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Unicorn Drink Cozy for Zoey
Zoey's Bday
Our adorable Zoey turned 1 year old
on May 9th 2019.
The theme of the Birthday party was Unicorn.
All the decorations you see (like the spoon holders above and others) were hand-made by Anastasia
"Click on image to see my big sister Amelia when she turned one"
Rainbow Yarn
Unicorns, rainbows, ... you know.
So beautiful!! And of course all the rainbow colours were used. My rainbow was in these yarn leftovers.
Click on image to see last May knit for Zoey
You need to be really artsy-craftsy to so beautifully decorate the place for this little unicorn :-)
'Click on image to see Andrey's party - same place'
        Zoey Andrea
Quick Knit
I didn't knit much for the occasion.
I just had time for something small, so I made a drink cozy.
Click on image to see other drink cozies
Z for Zoey
Even cookies were in rainbow colours.
Click on image to go to Baby Knits on Artisaknity
Rainbow Colours
The base of the cozy can be any pattern. The focus is on this
cute little mane of yarn tassels
of any colours you like.
Unicorn Tiara
 These beautiful flowers in the unicorn tiara were handmade by Anastasia.
Click on image to see other paper work
Gifts for Guests
These colourful bath bombs were nicely "unicorn- decorated' as small gifts for guests. 
Click on image for more crafts on Atrisaknity
Centre Piece
Glass vases were coloured with acrylic paint to match the rest of the decorations.
Click on image for more colours
Little Unicorn
Waiting for a cupcake smash :-)
Click on image to see Zoey - a little bunny
Yummy Unicorn Yummy Yarn
'My cupcake was yummy!'
This Unicorn drink cozy fits many kinds of beverage containers: a water bottle or a coffee cup or a drinking glass.
Click on image to see another drink bottle cozy
Happy B-Day
'Thank you for the best party in my life' :-)
'Thank you for this unicorn, Tanya ... I have no idea how to play with it ... yet :-)'
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