Fanning the Flames
I Can't Win If I Don't Enter....
I have to confess, I like to spend my early mornings on the weekends with my computer, a cup of tea, a little Greek yogurt, and sweepstakes. Yup, I love entering contests. After all, you can't win if you don't enter! It's so easy to do. I've even made an email address solely for the purpose of entries, because we all know they do put you on email lists and such. That way, I just check it every other day and delete all the newsletters, notices, offers, etc. Once a contest is over, I'll totally unsubscribe.
Why, you might ask? The thrill of the unknown? The lure of getting something for free? The "eh, why not" factor? All of that. I've won a few things in the past. Chocolate, storage containers, smart bulbs, tea, clothes. Fun stuff. I'd like to win the big things like trips or cash or really nice home goods, but if I don't, that's okay. It's not like it took more than a few seconds to do.
Part of the fun is getting the prize in your hands. Most contests take a while to end and then send things to the winners. Honestly, there have been a couple of times I've forgotten I entered, so it's like a cool surprise gift! I've even entered contests for other people. A co-worker a few years ago became a dad, so I entered a few contests for baby stuff. I don't have kids, but it would have been cool to win something and give it to him.
Creatively, I've been inspired on occasion by contests. An intriguing item may have made its way into a story, or a vacation destination, or even art as a prize gave me ideas for my own art. When I was in high school, my mom won 3rd prize from a local store, which as a 10 pound Toblerone chocolate bar. Do you know HOW MUCH 10 pounds of chocolate is? We made so many things with it, even gave a lot of it away. The prize itself forced us to be creative.
Have you ever entered a contest? Why did you enter that particular one? How can you incorporate a contest or prize or winning into your creativity? What is one small thing you would love to win someday?
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