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Railaxed Knitting in July
Knitting on the Road
What is a better way to relax on the road? For me, it's knitting of course. You listen to the book and knit, knit,  ...
This summer, I travelled a lot by train, so I had a lot of time on my hands. I also had yarn in my hands! 
The railway magazine fully supported my ideas of relaxation on the railroad :-) 
Budapest - Prague
Two hours of knitting from Budapest to Vienna and then to Prague. Halfway through the trip, this small shawl - baktus - was finished.
 Yarn Shop
I bought new yarn - two balls of yellow merino wool - in a Prague shop mojeKlubk ... 
 Yarn: Drops BABY MERINO
100% wool, 50g - 175m
made in EU (Norway)
Prague - Moscow
... and started a new shawl at the airport and continued on the plane and then on the train to Vologda.
This baktus was finished in Russia, and I even had a chance to wear it in July (!) - the temperature dropped from 25 to 10.
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Cable Sleeveless Jacket
This jacket was made by me at least 30 years ago. My mom is wearing it.
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Short-sleeve Jacket
This jacket is also about 30 years old :-)
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Moscow - Toronto
Again, I bought new yarn (in Russia) to keep myself busy on the way back. This shawl is still work in progress.
Yarn: Liza (Moscow)
100g 303 m
wool 15%, mohair 35%, acrylic 50% 
All the three shawls are of the same  design: same size and pattern - stockinette stitch.
Do I feel relaxed now?
Even though
I did a lot of knitting :-)
Happy knitting !!
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