CEO Update
Downtown Revitalization Initiative Project Approved
STHCS has been approved for a final round of building improvements funded under New York State’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) grant program. The program will allow us to install a new front entrance and eye-catching front and rear signage, as well as tint the windows here at our 150 North Union Street location. These upgrades will be a part of the City of Olean’s current Walkable Olean project.

Moving across the street from Bluebird Square required a complete renovation of the former Sears building into a premium office space and state-of-the-art Training Center. The upcoming work will complete the project. I’d like to thank Olean Business Development and the Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce for facilitating this program at the local level.

EMS Simulation Training
The NYS Charles D. Cook Office of Rural Health offered a competitive funding process for extra technical assistance to each of the state’s rural health networks. We were recently awarded a small sum to teach our EMS trainers how to instruct using simulation equipment and methods. We have contracted with an instructor to train our local EMS educators how to use simulation and scenario building to teach emergency prehospital treatments in a controlled environment. Providers will learn vital skills to improve our rural continuum of care. I want to thank the Office of Rural Health for recognizing this training need within our agencies.

With the technology currently installed and planned in the Training Center, we are able to accommodate sessions like these for EMS agencies serving our counties. Contact me at or (716) 372-0614 if you’d like to learn more.

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