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Earthaven Ecovillage
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Earthaven Ecovillage
Summer Happenings in the Village
In this issue you’ll…
  • Learn about a special event on September 14th celebrating Earthaven’s 25 years of trekking the evolutionary trail of ecovillage culture
  • Glimpse the residential life at Earthaven this spring
  • Hear about how your group can have an ecovillage service-learning experience
  • Embark on your experiential learning journey
  • Have a chance to support the next generation through a community-supported education initiative
Celebrating Earthaven’s 25th Anniversary
Earthaven's 25th Anniversary
We can hardly believe that it has been 25 years since the seed of Earthaven was planted. So much work has been done, so much has evolved, and so many people have visited, lived here or made Earthaven their home
Earthaven villagers came together with a dream for people to live together with the land so all beings can flourish. Over the years, we have worked toward this dream—sometimes with success, sometimes with struggle, sometimes with failure, and sometimes with beauty and grace. Earthaven ecovillage has become a dynamic, complex and thriving place. Let's gather and celebrate this first generation of village life!  
Please join us in a celebration of Earthaven's 25th Anniversary, September 14th from 9am to 9pm. The celebration will include homestead demos, community tours, nature walks, food, live music, camping, and much more. Stay tuned for additional information.
The Residential Life at Earthaven
Life at Earthaven
In the special atmosphere of springtime, earlier and hotter this year, joy abounds in the face of a New Root commuting by bicycle from across the village for an afternoon craft-making circle (watch the dust!), teens making music and memories together, and our members (especially when spending some sweet time with the Gateway Farm dog).

Explore living at Earthaven with a tour. Book your tour today!
Service Learning at Earthaven
Visiting Earthaven
Throughout the year, college students from all over the Eastern United States choose to spend their time at Earthaven, where they contribute to the ecovillage in meaningful ways and learn heaps in the process. Some of the sacred mundane they participate in during their stay are: managing recyclables, curing compost, splitting kindling, making biochar, eliminating invasive plants, cleaning mountain spring catchment systems, potting plants, and caring for farm animals.
The helpful hands and smiling faces above are students from Keene State College (New Hampshire) who had a week-long Alternative Spring Break at Earthaven in March.
Your group or class can also engage in service-learning opportunities through tours, classes, and extended stays. We specialize in nature-based and team-building programs and retreats that inspire creativity and empower each person’s  authentic leader while connecting us to place, each other, and ourselves.
Contact us to design your customized group experience.
Skill-up and Engage Your Learning Journey
Live and Work at Earthaven
Experiential learning is our specialty. Check out the summer educational offerings happening at Earthaven below and sign up for the ones that are right for you!
June 19-24, 2019 – Earthaven Experience Week with Diana Leafe Christian, Lee Warren, and Chris Farmer
This residential service-learning program immerses people in the life of Earthaven Ecovillage. Earthaven provides the ideal living laboratory for a whole-life skills curriculum—a place to see regenerative systems in practice, food production in action, and community living on a personal level. Participants connect with the people, businesses, and farms of the Taylor Creek Watershed area for a hands-on, skill-building, life-changing experience.
June 22, 2019 – Bark Berry Baskets Workshop with Jeff Gottlieb
Come learn the art of making baskets from bark! Jeff will demonstrate how to go from a raw strip of bark to a finished, functional basket that can be filled with berries and other gathered treasures. Once you've got your basket home, you can even embellish it with beads, feathers, or other decorative delights.
July 4-7, 2019 – Restorative Circles Conference
An opportunity to come together as human beings, as communities (and the organizations we form) to recreate social systems that enhance our ability to reach a higher stage of justice on the arc of history. This bi-annual event focuses on sharing the Restorative Circles process (RC) and the results of its practice, finding support in reaching higher goals in our workplaces and civic and residential communities, and remembering how our health and well-being are supported and enhanced in the atmosphere of a natural setting.
August 15-18, 2019 – Compassion Camp with Steve Torma, Terrie Lewine and others
Compassion Camp is a four-day event for adults and children where we create a community of people who learn, play, and celebrate together, empowered to then send each other back into the world to spread these seeds of justice and love. Our time together is designed to foster community among the growing number of people who are passionate about living and promoting compassionate consciousness. Be inspired, empowered, and connected.
Pay it Forward
Donate Today
They say it takes a village to raise a child. Earthaven Ecovillage is committed to nurturing a new generation of leaders with open hearts and capable hands, prepared to meet the challenges of the modern world with grace, competence, and resilience. We need well-trained teachers and mentors to manifest this vision for the children. We ask you to support this effort by investing in teacher training for two precious individuals dedicated to mentoring children.

Donate today to help send Sara Carter and Gabriel Vieira to the Level One and Level Two Forest Kindergarten Teacher Trainings in California hosted by the world-renowned instructors at The Academy of Forest Kindergarten Teachers. The goal is to raise $10,000 and they are halfway there.
Donate Today
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