CEO Update
Resources Available to Combat Opioids
If you or your organization is interested in hosting a Narcan training or receiving drug-disposal resources, please reach out to our prevention coordinator, Jordan, at Since 2015, STHCS has trained 2,549 people to administer Narcan and provided 2,719 Narcan kits to EMS and community members in Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties.
The Southern Tier Overdose Prevention Program (STOPP) provides free Narcan kits and training to firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, schools, and the friends and family members of those most likely to suffer an overdose from heroin or prescription opiates like oxycodone. I'm happy to report that local Narcan administrations have greatly declined as a result of widespread prevention activities. 
STHCS also distributes drug-disposal resources. Deterra and DisposeRx are available to our communities through a grant from the Safe Disposal Support Program at the Amerisource Bergen Foundation
Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Update
As previously reported, The New York State Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems (BEMSTS) asked us to partner with them on the statewide Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) initiative. This great opportunity comes under the Emergency 
Medical Services for Children (EMSC) State Partnership Program
, which is a grant for states through the federal Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)
This past Wednesday, we hosted the eighth PECC/Pediatric Prepared State Team subcommittee meeting via WebEx and discussed quality-improvement programs and safe transport of children requirements for the Pediatric Prepared program. I am happy to report we have recruited 130 PECCs to date. More information can be found at
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