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Health Leadership Fellows CALL to Action
Alicia Broadbent, our Director of Planning and Development, and I recently attended the Health Leadership Fellows CALL to Action meeting. Hosted by the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York (HFWCNY), this session previewed a potential funding opportunity for the Health Leadership Fellows to develop collaborative programming over the next three years to improve the health of older adults and young children affected by poverty. Through this Fellowship, we’ve been trained to deliver solutions through collaboration, organizational alignment toward common goals, leveraging resources, and providing individual and collective leadership. We look forward in the coming months to working with members of my Fellowship cohort, “Team Beethoven”, and other Health Leadership Fellows to develop a strong funding proposal.
Marijuana Symposium
I also attended the Marijuana Symposium this week in Ellicottville, hosted by the Western New York Public Health Alliance, New York State Public Health Association and the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York. While the legalization of recreational marijuana use in New York is stalled now, it will happen someday in the near future. Regional health leaders and professionals must first prepare for adverse public health impacts.
The Symposium brought in speakers from Massachusetts and Colorado, where recreational use is already legal, as well as local public health officials. We discussed potential long-term effects of the use and availability of marijuana and other THC/CBD products. A concern was raised for children being exposed to edibles containing high levels of THC, which often come in gummy form or as baked goods. Other concerns include users operating vehicles under the influence of marijuana, as well as the ability of law-enforcement agencies to detect intoxication. Moving forward, we’ll begin brainstorming educational opportunities and other community services meant to proactively address issues like these.
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