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 The View from Here. . .
December 2019
It's a New Day, a New Year, a New Decade... 
a New YOU!
Do you still have whiplash from the year flying by? With all the external (and possibly internal) chaos we have all been experiencing, it feels like we are collectively on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! And that will continue for quite a while. Time has definitely speeded up over the last decade (so it’s not just you feeling that way). In fact, we are now pretty much squeezing 24 hours’ worth of time and activity into what was once about 15 hours. The good news is that the escalation of time is peaking, and what we have now will become the “new normal.”
We are in momentous times for many reasons, as cycles upon cycles end and begin: We are in the midst of the Great Shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age; we are seeing the manifestation of the inner changes wrought by the great Uranus/Pluto Square; we are at the end of a 20-year cycle, the end of a 10-year cycle, and the end of a year. We in the United States are also experiencing the building energies of the Pluto Return in the natal chart of the U.S., which are forcing us to reassess and re-envision who we are and who we want to be as a country. Momentous times, indeed!
As We Continue to Change, We Still Have Lots of Help
The good news (and there is always good news, if you look for it!) is that we have huge amounts of unseen help, if we only have the good sense to take advantage of it. That comes in the form of unseen angels, guides, and helpers, who will wait in the wings (pun intended) until we ask them for help. When we do ask, they spring into action and make the miracles of synchronicity happen. We just have to be alert to the opportunities and signs, and act on them when they are presented.
It’s so easy, in fact, that all we have to do is place our order, and the “Universal shipping clerk” fills it—exactly as we place it—so be careful what you’re telling the Universe. An exercise in positive thinking and asking can do wonders, because we often ask for something and then proceed to tell the Universe all the reasons we shouldn’t have it, don’t deserve it, etc., etc., etc. That effectively cancels our order. And when the nudge comes, or the synchronicity happens, we often move into self-doubt and second-guessing, so we don’t take advantage of the help we receive! Yes, it can be very subtle when the nudge or information comes, so we need to hone our ability to spot it when it arrives.
The other kind of help we have is the planetary energies, which can be very strong. The planets don’t force us to do anything, but they exert their energies on us and, consciously or unconsciously, we feel them and react to them. They can help us or hinder us in accomplishing our goals and desires; and whether we think they are helping or hindering depends on how perceptive and insightful we are (or how much in our ego we are). They provide an energetic tailwind or headwind for our endeavors, so it’s always good to know which way that wind is blowing.
We'll Continue to See the Dark Side, but We'll be Called to Take Practical Action
2019 gave us a good “feel” for the predominant energies and issues that will kick off the next decade. We’ve seen lots of chaos, lots of revelations, and lots of things we really didn’t want to see, personally, nationally, and globally. Actually, that’s been accelerating since the Uranus/Pluto Square “ended” in 2015. The two planets have slowly separated out of their actual Square, but these are very slow, very powerful planets, and the energies and effects are still being felt.
Back in 2012, we entered the Mayan 13-year Hall of Mirrors, and with Pluto’s progressive help, we have been forced to look at our own shadow, look at the parts of ourselves that we very happily ignored or denied for decades. Misogyny, racism, sexual abuse, and bullying, for example, have been making headlines in ways that we can no longer ignore or deny their roles in our culture. These things may have been deep underground and very ugly, but having them come up in a way we can no longer deny they exist is not a bad thing: it is a time of great cleansing and healing, and we have to see these deeply ingrained and often unconscious issues in order to heal them.
2020 will bring us more opportunities to view our dark side. In fact, Pluto will rub our noses in it and, with a super conjunction with Saturn beginning in early January, Saturn will be demanding that we clean up our act. If we comply, we will have powerful Saturn helping us, so it won’t be nearly as hard as it could be—all we have to do is simply take a few steps in the right direction. If we continue to resist and deny, make no mistake, we will be slammed!
It's Time to Clean Up Our Act!
Saturn is like the Super Nanny: He comes in, assesses the situation, sees how we have let our egos and inner children run amok—and how we have sabotaged our own futures with our petty squabbles over nothing, our lack of empathy for others less fortunate, our never-ending desire for material possessions, and our lack of mastery over ourselves and our egos—and then he demands that we rearrange our priorities and exercise a little restraint and self-discipline, and he forces us to create healthier, happier lives, based on strong foundations. It goes without saying that there may be quite a bit of pouting, whining, crying, complaining, and temper tantrums in the process, but the result will be the same… and we will actually be happier for it when the dust settles!
The combination of Saturn and Pluto in conjunction is like the story of the three little pigs: If you built your house of straw or wood, the big bad wolf will blow it down. Again, this isn’t really such a bad thing, because it was so flimsy it was going to fall over at sooner or later, anyway, and then you will be forced to build your house of brick, and it will serve you much longer and better. But yes, you’ll have to go through the trauma of losing your house!
Another aspect of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is that it will force us to remove the dead bodies from the living room! These “dead bodies” are things we know have been there a long time, things that are dead and/or no longer serving us, things that we simply could not bring ourselves to do anything about. We couldn’t even admit that they were dead. So we just covered them over with a rug and continued to walk around or over them, hoping that somehow they’d get better or go away on their own.
You know what these things are! Unlike things that come to us from Uranus—totally out of the blue without any warning—these things have been laying around for a long, long time, and we have simply refused to do anything about them.
Well, in 2020, we will be forced to get those bodies out of the living room, because the stench will become so great that even with all our resistance, we will be forced to do something about them.
We got a preview of this back in July with the eclipse at the same degree as the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction. You might have walked through the living room and gotten a whiff, and got that nagging idea that you needed to do something. If you acted on that, fantastic! If you didn’t, the decomposition will escalate soon.
Saturn is Stronger Than It's Been In Decades
Saturn is the great Reality Check of the Universe, and Saturn has sort of been out of town for the last 30 years, due to a difficult Pluto cycle, which led to the unfettered rise of that overbearing planet. That’s one reason we’ve had such a massive redistribution and consolidation of wealth into the hands of the elites, and also the redistribution of power into the hands of the elites and the corporations. They don’t call it a Plutocracy for nothing—Pluto often expands excess (and decay) if it is left unfettered for too long, and especially if Neptune is assisting by throwing the fog of illusion over the people. And a main focus is on power and the use of power.
After 30+ years of that, Saturn is like the Sherriff finally riding into town to get things straightened out. Saturn makes us pay the piper, puts us back to work if we’ve been playing too hard, forces us to get our ducks in a row and our finances in order, and pushes us to create firm, strong foundations that will support us as we move into the future. Learning to live within a budget can be an annoying, painful experience, but once we learn it, we are grateful, and our economic life is steadier and much less dramatic. Saturn teaches us those things, and if we’re smart enough, we are grateful for the lessons (even if we gripe about it at the time).
We are entering a time when anything that is dysfunctional will crumble or explode, and it won’t be pretty. This applies equally to relationships, life circumstances, jobs, organizations, institutions, whatever. We’ve been pushed for over a decade to deal with these things, to reorganize, revise, or simply walk away from those things that may have once been supportive, but are now just dysfunctional and negative. And if we've been resisting or procrastinating, we may start hitting the wall.
And many of us are too attached to our dysfunctions to make changes on our own. But the new energies that have been coming to the planet are too strong now to allow further dilly-dallying. There is a cumulative effect, and we can’t ride the new train carrying all of our old baggage. Saturn will see those bags and throw them off!
It Doesn't Have to Be Hard (that's up to us!)
This process of sloughing off the old and outworn doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. We can take initiative to create positive changes in our own lives and to create and experience more joy for ourselves. We can release our death-grip on all those attachments to things, situations, and people that no longer serve us. We can allow change, knowing that although it may take us out of our comfort zone, it is for our Highest Good. As someone wisely said in a Hallmark Channel movie, "Why avoid the unknown? That's where everything we want is!"
Always remember that things aren’t always what they seem—on our personal stage or the world stage—and we don’t necessarily know everything that is going on behind the scenes. More of that will be coming out in 2020, and some of it may be quite shocking, but getting out of our egos and refraining from judgment will help. Don’t believe everything you see on the “news” and don’t believe every thought in your head!!
Jupiter will be assisting throughout 2020, as we feel the energies of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and we will end the year with a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December, which has a tendency to bring major changes, too, for the following year. Looks like we need to use the Saturn/ Pluto energies—work with them to create stronger foundations for ourselves—to be ready for what 2021 will bring!
Remember  that we are not only entering a New Year now, we are entering a New Decade! Try to pause amid the Holiday frenzy to take some time in the next week to review your past year, make a gratitude list for all the blessings you received, then toss out the old, and think about what you would like to see in the New Year and in the coming decade. What do you want in your life? Who do YOU want to be in the world? Don't hesitate to THINK BIG, because we are in the midst of Magical Energies!! It doesn't matter if you have any idea how to get from A to B. Just set those intentions, and know in your heart that you will be led to what you need to do to create the wonderful future of your dreams!
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© 2019, E.B. Dye. All Rights Reserved
In this issue:
It's a New Day, a New Year, a New Decade... a New YOU!
Learning Saturn's Lessons
Challenges Happen, but Suffering Doesn't Have to Follow(That's up to Us!) 
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Learning Saturn's Lessons
Saturn gets a bad rap most of the time. Most people have heard of the infamous "Saturn Return" that happens every 28 or 29 years, when Saturn returns to the same  position it was in on the day we were born. Like some of the other planets, in a natal return, Saturn asks us, "How are you doing with that?" He asks us to assess our lives, and often we don't want to do that!
Saturn is known as the hard task-master, but he's only hard on us when we're lazy and refuse to learn our lessons. And they are always lessons that will help us in our lives. Granted, they aren't jazzy or glitzy or fun lessons. They are the mundane things, like how to balance your check book, and how to live within a budget.
And it never hurts to get out ahead of the curve! Saturn ALWAYS rewards hard work. And you don't even have to complete the task to get the reward.
When I started reading about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that's coming in early January, I knew immediately what my "body under the rug" was: I'd been promising myself that I would get organized and begin an exercise routine for, well, years. And I still hadn't done it. That "dead body" just lay there under the rug in the living room, taunting me, forcing me to hold my nose and step over it, pretending it wasn't there.
I'm a writer, and I sit around a lot!! I admit it! But even I know that having some sort of exercise routine would be good for my health. But I still hadn't done it!
Then I saw what that Saturn/Pluto conjunction is going to bring, I decided to get out in front of the energy and start making that change on my own. It really is better to do it on our own than wait for one of the heavy-hitter planets to "persuade" us! And lo and behold, it's been a lot easier for me to start routinely going to the gym than I ever imagined it would be! Me! Pumping iron!! And I'm feeling a great sense of accomplishment. The hardest step is always the first one!
Unlike Uranus, which hits us with something completely out of left field that we would never see coming, Saturn/Pluto gives us advance warning of what we have to change. 
What's in your life that you've been meaning to fix, or been meaning to walk away from, or been meaning to change... but just haven't managed to get around to it? THAT is the thing that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is going to hit you with. And it won't really hit you: it's just that the stench of that dead body in the living room will finally become unbearable.
And guess what? Saturn will help you with whatever efforts you make!! So set your New Year's Resolution and go for it!
Challenges Happen, but Suffering Doesn't Have to Follow
(That's up to Us!) 
I've been working on being more positive. I've noticed that a lot of us seem to find entertainment in judging, moaning, and complaining about what's going on in our lives. I was the queen of that for a long time. It becomes a habit, and we don't even know we're doing it.
But I started to realize that moaning and complaining merely brings more things to moan and complain about! You know, putting out all that energy into what I DON'T want is like praying for more of it!
Humans are wired to make quick judgments. You know: we had to be able to determine if that animal was a predator or not, and we had to do it quickly or we got to be lunch!
But now we generally have the time to refrain from making quick judgments, and I'm finding that's a good thing. When we don't leap to judgment, we allow ourselves to see the other side of things—the side that maybe isn't so bad. And we make life a whole lot easier on ourselves.
Here's a great example of how this new attitude served me lately. I'd gone on a trip to visit family at Christmas. When I got back to the train station, I found that my car had a dead battery.
I managed not to judge it and just went into the nice comfortable train station and called AAA. They said someone would be there within an hour. I took my coat off and started to sit down, when I got a text that help would arrive in 10 minutes.
A nice young man showed up 10 minutes later, tested my battery, and replaced it (I'd gone 4 years on a 3-year battery). I got home about an hour later than expected.
I could have gotten all upset about it, but why bother? It was the evening after Christmas and my Christmas angel arrived about 20 minutes after I called for help. I was able to wait in a warm, comfy train station with bathrooms and vending machines. I was safe and not in a huge hurry to get somewhere. 
Perhaps my guides knew my battery was going to go, and this was a great time and place for it to happen. So much better than if I was running to get somewhere to meet someone, or if I was coming home late at night! 
So instead of getting all upset and feeling "punished," (and allowing this to totally bring me down, after my wonderful Christmas with my family) I felt only gratitude for the easy solution of what could have been a real problem at some other time or place. In my calm, accepting response to what happened, I recognized how supported and protected I was. And now I don't have to worry about that battery for another 3 years!
If we can move out of our automatic ego-response, and we don't automatically judge things as terrible, sometimes we find that life is a lot easier than we thought. It is often our judgmental and emotional response to things that causes our suffering, and not really the circumstances, themselves. When we simply accept what is, without the judgment and emotional response, we step into the FLOW, and then life really does flow for us.
I hope your New Year is filled with Magic and Flow, and that you recognize the Angels that are always around to help you when you need it! 
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