new partnerships
 Petplan, one of North America's leading providers for dog and cat health insurance, announced today that it reached more than 200,000 active subscriptions.
"Today is about thanking everyone who worked tirelessly to achieve this major milestone," said Petplan CEO Paul Guyardo.  "The biggest thank you goes to our loyal pet parents who share our passion for pet health."
In the past year, total Petplan subscriptions have grown by nearly 15 percent – the fastest and most significant growth since 2015.  The company attributes this growth to heightened awareness of having the most comprehensive coverage, an increased focus on digital marketing and the launch of new, exclusive partnerships with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the Ontario SPCA (OSPCA) and Humane Society.  
"Petplan's comprehensive coverage, commitment to exemplary customer service, and speed of claims reimbursement made them the perfect fit," said AAHA CEO Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP (Emeritus).
"We partnered with Petplan because they consistently demonstrate their passion for animal wellness and commitment to helping animals in need of a new home," said Daryl Vaillancourt, Chief of Humane Programs and Community Outreach, OSPCA and Humane Society.
In addition to having the most comprehensive coverage in one simple plan, Petplan differentiates itself with unparalleled 24/7 customer service. 
"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Petplan," said Jill Bristow, a pet parent to Abbey, a mix-breed dog, and Oliver and Maui, two mixed-breed cats. "Knowing someone is always available is a relief.  They feel like family to me."

Petplan is a leading provider of pet health insurance subscriptions in the United States and Canada.  A subscription is defined as one policy.  For 13 years, Petplan has pioneered many changes in the industry forcing competitors to follow suit.  The company was the first pet health insurance provider to offer a Covered for Life® advantage, accept pets of any age and not have broad exclusions for hereditary and chronic conditions.

Petplan policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC (Fetch Insurance Agency, LLC in Michigan), d/b/a Petplan (Petplan Insurance Agency, LLC in California) and underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company in the U.S. and XL Specialty Insurance Company – Canadian Branch in Canada. 
Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Supplements Launches Probiotic to Help Dogs Maintain Calm Behavior
Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements has introduced Calming Care, a new management option for owners whose dogs experience anxious behaviors. Calming Care is a probiotic supplement that contains a strain of beneficial bacteria shown to help dogs maintain calm behavior. It supports dogs with anxious behaviors and helps them cope with external stressors like separation, unfamiliar visitors, novel sounds or changes in routine and location. It also helps dogs maintain positive cardiac activity during stressful events, promoting a positive emotional state.
Anxious behaviors in dogs can be quite common. In a recent Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements survey*, 62 percent of dog owners surveyed reported they have regularly seen these behaviors in their dogs, such as excessive barking, compulsive jumping and shaking or trembling. And while these anxious behaviors are sometimes recognized as such, they often are not. Thirty-five percent of owners surveyed believe their dog's personality is among the primary causes of one or more of their dog's concerning behaviors.
"It's important to talk to your veterinarian if your dog is displaying undesirable behaviors," said Jason Gagné, DVM, DACVN, Director of Veterinary Technical Communication for Pro Plan Veterinary Diets. "What might be perceived as just a characteristic of a particular breed or part of a dog's personality could really be an anxious behavior that needs attention."
The Impact on Dogs and Owners

Having a dog with anxious behaviors can be hard on both dogs and owners. Twenty-five percent of dog owners surveyed said that these behaviors have impacted their lifestyle or caused a change in their routine. Changes include:

  • Missing Out: 13 percent have avoided situations that they know will upset their pet, such as car rides or walks in public places.
  • Rain Check: 11 percent have taken fewer social outings to avoid their dog being home alone.
  • Wide Awake: 9 percent said their sleep is affected because their dog wakes them during the night.
  • Home Bound: 8 percent avoid traveling because it upsets their dog when they are away.
In addition, 57 percent of dog owners surveyed worry when they know there will be a situation that could trigger undesirable behaviors in their dog.
Summer is Coming 

While anxious behaviors in dogs can be present year round, the summer months often include activities that can exacerbate the issue. "The summer season can be a stressful time of year for dogs," said Dr. Kurt Venator, DVM, Chief Veterinary Officer at Purina. "Triggers such as fireworks, thunderstorms, summer travel, house guests and more can take a toll on your pet."

Before the holidays and summer storms roll through, pet owners can help keep their pets safe, comfortable and calm with some early preparation, including:
  • Create a Safe Space. Create a special area in your home where your dog can feel safe and secure during noisy instances. If your dog is crate trained, they may feel most secure in their crate with a favorite toy to stay occupied. If your pet is not crate trained, putting his or her bed in a quiet place during fireworks or thunderstorms might work. Try closing the windows and playing some music.
  • Start preparing early. Help prepare your dog by exposing him or her to recorded firework sounds. You could also do the same for thunder. This process requires beginning training several months ahead of the anticipated event and gradually increasing the volume while you reward your dog for maintaining calm behavior, so it's not a short-term fix. You can also pay your vet a visit to discuss your dog's behavior and see if Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Calming Care is the way to go. It may take up to six weeks to see results, so give yourself plenty of time to start ahead of the holidays.
  • Make Them Comfortable. Help your dog feel happy during fireworks or thunderstorms by giving them a special treat, which may help establish a positive association with these loud noises. Calming wraps may help for some dogs, too. These work like swaddling does for infants and may help your dog feel secure during stressful situations.
  • Get Some Exercise. If your dog gets anxious when you leave the house without them, an extra dose of stimulation beforehand may help ease your departure. Providing your dog with consistent exercise – whether through walks, fetch or just extra playtime – may help alleviate anxious behaviors by reducing your dog's focus on you when it's time for you to leave the house.
  • Make Car Travel a Positive Experience. Before a summer road trip, get your dog used to the idea of car travel. Use a crate or dog carrier that is large enough for a dog to lie down comfortably. Use a reward such as a favorite treat or interactive toy to get them excited to get in the car and into their crate before taking a trip.
  • Most Importantly, Stay Calm. Our pets look to us for reassurance, so showing them that we are calm and relaxed is likely to help them understand that there is no real danger.
Dog owners can save $10 on their first order of Calming Care at now through Sept. 30, 2019.** For more information on Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Calming Care, visit or speak to your veterinarian.
About Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements. 

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements and Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets are manufactured by Nestlé Purina PetCare, a global leader in the pet care industry. Purina promotes responsible pet care, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. A premiere global manufacturer of pet products, Purina is part of Swiss-based Nestlé S.A., a global leader in nutrition, health and wellness.

*Data was collected by Relevation Research via an online survey from August 15-19, 2018. A total of 826 nationally-representative dog owners qualified and completed the survey. Qualified participants were men and women age 18 and older, owned one or more dogs (age 13 months or older), were household members most responsible for taking the dog(s) to a veterinarian, and had taken the dog(s) to a veterinarian in the past 12 months.
**Order valid on your first purchase of Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Calming Care through 9/30/19. Valid on only. One time use only. For full terms, visit

Merck Animal Health Introduces BRAVECTO® Cares to Show Support for the Health of Service Dogs

Sponsorship of NEADS World Class Service Dogs Underscores the Importance of Keeping Pets Protected from Fleas and Ticks
Merck Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., USA, and NEADS World Class Service Dogs today announced the launch of BRAVECTO® Cares, an educational campaign showcasing the critical role that service dogs play and the importance of keeping them healthy, including protecting them from fleas and ticks. As part of the campaign initiative, Merck Animal Health, the makers of BRAVECTOi—a longer-lasting flea and tick protective chew medication—will help NEADS support its mission with funding for dogs in training.
"Merck Animal Health knows how important it is to protect our pets – especially those that work for us," said Mark Pelham, DVM, Companion Animal Professional Services, Merck Animal Health. "More than just a nuisance, fleas and ticks can carry illness, such as Lyme disease, to our pets and our families. We are proud to collaborate with NEADS, an organization which shares our dedication to keeping pets healthy as part of their extensive service dog training program."
For NEADS, the health of their dogs is crucial. Along with training and temperament, healthcare is one of the three key elements in the making of a world class service dog.  This includes everything from routine exams to adequate exercise and hygiene to keeping the dogs free from health issues like fleas and ticks. 
"The health of our dogs is as important as their task training – if they are not at optimal health, they will not be at ideal performance and can potentially put their handlers at risk," said Cathy Zemaitis, NEADS Director of Development. "To keep our dogs healthy and free from fleas, ticks and the diseases that they can carry, we use BRAVECTO and recommend our clients do the same."
The campaign features Ryan DeRoche and his NEADS service dog, Oliver. Several years ago, DeRoche was in a mountain bike accident that resulted in a severe spinal cord injury and left him with little to no use of his arms and legs. Through NEADS, Ryan was matched with Oliver, and they have been a powerful team ever since.
"If Oliver isn't at his best, it could definitely put me in danger – which is why I make it a point to keep him healthy any way that I can," said DeRoche. "We are outside a lot, which can put him in contact with fleas and ticks, so I use the medication recommended to me by the veterinary professionals at NEADS to protect him." 
Merck Animal Health is sponsoring a sweepstakes* where 50 winners will receive a one-year subscription to a monthly pet care box with toys and treats for their pets. For more information on NEADS and the BRAVECTO Cares program, official rules and to enter the sweepstakes, visit

*No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited
NEADS Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Princeton, Massachusetts. Established in 1976, NEADS offers the widest array of Service Dog programs in the industry, including Service Dogs for adults and children with a physical disability, Service Dogs for veterans, Service Dogs for people who are deaf or hearing impaired, and Service Dogs for children with autism or other developmental disabilities. NEADS dogs are also partnered with professionals in classroom, therapy, hospital, ministry, and courthouse settings. For more information, please visit

About BRAVECTO® (fluralaner)
Since its introduction in 2014, BRAVECTO® has provided longer-lasting flea and tick protection, with more than 100 million doses distributed in 85 countries over five years. BRAVECTO is available in a variety of formulations, including products for both dogs and cats.

The flea lifecycle can last as long as 12 weeks, and monthly treatments may leave gaps in protection. One treatment with BRAVECTO lasts 12 weeks -- almost three times the re-dosing interval of monthly treatments – and is proven to kill fleas on dogs and cats and to eliminate them from the home.ii Providing pets with continuous flea and tick protection is essential – whether the pet goes outside or not. Contrary to popular belief among pet parents, fleas and ticks are not only active in the spring and summer months and are a year-round risk. Fleas and ticks can easily latch onto dogs and cats, and can spread serious diseases, including tapeworms and Lyme disease. They also can bite and pose health risks to human family members whether at home or outdoors. Fleas are the most common external parasite found on pets.
BRAVECTO products are only available through licensed veterinarians. BRAVECTO has not been shown to be effective for 12-weeks' duration in puppies or kittens less than 6 months of age. BRAVECTO Chew: The most common adverse reactions recorded in clinical trials were vomiting, decreased appetite, diarrhea, lethargy, polydipsia, and flatulence. BRAVECTO is not effective against lone star ticks beyond 8 weeks of dosing. BRAVECTO Topical for Dogs: The most common adverse reactions recorded in clinical trials were vomiting, hair loss, diarrhea, lethargy, decreased appetite, and moist dermatitis/rash. BRAVECTO is not effective against lone star ticks beyond 8 weeks of dosing. For topical use only. Avoid oral ingestion. Use caution in dogs with a history of seizures. Seizures have been reported in dogs receiving fluralaner, even in dogs without a history of seizures. 
About Merck Animal Health
For more than a century, Merck, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has been inventing for life, bringing forward medicines and vaccines for many of the world's most challenging diseases. Merck Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., USA, is the global animal health business unit of Merck. Through its commitment to the Science of Healthier Animals®, Merck Animal Health offers veterinarians, farmers, pet owners and governments one of the widest ranges of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management solutions and services as well as an extensive suite of digitally connected identification, traceability and monitoring products. Merck Animal Health is dedicated to preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of animals and the people who care for them. It invests extensively in dynamic and comprehensive R&D resources and a modern, global supply chain. Merck Animal Health is present in more than 50 countries, while its products are available in some 150 markets. For more information, visit or connect with us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter at @MerckAH.
Color Pet Products was founded over 25 years ago in North Carolina and targeted primarily working dogs. After a few years, the owner found a new product and the MAYA collection. This premier line features brightly patterned 100% hand-woven cotton material combined with a lightweight nylon backing to make a durable and distinctive pet collar/harness/leash. Most recently the company added the ability to personalize many of the products with in-house embroidery. The current owners are Deborah Sprich and Karon Bohlender. Both women are Military Veterans and have rescue animals of their own. They work together at Pet Expos around the country to promote their product and build their business. Color Pet Products is focused on producing a superior product and delivering excellent customer service while maintaining community involvement and support of rescues and shelters. Visit our website and use the code PETAD19 for a 20% discount on your entire order.
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