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July 15, 2019 Newsletter 
Dear Sisters & Brothers around the Globe,
Summertime is upon us. A special time to discover what is budding inside you and bring forth your true essence and colors!
Don't postpone, join me on the life boosting shamanic events in the
Ecuador, USA, UK, Yucatan, and online-worldwide. 
For those of you who feel adventurous, please check my upcoming trip to Ecuador. Jan 3-17, 2020 - Shamanic Healing Expedition to the Amazon & Andes  of Ecuador. Let me know if you are interested.
(4 place left)
I will also be taking a small group (8 people) Oct. 25-30, 2019 - on a private trip- to work with my friend Abuelo Antonio Oxté with Mayan Medicina - in Yucatan, Mexico. This trip is not for beginners. If you are brave and inclined, let me know and I'll give you more details.
Much love and my sweetest blessings for the coming Summer –Itzhak
Join me at  The Sacred Earth Foundation - Colorado, for Healing sessions/ a weekend workshop and a special Guayusa- Amazonian Dream Tea ceremony. August 2-5, 2019 - Almost sold out, call Pati ASAP.
Learn Shamanic Healing techniques in Colorado. August 2-6, 2019 – 3 Inspiring and healing shamanic Events at The Sacred Foundation - Florissant Colorado (Area of Colorado Springs).
Contact Pati Turner  - 719-629-8055
1. Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony and Rape' (Special tobacco snuff) – Friday, August 2, 7:00 pm  $50
Guayusa tea, also called the Night Watchman, brings us closer to the world of our dreams and opens our hearts to a subtle shift of awareness. In a special traditional ceremony, we honor the Guayusa tree spirit with chants, songs, and music. As we sip the sacred tea, we go into a deep meditative silence in darkness to encounter and communicate with our spirit guides and other spirits to enable us to bring new visions and awareness into our lives. Rape' is a form of tobacco that is blown into the nostrils, and it clears your passageways for vigorous awakening.
2. Wisdom from the Amazon - Weekend Workshop – Sat. & Sun. Aug. 3-4 10am to 4pm daily – $375
Itzhak will teach us diagnostic techniques handed to him by his teachers. We will explore palm reading, candle reading, and powerfully experience each other's energies. This will include learning how to: access and develop connections with a range of spirit helpers, such as power animals, inner teachers, and guides, etc.; scan and perceive the “three bodies”; develop intuitive hands; “read” the flames of candles; use stones for divination, and more. We will have the opportunity to practice hands-on with our fellow participants. We will leave this class ready to begin using these ancient tools and techniques on ourselves, our family and friends, or, for those of us in a healing profession, with our clients.
3. La Limpia- Private Healing Sessions. – Fri. & Mon.–Aug. 2 and 5 - 10am–4pm $250, By Appointment 
*La Limpia is a physical and spiritual purification system. Each of the elements and tools used carries spiritual symbolism and scientific reasoning. It aims to clear and balance the egg-shaped energy field (illuminating body) surrounding each of us and the physical body.
Please join us on this beautiful mountain for truly inspiring teachings.
Join me on this eye opening Global Online Foundation course
"absolutely fascinating! " (last year participant)
Shamanic Palm Reading help a person navigate emotional difficulties, traumas and make smart life decisions in alignment with their SOUL PURPOSE as inscribed in their finger and palms at the age of 5 months in the mother womb by the person’s soul. Probably, the most important knowledge a person should have.

These readings reveal the innate personal character and the SOUL or LIFE PURPOSE of a person. It also reveals the LIFE LESSONS–the traumas and life challenge each of us encounter– that helps steer us in the right direction, to meet our Soul/Life Purpose and complete our life journey powerfully and joyfully.
Learn, Journey and make a special Talisman at the NY Open Center
Connect with the vibration of the full moon in Pisces to expand your heart and become more receptive and empathetic. As Venus and Mercury come into conjunction, we explore the ancestral archetypes and symbols in planetary rituals and look at this tradition’s connection to astrology and western astral magic. We practice rituals and learn to invoke planetary energies to create our own Talisman (for health, protection, memory, attraction, etc.), and increase our spiritual intuition and psychic sensitivity.
Join Monique and me as the leaves are changing in MA
Explore the role your mind plays in the course of your life as you uncover blocks and obstacles that may result from beliefs or decisions made in the past, or as a result of trauma. Sometimes, these beliefs and decisions prevent us—like a gatekeeper—from becoming the person we came here to be, living a full, free, vibrant, and happy life. This program combines shamanism and Internal Family Systems (IFS) psychotherapy to help you recognize your obstacles and foster a new relationship with them. Bringing in new energy and understanding to improve creativity and achieve your soul potential, you learn
Join me at CoSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors of Alex Grey for a magical visioning full day.
  Itzhak Beery reveals shamanic pathways towards deeper self-knowledge and healing. 
Discover how the unseen realm of dreams, visions, and spirit hold the key to energy balance, physical and emotional well-being, and one’s way to thrive in today’s world. Learn how to connect and communicate with nature spirits. Explore the meaning and healing aspects of your power animal spirit. Learn what a soul is from a shamanic perspective. Discover how shamans use lucid dreams to receive spiritual guidance. Understand how to heal and rejuvenate your body while in the dreaming state — and send healing to others. Explore how to use shapeshifting and visionary techniques in daily life. 
(see more weekly events at The NY Shamanic Circle - which I co-founded)

Aug. 2 - 4 - Guayusa and Rape' and Shamanic Healing Techniques at The Sacred Earth Foundation ​ - Colorado
Sept. 3-24 -  
Shamanic Palm Reading - Foundation Course Global Online Webinar

Sept. 8 How Vision Heal: Shamanic practices for Mind and body - CoSM 
Sept 14 Astral Shamanism: Exploring the Ancient Planetary Magic with Michael Ofek - NY Open Circle
Sept. 16 - 
How Vision Heal: Shamanic practices for Mind and body- JCC Manhattan

Oct. 13 - The 21st Annual New York Shamanic Gathering at Central Park - NY Shamanic Circle
Oct. 19 - 20 Shamanism & IFS Psychotherapy  for personal growth: with Itzhak Beery & Monique Lang - NY Open Circle
Oct 22- Soul Mending - Free Intro Class - NY Open Center
Oct. 25-30 Mayan Medicina with Abuelo Antonio Oxté Yucatan, Mexico
Nov. 5-Dec. 10 Soul Mending Course - NY Open Center​
Nov. 17-22 - Shamanism & IFS Psychotherapy - Unleash your soul potential  - Kripalu Center

See 2020 calendar to plan your next year
Current Podcasts - Listen In.
EntheoRadio  - Shamanic Healing with Itzhak Beery - Interview by Trevahr Ryan Hughes (156:52)  July 10, 2019

Discussion of Itzhak's life experiences, his three books and The Shamanic Andes Summit. In this episode, Trevahr and Itzhak cover ayahuasca, san pedro cactus, mushrooms and other entheogen as well as define and discover how shamanism as a global phenomenon is cluing us humans into protecting the planet and correcting the course of self-destructive and Earth-destructive behaviors.

The Supernatural Girlz Radio- live interview with Patricia Baker & PK

Shaman! Itzhak Beery talks Soul Healing, Candle Reading, La Limpia, The Andes Summit in Ecuador, his indigenous teachers and more...

The Evolver Interview with Ken Jordan 

 “This is a deep episode, with much insight and gentle wisdom. You might want to listen to it twice, to catch all the jewels.”  You can hear Itzhak Beery podcast interview by Ken Jordan - the co-founder of Evolver here:
Medicine Path Healing Arts Interview with Brian James 

Sounds True Year of Ceremony with Mitchell Clute 

Watch: Shamanic Self-Protection: Techniques for Health and Spiritual Enhancement - (1:26.55)
With Year of Ceremony , a council of today's most prominent shamanic teachers will be your guides each month to offer you an unprecedented new way to explore and enrich your practice. You will build deeper relationships to the spirit world and the forces of nature, as you unite with a global shamanic community.

Book a Personal Shamanic Healing Ceremony
"The healing has been so helpful. I haven’t had a migraine all week, which is rare."
"My session today was a true blessing. I feel alive and awakened in a way that is difficult to explain. I’m so grateful to have found you."
"it was one of the most profound experiences and set of insights I have ever had!!!!!!!!! So rich and so surprising!…I am very grateful for and appreciative of your help for me."
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“A beautifully crafted and inspiring work. Beery is a modern-day shaman who reveals to us the landscape of the soul in a profound and deeply transformative way. Read this book!” 

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., author of Shaman, Healer, Sage and One Spirit Medicine
Learn more: The NY Shamanic Circle & Shaman Portal
For more shamanic teaching and events check out the group I co-founded in 1997 - We hold different FREE circles: General Open Center, Women's Circle, each month, We also have a monthly workshops by visiting shamans from around the world and other community events.
Shaman Portal, the site I created and is the publisher of since 2007 is perhaps the most visited and informative shamanic website today. It serve ALL Shamanic practitioners from every tradition and for those who are interested in walking on the shamanic Path. www.shamanportal.org
Watch and enjoy Quito's Chanel 4 coverage of The Andes Summit 2019 a project I founded

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