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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
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When the country tortures and kills people with microwave, laser, and sound weapons, everything democracy and humanity stands for is dead. Educate everyone you meet! This is urgent!

Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
August 4, 2019
Thank you for all who sent in articles this week.

Thank you to all who contributed for a new CAHT computer. 
If you wish to write to us, please use the email:

This is an excerpt, Chapter 14, Electronic Rape, July 18, 2005, page 47 from, Pernicious Wires, by Birgitta Abimbola Heikka

THE DEVIL IS FULL OF TRICKS, THEY SAY. HE CONFUSES THE mind making evil seem good and good evil. As soon as I placed my head on the pillow tonight, I began to feel electrical current pass through my body, sending shivers from my head down to my toes. The electromagnetic waves which the physicist had formerly been directing into my brain in order to read my thoughts, understand my thought processes and, also, communicate with me, he, as of today, began to transmit in to my private area, thereby raping me.
This fiend directed his powerful transmitter into the most private part of my body to humiliate and degrade me. The electrical pulses from the radioactive waves (as he calls them) caused the muscles surrounding my genitalia to contract and release. The pace of pulsation was, at first, slow. The muscles would contract, sometimes for up to a minutes, before releasing. But like all his other techniques of the past, the pace of contraction and releasing speeded up. My genital muscles began to contract and release in rapid succession.
As the scientist raped me, he mouthed off words like: "How do you like your hamburger, big or small?  How do you like your meat, white or dark?"
Once in sudden excitement, he exclaimed, "I am doing my job! My boss wants me to give you the maximum treatment allowable and I have to do my job."
An hour or so later into this depraved experimentation, a car drove by and parked underneath my window; its headlights reflected onto the ceiling of the room where it began to pulsate -- contracting and releasing, much like what he was doing to me.
"Electromagnetic waves, brain transmitter. That's how we communicate with you, transmit words and images into your brain. Your brain is controlling the movements down there."
How can he possibly do these things to me?
"I am only doing my job," the emissary repeated. "They gave us misleading information about you. We had to know the truth. I will leave you an explanation."
How can God allow another to possess such powerful technology?
"We don't believe in God," he responded. "We believe in science. We only go to church to fool people."
Throughout the night the masochistic physicist transmitted electrical waves into my private area halting for a short period of time and resuming when he saw that I was dozing off.  When I awoke in the morning, he showed me the image of a bony, brown, dog with glassy eyes gazing into space.
"Loose dog," he called me.  "Why go outside to get what you can get inside?" He even tried to muddle up my mind by making me think this was a kind of relationship between two people of the same kind.
I wobbled as I walked to the bus stop (my car having been placed in the shop for repairs). Knowing his methodologies by now, I came to believe that the brain scientist was manipulating the wires in my brain that control my motion; hence, making me unsteady on my feet so people would think I was either drunk or high on drugs. He can do anything to embarrass me by controlling the main organ responsible for sending message to the rest of my body.
Once in the bus, I sat close to a window. A minute or so later, a black man entered and came to sit right next to me. As he took his seat, I heard the physicist say, "Kunta Kinte." Then to my horror, he began transmitting electrical pulses into my private area right there on the bus full of passengers. I bowed my head in shame.
"Fools," he referred to everyone on the bus. (We are a mixture of Africans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Indians, Middle-Easterners -- a real mixed bus load.) "You are all subversive fools," he told me. He talked to me as if I was his confidante but I knew that he was being deceptive.
As the bus traveled on the highway, I began to pay a peculiar attention to the license plates of other vehicles driving by. My eyes darted, mechanically, to the bumpers of the vehicles in front and on the right side of the bus (where I sat). My automated brain started forming words out of the letters on the plates of the passing vehicles.
The speed at which my brain processed the letters into words was normal at first. Then, the letters began flying rapidly, fast and faster they fluttered: tap, brain, drain, insane, fake, make, rap, quack, tap, cast, race....I could feel the electrical wires inside my brain jumping up, down, sideways and every which way. They were like cutlasses swinging in zigzags, cutting into the tissues of my brain and burying the words deep and deeper. For a moment I thought I would take off my clothes and run amok naked on the highway so a vehicle can hit me and put an end to my miseries.
When the scientist saw that I was at my breaking point, he stopped the performance but not before I saw a fancy sports car, with the roof down, overtake the bus on the right. The license plate read, "Monitor." Immediately behind it, a truck, also, overtook the bus; my coded eyes darted immediately to the bumper. Dangling and almost touching the surface of the road were two balls, resembling a man's scrotum, hanging from a rope. Pasted just above the license plate was a sign that read "SCIENCE BOWL."
"Covert operation, transmitter, information gathering, submissive, information intelligence, electrodes, neutrons, neurotransmitter, shock waves, magnetic, electromagnetic, brain function, acoustic, duplicate, embarrass, ramification, shame, neurological, disgrace. If you mess with the military, the military will mess with you. The military will rape you and you will enjoy it."
When did I mess with the military?
"Your father was a political foe. You are different from the other people. We have to treat you differently. If you say anything bad about us, we will come after you and your children."
Pentagon: New Laser Tech Can Make People Hear Voice Commands
Dan Robitzski, July 31st 2019
The Pentagon is working on a weapon that uses lasers and plasma to transmit sound files, even human speech, directly to individual people at great distances.

That’s according to a story by the Military Times newspaper, which reports that military researchers are working on ways to use lasers and plasma to control crowds. The story is short on technical details — but, at the same time, a troubling glimpse of the military’s desire to control people using next-gen tech.
And for now, the Military Times reports that the Pentagon’s scientists haven’t yet built a speech-transmitting laser capable of passing through a wall — though officials believe it could be ready to deploy in as little as five years.

Hearing Voices
But, as the tech progresses, Live Science reports that the lasers could be beamed down from military planes or other vehicles to issue instructions or disperse crowds of protestors or otherwise disgruntled people in the area.
“Now I can put it anywhere. Range doesn’t make any difference,” chief scientist Dave Law told Military Times. “Put plasma at a target, modulate it and it can create a voice.”

Pentagon scientists are making talking plasma laser balls for use as non-lethal weapons
VIDEO:  Easy Antennas

Basics of Antennas and Beamforming - Massive MIMO Networks

Occupant Locating with GPS Radar Technology

Doppler Radar Sensor Occupancy Monitoring

Conference Paper · January 2013 with 678 Reads
DOI: 10.1109/RWS.2013.6486726
Conference: Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS), 2013 IEEE
This paper investigates the use of Doppler radar sensor for occupancy monitoring. The feasibility of true presence is explored with Doppler radar occupancy sensors to overcome the limitations of the common occupancy sensors. The common occupancy sensors are more of a motion sensor than a presence detector. Existing cost effective off the shelf System-on-Chip CC2530 RF transceiver is used for developing the radio. The transmitter sends continuous wave signal at 2.405 GHz. Different levels of activity is detected by post-processing sensor signals. Heart and respiratory signals are extracted in order to improve stationary subject detection.
Embedded Surveillance System Using Doppler radar occupancy Sensor
Read this article on this site or download. Dopplar radar can track you around your home, your town or country. This is very powerful technology, not just for weather.
Website:  Mind Wars
Voice to Skull Attacks
What do attackers use? It’s a good point as many would think this is some secret government plan to mass surveillance the complete human population. 

Entire Cities could be scanned and searched, looking for lost and missing people it just has endless amounts of god uses, But it also has many downfalls and can just as easily be exploited and used to target innocent people.

These guys and girls that operate voice to skull if profiled would all profile the same and I remember thinking that many months ago when I sat thinking and thought I bet if you profiled people that use voice to skull to target people they would all profile the same. Not long after I came across gaslighting Narcissism and new right away this was my attacker after knowing him best part of 20 years.
Here are links to 3 items on the Havana Syndrome. 
Dangerous Genetic Tool OR Weapon?
Scientists have created 100% synthetic proteins that can control how cells behave, including the death of the cell. Since proteins are the building blocks of life, LOCKR sets a dangerous precedent. ⁃ TN Editor
Scientists have invented a synthetic protein designed to control the inner workings of cells. In a pair of papers, published yesterday (July 24) in Nature, the researchers demonstrate how the tool can be used to tweak gene expression, orchestrate protein binding events, and cue functional changes in the cell in response to environmental conditions.
“Cells receive stimuli, then have to figure out what to do about it. They use natural systems to tune gene expression or degrade proteins, for example,” says Bobby Langan, a coauthor of both studies and a former graduate student at the University of Washington in an announcement. The newly designed tool—named LOCKR for Latching, Orthogonal Cage/Key pRotein—fiddles with these inbuilt systems by introducing bioactive peptides in their circuitry. The peptides only pop out when released by specific molecular “keys.”

Controlling cell functions with a designed switch
LOCKR consists of six helixes, tightly bound to form a cage. One of the helical structures, bound more loosely than the others, can be displaced by a specific molecule, the key. When the key clicks into place, the helix moves aside and reveals a peptide customized to perform a particular function.
In their demonstrative studies, the researchers used LOCKR to trigger cell death, degrade specific proteins, and direct the movement of materials through living cells. Individual LOCKR proteins can also be connected to form circuits, systems able make changes within the cell in response to internal and external stimuli. The researchers first tested their tool in yeast, then successfully designed a modified version that works in lab-grown human cells.
“It signals the dawn of de novo designer proteins,” says Ahmad Khalil, a biomedical engineer at Boston University who was not involved in the research, in an interview with The Washington Post. De novo proteins, designed start to finish by humans, may carry advantages over repurposed natural proteins. While naturally occurring proteins may serve multiple functions and work via different mechanisms, synthetic proteins can be built to do just one thing. LOCKR, which counts among the first de novo proteins ever invented, can only function as a molecular switch.  
G.A.I.N. -- Genetics, Artificial Intelligence, and Nanotechnology -- is an acronym created here from the names of three fields of scientific development each of which could lead to human extinction, as well as rampant destruction of Earth's ecosystems in the wrong hands. While these fields of development offer great benefits or "gains" such as curing diseases, reversing the aging process, and enhancing human performance, they also offer vastly unprecedented potential to destroy ourselves and other life on Earth.
G is for Genetics, which includes manmade developments based on living species which developed naturally, but in this case modifying genes by human technology. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and superviruses are two examples.
AI for Artificial Intelligence whereby future computers will have thinking abilities exceeding the human brain, in key ways probably within 20 years.
N is for Nanotechnology, which is manipulation of matter at that atomic and molecular "nano" scale. One application is manmade, self replicating molecular machines which have no origin in the natural world and could overwhelm life.
While GAIN makes a good acronym, because these threats are emerging due to attempts to "gain" new achievements in laboratories, we also need to address some other, related terms for fields of development:
Synthetic Biology is similar to genetics, but instead of altering existing natural DNA, it is the creation from scratch of new DNA which does not occur naturally, usually by using known genes as the building blocks, but can be artificially created genes as well. This can be a LEGO-like building process. This is potentially a far greater threat to life on Earth than tinkering with naturally occurring genetics, e.g., by potentially creating alien pathgens which life on Earth has no natural resistance to. It's debatable where "synthetic biology" falls between "genetics" and "nanotechnology".
Targeting DNA for Total Individual Control?
Total Individual Control Technology is a type of EM (Electromagnetic) and V2K (Voice to Skull) mind-control technology that is being experimented with and deployed by the military industrial complex against segments of the American population. Total Individual Control Technology is the ultimate weapon of control, since it can targets your individual DNA. Those attacked by this electronic stalking are known as TIs (Targeted Individuals).
VIDEO:  Watch the super fire travel across land

Examples of Firenado's and Basic Laser Directed Energy (DEW)

VIDEO:  Tech was made for War!
Is There a Global War Coming? | George Friedman at Brain Bar
NEW BOOKLET:  "How Are You Being Targeted?"
We have lowered the price of our booklet to $8.00 + $2.00 shipping.
Overseas is $7.00. You will also receive a copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network. You can support our organization's activities by ordering by Paypal at
Dimension: 36"x18"x0.12" - (Long/XXL size)
Smooth cloth surface - Put one under you and over you to stop the burning of your skin while you sleep. 
Non-slip rubber base - Provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement of mouse pad
Anti-Fraying stitched frame - Greatly increases lifespan and aesthetics of mousepad
Machine Washable
Custom Made Shielding Jacket - First orders Sept 15 (rolled back)
We will sew shielding into a NON-STRETCHY garment of your choice. One layer of metallic fabric blocks a cell phone from ringing, but we put two layers of metallic fabric and a lining into the garment to separate the metal from the skin.
We ask that you purchase a new garment, try it on, pin it or tell us what changes you want and then send it to us.  We will sew in the shielding and a lining to protect the metal. These will be non-returnable as they will be made specifically to order. Make sure it fits first.

Consider a nurse's or doctor's coat because they are generic fitting. They can be short, 1/4 length or long sleeved. The metal fabric is $15 per yard for metallic (nickel/copper). The lining is $6.00 per yd. So the price will be calculated on how much fabric is used and the number of hours it takes to construct. Hourly sewing is $15.00 an hour.
Please contact us at CitizensAHT@protonmail for more information.
Uni-Sex Newsboy Hat to Wear Out
Please choose one from this selection, pink, white or navy blue.
We have ordered from this site  It has many colors. We have ordered one test hat from this site to make sure its going to be large enough for shielding insert. This source is good. The hats are made well and they are sturdy cotton.
This hat can be worn by either sex. It is larger than a baseball cap and roomy enough to build a shielding insert inside. Removable insert is 4 layers metallic fabric and a layer of broadcloth to protect the metal. This requires cutting and assembling for each layer, thus, the higher price for this hat. Tab for grounding. Grounding strap, 2 magnets.  $85.00.
Insert is 5 layers of fabric and will make it a little tighter. This hat comes down over the ears, covers the forehead and back of head. It is larger than the usual baseball cap so we have chosen this for building shielding inside.
This will be assembled per order so it may take 30 days to arrive. Price includes priority 2 day mail, tracked and insured.
Order on the website You will just pay for the hat online and we will send you an email for your color choice, size choice and your address. Our website menu doesn't let us list these as choices in the cart.  Thank you for your order.
It will come with a free booklet and a press release on the Body Area Network. You can give the booklet away if you already have one. You can reproduce the press release to hand out. Everyone needs to get active in teaching at least one person what's happening every time you go out, even if it is your stalker.  Mention ELECTRONIC RAPE. This is a most astounding subject which SOCIETY WILL NOT TOLERATE if they just know. 

Get a free booklet and Press Release with a hat.

$65 with shipping. Protect your head! Cap with 4 layers of metal and one layer of blackout fabric, use with magnets and grounding strap and rubber mouse pad (comes with hat)

This is the best hat yet.  People are loving this one. There are metal fabrics inside the hat. The new cap has a tab connected to the metal fabric. You can put a grounding clip on this and the other end on a magnet or a piece of carbon and it is grounded. You can use it without a grounding strap. You can put more magnets on it and move them around to where your implants are or over your ears. If you are being struck with heating energy, you can put an ice pack inside. It comes with a large round rubber mouse pad you can take out if you want. The shielding works best if it blocks EMF and sound, so you need metal and rubber.
Also, the hat may be worn for consecutive hours to see any change. Wear it to sleep to effect blocking the dreams, it will help block direct stimulation of implants in the head and a field of attack. Remember that your face is open, your eyes, nose and mouth provide an opening for EMF. So unless you are in a Faraday cage, there will not be a total blockage, but you can protect your head with this hat shielding method.
The hat is $57 + $8 shipping and handling in the US and made upon order. We expect feedback as to how it helped you with your particular problem. Many people are saying that the hat helps, especially where the moods are being affected, subliminal thoughts, or dreams are being implanted, which may be frequencies targeting you with a field of frequencies. You can let out the tie cord and let it drape down over your neck to cover more area. This is the best version to date.

This is not guaranteed to stop V2K. If you hear voices, you may have a radio connection, a real radio connected to your brain and it is always connected. A hat will probably not stop that, but if you used it in a certain way, it may affect it, or reduce the feedback they get.
Email:  CitizensAHT@protonmail to order if overseas because extra shipping is incurred for tracking overseas and going through customs. Overseaes tracked and insured through customs is $35. Uninsured is $17-28.

How to use an Anti-Static Wrist Strap/Wristband
How to use an Anti Static Wrist Strap / Wristband?

Last updated on May 29, 2019 by Juzel Albert Padilla
GoFundMe for TI Housing

Housing for Targeted Individuals

Citizens Against Harmful Technology, Inc. is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of TI's who need a home.  Donations are 100% tax deductible.
We want to buy an older home that has 4-6 bedrooms for a refuge for TI's OR alternatively, build some one room cabins  on a rural property. This type of enterprise requires funds for initial purchase, development, repairs and building materials for adding materials for protective  shielding purposes.

Contribute what you can.  If you have property that can be used for this cause, please contact us at Thank you.
FFTI will be holding a massive event here 
IN PORTLAND*** OREGON on August 29, 2019
and we need YOU to come and make this event successful.  
I would love to meet you in person too.  There is no reason  why we can't all come together for ONE DAY in the attempts to increase public exposure of these crimes. 
People may want to carpool and if we can assist in anyway, please let us know.
Here are the details of this event (which include speeches, a march, outreach, a band and a candlelight vigil to honor our fallen):
We encourage everyone to register by emailing us at (click on address to email us directly from email). 
Here is our previous Springtime Rally Event on YouTube, to see what we have participated in creating:
Greetings to the Illegally Targeted Community!
We focus on education/raising public awareness about the RICO crimes of organized stalking, directed energy torture and other violations of physical/mental sovereignty and actions you can take to help win this war.
Hope Franklin, Research and Communications Director
Jack Christiana, Legal Director
Karen Stewart, Adviser
Targeted Individuals of Central Oregon
TICO (Targeted Individuals of Central Oregon)
Tobin Blake
Ella Free's New Channel
"Please join us every Tuesday & Thursday on Free Conference Call
 515-606-5187, ID 400014#
Online Meeting ID: Tiangel2016
Mile-Hi TIs
Monday call 10pm mountain time. And Thursday 9pm or after Ella, both call different numbers.
Monday. 10 pm 641-715-0872 Access 198 158 voice call

Thurday after Ella is our free conference call, 605-472-5439 pin 66 41 49 online pin
Stop Gangstalking Crimes Newsletter
Sign up for Stop Gangstalking Newsletter
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black

​For more information, please contact Constance Rose.

For more information, please contact Doug Cruz.
When: Most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays beginning at 9pm EST
Call-in number: 1-646-749-3112 (GoToMeeting)
Access code: 450-414-301
Or, download the GoToMeeting app and enter the code 450-414-301.
Moderator: Frank Allen
When: Every Thursday at 6:00pm EST
Call-in number: 1-515-739-6265 (FreeConferenceCall)
Access code: 272676#
For questions or topic suggestions, contact Vickie at (346) 410-7047.
When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm Central Time
Call-in number:
1-724-444-7444 (Talkshoe)

Access code: 136067#
Location:  TICO's Launch Meeting:  Wednesday, April 17, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pmHollywood
Downtown Bend Library, Hutchinson Room
601 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon 97703
Location: Hollywood District Public Library,

4040 NE Tillamook Street, Portland, OR 97212
When: Saturdays from 3:30pm - 5:30pm
NEXT MEETING:  Saturday August 10, 2019
*An optional inexpensive restaurant gathering follows the meeting.

For more information, please contact Amy at 1-971-207-3401
Location: Montlake Library Meeting Room, 2401 24th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
When: Sundays from 1:00pm - 3:00 pm
For more information, please contact Curtis at 1-817-901-8720.

Connect with this group by joining the Targeted Individuals Sacramento Meetup.
For information, please contact Justin at

Connect with this group by contacting Julie at
Vancouver Public Library
1428 Cedar Cottage Mews, V5N 5Z1
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1
contact:  Genet -
Conference Calls for TI's
Sunday at 8:30 P.M. E. Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W. Coast

The new call in # is (605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080.
Computer ID: electricrose222, Moderator: Neal
Moderator:  Frank Allen
Time:  9:00 pm to 12:00 EST
Call-In #:  646-749-3112
Access Code:  450414301
Moderator Denise
Time 7:30 PM Every Monday night
Call In 1-867-292-3030 Access # 522 5726
Moderator:  Derrick of PACTS Int'l
Time:  9:00 EST
Call-In #:  1-319-527-2701
Access Code:  248671

Moderator:  Ella
Whistleblower Heroes Show
Time:  Starting at 3pm EST / 12pm PST every Tuesday
Call-to-listen: 515-606-5187, ID 400014#
Join online:
(Click on studio A in the left-hand corner)
Moderator:  Kate Ryan
New England Support Group
Time: 7:00 p.m. EST
Call-In Number:(605) 562-0444
Access Code:  133472#, Pin:  #1
Moderator:  Ella
FFTI & Targeted Justice Interview Night
Begins at 9pm EST / 6pm PST every Tuesday
Call In #:  1-515-606-5187, ID 400014#
Moderator: Frank Allen
Call-in number: 1-646-749-3112 (GoToMeeting)
Access code: 450-414-301
Or, download the GoToMeeting app and enter the code 450-414-301.
Moderator: Frank Allen

Targeted Individual Massachusetts
Time: 9:00 to 2:00 a.m. EST
Call-in Number: 646-749-3112
Access Code: 450-414-301
Join by Computer:

Moderator:  Julia
Engage in Prayer
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-in number: (515) 739-1405

International Dial-in Numbers:
Call ID: 141476
Access Code: 381878
FFTI & Targeted Justice Open Support Call
Time:  Begins at 9pm EST / 6pm PST every Thursday
Call In #:  1-515-739-1285
Call ID:   400014#
Moderator:  Ella
Whistleblower Heroes Show
Time:  Starting at 6pm EST / 3pm PST
Call-to-listen: 1-605-468-4702
Join online:
(Click on studio A in the left-hand corner)
Moderator:  Ella
FFTI & Targeted Justice Interview Night
Begins at 9pm EST / 6pm PST every Tuesday
Call In #:  1-515-606-5187
ID 400014#
Moderator: Frank Allen

Targeted Individual Massachusetts
Time: 6:00 to 9:00 EST (V2K Call by invitation only) Different Call Set

Time:  9:00 to 12:00 a.m. EST
Call-in Number: 646-749-3112
Access Code: 450-414-301
Join by Computer:
Moderator:  Derrick Robinson
Time:  9:00 EST
Call-In #:  1-319-527-2701
Access Code:  248671

Time 12:30 PM Pacific
Call-in number: 515-739-6045
Access code number 874647
On Free Conference Call.
Amy 971-207-3401
Citizens Against Harmful Technology
We have no P.O. Box right now.

Make checks payable to CAHT, ask for a physical address by writing an email to

Membership is $30.00, comes with 60 page free booklet “How Are you BeingTargeted?”, directed energy brochure, psychiatric living will, Press Release on BAN, membership card.
Booklet: $10 includes $2 shipping. We have a supply of the newly edited 60 page booklet. Order one and receive a free copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network.

If you donate, please request the IRS Tax Number.
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