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"Real Estate is a Local Phenomenon!"

Never has this statement been truer than it is currently. Media reports, and industry press releases cover wide geographical areas and try to aggregate data in order to present information that is easier to follow. However, they rarely recognize the unique issues that directly impact the supply and demand in individual communities or market segments. This is even truer where smaller, non-urban communities like Whistler and Pemberton are concerned.
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A Simple Guide to
Modern Interior Design
Interior design trends are always changing and style is so subjective, you often find people recommending wildly different things!
If you’re looking to update your home decor, we have put together a simple guide that will keep your home fresh and modern for a long time.
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Best Ways to 'Stay Cool' This Summer in Whistler
Ah, summertime. There’s no better place to be than in Whistler when the sun comes out. With endless mountains to hiked, bike trails to be ridden and greenery to explore (or golf) – the possibilities to work up a sweat are endless. The best part about being active outdoors is the reward of ‘cooling down’ especially when you have endless amounts of creative ways to do it...
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How to Budget for a
Vacation Home in Whistler
Buying a second home or vacation property in Whistler takes some financial planning, starting with creating a savings budget. Your first home buying experience may have taught you about down payments, closing costs, as well as maintenance and repair, but budgeting for a second home can be...
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What to Look for When Buying a Home Online
The most common first step home buyers take when looking for a property is to search online. Before the internet, Realtors were the gatekeepers of real estate listings, with printed copies or listings not allowed to leave their offices.
Now, the general starting point for buyers is to head online and look at listings in their desired area. When looking for a property in Whistler there are...
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