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Open the Door
If you're like me, sometimes a photo just captivates and fascinates you, even if you don't know why. I like photos of doorways. There are so many unique doorways, so many color combinations, types of architecture, all so very different. But why do doors fascinate me?
I was at a local market yesterday. not to buy food, but to meet and support local artists who sell their wares. There was a very nice guy there who does black and white actual film photography. My brother bought a print, but I couldn't stop staring at a very simple and elegantly done photo of an adobe house's front door. it was so simple and so clean, but it just called to me. (Disclaimer, I'm probably going to have to get the print because I can't stop thinking about it.) We chatted for a few moments about his art and connected when I mentioned I have a friend who does abandoned place photography, which he also enjoys.I find the rest of his photography very compelling and evocative, but I just kept looking at that photo of the adobe house's door.
It made me think about doorways this morning. About how they signify transitions, change, movement, things hidden, things revealed, opportunities, and even obstacles. I think I like images of doors because they represent potential and mystery. You cannot truly know what's on the other side of a door until you open it. There is no revelation without action. Yet, at the same time, they hide things intentionally. We close closet doors and cabinet doors and garage doors to keep what's inside from being seen. Usually out of a sense of cleanliness, but those doors are a kind of prevention. They have a finality to them. I even close my bedroom door every night. Although that's prevention too, or the cats would keep me awake all night playing, ha ha.
Doors permeate our language as well. "Opportunity is knocking!" "My door is always open." "What's behind Door #3?" "Shut the door, you're letting all the heat/cold out!" "Don't let the door hit you on the way out." Once you notice how much we mention doors, it's hard not to notice. Doors immediately tell us if a business is open or not. If we don't want solicitors, we put a notice on the door. Amazon tried to pilot a program where packages could be delivered inside your door, and the feeling of violation and invasion made the Internet nearly explode. Doors are our control on our territory. From the amount of photos I've seen online, we can express huge amounts of creativity and individuality through our doors. (Seriously, try a Pinterest search sometime for "beautiful doors". The results are amazing.)
Getting into a new place and creativity coaching has opened doors for me, both physical and metaphorical. Supporting local artists has opened the door to new connections, new types of art, and pride in the huge amount of creativity in my city. I look forward to opening a new door every day.
Excuse me while I go see a guy about a photo of one.
Dos Burquenos Photo Art
Andrew Torn
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