August 2019
New classes are posted....
"I made some new friends, learned the basics of natural dyeing, and am now addicted"!
Participant in July's Natural Dye Workshop
I'm excited to be offering several new workshops this fall and am happy with the assortment of beginner to experienced. For those of you looking for spinning or weaving, I'll be sure to work some in after the New Year! And, as always, if you have a particular topic or class you'd like to see, let me know!
There are several classes (Needle Felted Wrist Warmers, Japanese Project Bag, and the Paint n' Dip Shawls, Eco Print a Scarf, Intro to Wet Felting) which offer you a chance to explore a new technique with absolutely no prior experience necessary!  So why not use this traditional "back to school" season to explore a new creative process. It's good to keep those neurons firing in different ways by learning new techniques! You might discover a new passion. But even if you don't, you'll have fun in class, will meet new people, make some beautiful things... and the skills and techniques you learn may just spark a new creativity in your existing fiber passion! 
Other classes (Cabled Pillow/Ottoman, Baltic Wristlets, Felted Topper) are geared toward giving participants an opportunity to expand their skill set and go more in - depth to a subject to elevate their understanding and craftsmanship of a fiber art they are already enjoying.
So don't sit home alone, quietly enjoying your hobby in solitude - there will be enough time for that this winter!  Instead, come out and join in the experience and comradery that the classes offer.
A few classes are filling already (Silk Painted Yardage, Japanese Project Bag) and others have a "registration-by-date" after which no registration will be taken, so if you think something looks interesting, don't delay!
There are no strangers here, only friends we haven't met yet!
Look at the Class Schedule Here
Here are some fun & simple hats that have been really popular this month!  I'm impressed at how many customers are already getting started on their holiday knitting! All the patterns are free when you purchase the yarn



If you're interested in seeing what colors are expected to be big for the fall/winter season, check out the Pantone colors here.
. Pantone Color Trend Report

Silky Kid by Ella Rae
See more of this silk/mohair

Indigo Dyed Shibori Shawls...
now available for sale at the shop
Wool-Bamboo with a lovely drape $35 - $65
In store only...

Patagonia by Juniper Moon
new colors arrived
5.25 - 6 sts/inch
. See more details

Santa Cruz by Juniper Moon
arrived this week
4 sts/inch organic merino
.. See more details

Here's something to think about...
when you're picking colors for your next hat or mittens.  I never knew they did this until we met Scarlata for a knitting workshop in Riga, Latvia this spring and she was working on a pair of Latvian Mittens where one of the colors she was working with was actually 3 very fine, different shades of the same hue, held together!
Hopefully you can see the effect it has in the swatch above -it makes for a richer and more interesting color effect.
 I've use this concept in weaving before to create depth and interest in fabric, but it had never occurred to me to employ the technique in knitting until Scarlata showed us. No doubt it stemmed from making do with what you had - she was from the eastern most part of Latvia, right on the Soviet border and learned to knit from her grandmother and aunt...
Read more details here

Ultralight Merino by Katia
super soft 3 sts/inch, but lightweight!

.See more details
I've been dyeing....
to share all the colors of nature with you.
I've spent the better part of this summer natural dyeing, eco printing and indigo shibori dyeing...yarn and fabric! The summer and fall are great seasons for this activity.
I hope some of you can join me for the Sept 20 - 21st Natural Dye Class. My lichen extraction is a deep purple right now and the goldenrod is in bloom. Not to mention the rudbeckia, lots of bloodroot still to pick and all the wood sawdusts (logwood, osage orange, walnut) from my brother. Along with cochenile, sandalwood, brazilwood, quercitron, quebracho, lac, kamala...and a few scraps from the kitchen like turmeric, annato and the proverbial onion skins, we'll dye up the entire rainbow using different mordants, extractions and pH shifts to create the entire color wheel!
And if you aren't into dyeing yarn, check out the Dip n Stitch Silk Painting and Shibori shawl class this October or stop by to pick up some kettle dyed yarns to work with this fall. Or pick up an Indigo Dyed Shibori Wool-Bamboo shawl for some special holiday gifts this year!
In the meantime, have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend,
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